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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | We have all unfortunately witnessed countless instances of people on the left expressing their antipathy for President Donald Trump since his campaign for the White House began, and some of what has been said about him has crossed the line into criminality.

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Woman Who Begged for Trump To Be Assassinated Immediately Gets Terminated from Job

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  1. Hauntednightsdevastateddays Endlessdreamsofyou says

    that’s evil! who is she to say that about the president!

    1. Hauntednightsdevastateddays Endlessdreamsofyou says

      long live Trump

  2. The late worm gets to live says

    I’m from the UK and I’d vote Trump in over here if I could!

    1. Venice Mackay says

      So would I we need a Trump in the UK

    2. The late worm gets to live says

      +Venice Mackay Yes

    3. Joe Meyer says

      Venice Mackay need a Trump in Canada to

    4. Kathryn Copley-Holt says

      The late worm gets to live ‘well when Trump got elected my partner and I
      were worried for the American people but on hindsight we now think he’s
      going to be good for making radical long awaited changes and YES I think we
      would vote for him too. And we are NOT racists either far from it but he
      does have to stop terrorists going into his country by whatever means he
      thinks necessary. Who said ‘You can’t please all the people all of the
      time, only some of the people some of the time’? I do hope that this issue
      can be solved quickly and easily without causing some sort of WAR.
      Frightening ? Feel for the American people included ALL creeds ?

    5. mlcblog media says

      I feel ya. I lived without him for five decades.

  3. dboy6400 says

    Suggestion- please keep mental score on who’s generating the hate- they’re
    the same people imploring us to “stop the hate”.

    1. Charles Adams says


    2. Saint Luger says

      ya, see… they PLAY BOTH SIDES THINKING THEY’RE SMART… lol, everybody
      laughs at them, always have…

    3. Robert Slackware says

      hitler also said lets be nice, as he built up his ARMED post office.
      beware the peace nuts.

    4. Edvard Johansson says

      Peace NUTS is correct. They don’t know the first thing about peace. All
      they know is mindlessly obey whatever some Democrat or liberal instructs
      them too as they riot and destroy things without even knowing why.

    5. Shelley Magnussen says

      Hey, did you notice the comments made by journalists about the President’s
      inaugural speech? It”s obvious they didn’t even listen to it. It’s like
      the person who finishes your sentences for someone tey don’t want to listen
      to by putting words in their mouth. It appeared to me they had a
      pre-written script before the speech began. Nothing quite like
      “Fact-finding” reporters.

  4. Ed De Toro says

    FACT !!! OOORAH !!!

    1. Steve Curtis says

      Ed De Toro : I don’t wish death on anyone but I hope all 3 of them will
      spend the rest of their lives in Guantanamo!!!

    2. Ann Koontz says

      I just wish they would go away…that and to loose their voices.

  5. davie wonkie says

    Wikileaks PROVED their accuracy to report the TRUTH. They have said the
    greatest danger to the US IS ISRAEL! The same SLIME that did 911 with our
    CIA! Trump is SURROUNDING himself with these slimy zioNAZIs while throwing
    us GOY a few bones to CHARM and disarm us (Emotionally) while WW3 is still
    being prepared. TANKS are still moving to Russia’s borders. Ukraine just
    attaked their people again. Its what ZIONAZIs DO! Trump is a PSYOP that was
    PLANNED long ago. Look at the Simpsons predictive cartoon that eerily
    matched real life FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! Break this BEWITCHMENT and see through
    them. This is ths SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN mentioned in RevelationS 2 vs 9. Look
    at videios here on Youtube like Trump IS the swamp and more. WE ARE BEING

    1. davie wonkie says

      John Adams Yawn… again all that blather means nothing. The Israelis not
      only admitted to what they did in the Lavon Affair, they CELEBRATED it 10
      years later. Typical classic FALSE FLAG attack. Its what the SLIME DO! Just
      like 911. Tons of proof and its all over Youtube. Conspiracy FACTS Jack
      ….er John. Zionism is SATANISM. Period.

    2. davie wonkie says

      Sand Angels Israeli celebrations of Lavon Affair 10 years later are more
      than enough for me and others successfully advancing BDS against these
      FILTHY PARASITES. Proof is coming as God Himself will destroy 2/3 of those
      living there to purify that land for His purposes. The TARES shall be
      BURNED! HalleluJAH!

