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Wow! MASSIVE Crowd in Melbourne, FL to see Donald Trump!! 9/27/16

Your president Donald Trump

RSBN showing the HUGE MASSIVE crowd at the Donald Trump rally in Melbourne, FL.

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  1. Brad C (JeepEnthusiasts) says


  2. Flaminginferno says

    Only 1% the size of the wall

    1. VictoryStarX says


    2. Elke Summer says

      and 1001% of a HILLARY RALLY!!

    3. murpy eddie says

      what is the max attendence she gets, 200? 1001% of that would be 2002
      people. we are in 10k-20k percent category here.

    4. murpy eddie says

      just read 27k. jeez i was very conservative wasn’t i!

  3. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says

    Now that’s what I call a YUUUGE crowd!

    1. Anton K says

      Am I allowed to go outside and play now, daddy?

    2. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says


  4. Flying Dutchman says

    And as always live vews on RSBN even higher in numbers , nov 8 vote trump

  5. Brian Taylor says

    wow epic

  6. Blarney Stone says

    This is also from BEFORE he let all the people waiting outside – to go
    around on the runway. He said there were another 10,000 outside.

  7. Blarney Stone says

    Big League !!

  8. Victor Nine says

    27,000 people total they say

    1. RoastyMyToasty 0 says

      +Victor Nine damn

    2. Victor Nine says

      +RoastyMyToasty 0 Damn is right haha. It’s a movement never seen before.

    3. erin “CoolestMomE” vaughn says

      It’s insane. Although there were a lot of nice and helpful people there, I
      have never seen so many prejudice, hateful people in one place. It was

    4. erin “CoolestMomE” vaughn says

      +Jane Yagi I am glad that you believe everything you see on YouTube to be
      true. That says a lot…Nothing else needs to be said…

    5. erin “CoolestMomE” vaughn says

      +jane yagi Why are you throwing Hilary into this? It has nothing to do with
      Hilary. I attended this Trump rally. There were a lot of people there. But
      there wasn