    3. L A S says

      davie wonkie, you are an idiot! Hating people because of their race, color
      or nationality is WRONG!

    4. Sand Angels says

      +davie wonkie
      Let me explain how this works…when I ask for sources, you provide links
      with actual facts – not links of what somebody says, not links of someone
      discussing it – but facts straight from the original source. Repeating
      yourself like a parrot is not a source.

  6. T Sabo says

    libtards are losing they’re minds

    1. Colonel Cuntcrusher says

      T Sabo their*

  7. Delta Daze says

    Who does these things?…..products of our esteemed education system…:/

    1. Eey Ore says

      they are called “Hillary Voters”

  8. Jay P says

    haha she’s a fucking stripper!

    1. MrFluffysteel says

      Not any more…

  9. Ken Jett says

    what about the teacher who in class used a squirt gun pretending to shoot
    Donald Trump

    1. MrFluffysteel says

      She has been put on paid vacation…not much of a punishment but she’s been

    2. Ken Jett says

      I was aware of the paid vacation leave which I can’t understand why she
      isn’t automatically fired. She needs a visit from Secret Service as well as
      Madonna and others. If Fed’s would start cracking down on these crazy’s
      that violates law a lot of this nonsense would stop.

    3. MrFluffysteel says

      I agree with ya man….101%

  10. Tim Brooks says

    Its no surprise most libtards have the IQ of a chicken

    1. Robert Slackware says

      +Tommy Rad My chickens breasts are real as well.

    2. Marco 馬克 says

      Exactly! For 8 years, MOST Americans have wanted to see Barry impeached,
      many wanted to see him arrested and tried for treason and hanged!…..but
      we wanted to see it done legally and by the rules! Congress saw fit to
      ignore his criminality, so we gritted our teeth and waited a long 8 years
      to see him outed! Just because you hate the president (and we DID hate
      O’Vomit!) is no reason to call for death threats! What a doofus!

    3. Leigh Peterson says

      Tim Brooks that is offensive! Never compare chickens to brain dead retards

    4. T H Rao says

      Marco 馬克 mb

    5. I. Jean Passino says


  11. Leonard Phillips says

    She’s a stripper. She’ll always get work.

    1. Leonard Phillips says

      It’s a ridiculous story. They make it sound as if she had to step down as
      CEO of a major corporation or something.

  12. Starlight Angel says

    this dumb ho dosent seem to relize that Trump is a good president and the
    muslims she defends would stone her to death if they could

    1. bigbaddwolff says

      Talking of dumb hos….”dosent seem to relize”

    2. DissolvedGirl Stardoll says

      +Scott Todd We don’t hate all Muslims, we just don’t trust them or want
      them in the US bc the Quran commands them to subjugate &/or kill us. This
      is the book for all Muslims, so when the sh*t hits the fan even the
      moderate ones have to follow or die, bc it’s commanded. Islam is an
      ideology of evil, not just a religion. & if you want to disavow this false
      religion, you are designated for death by Islam. Nice!

    3. katrinaslfriends resident says

      The big bad wolf can spell check every YouTube feed all day long, if spell
      checking makes you feel smarter, go for it! Deep down, we all still know
      you’re a jackass with the a brain the size of fruitloop

    4. Brahn Baldwin says

      Starlight Angel well said

    5. SupportAZ says

      And the blacks that she love would rob and rape her if she ventured into
      their neighborhood late at night.

  13. otherworldlycosplaye says

    Hollywood will hire her. Or she can just beg Madonna for a job trimming her
    bush or something… Lastly, I have never met an intelligent person named

    1. prolet kult says

      I’ve never met an intelligent person that cosplayed. But then, I haven’t
      met all cosplayers.

  14. Dave “Fool on the Hill” says

    Now she can write a book: “HOW TO GET SHUNNED IN 30 WORDS OR LESS”.

  15. Sarah Amine says

    damn thats messed up. im not trumps fan but what this girl said is messed

  16. Debo Ondebox says

    THIS sounds like how HITLER started to become so all powerful!!!!!!!!!!!A
    little at a time, weed out the ones that do not go along with the

  17. Ellen Lipinskl says

    I just don’t get this. I don’t wish anyone to be killed even my enemies.
    People like this have no morals just because I may not agree I have never
    wanted them dead. She should have lost her job. This is terrible.There is a
    limit and you should really think about what you say.

  18. Al Catraz says

    Rearrange letters in her name.. see what you get..

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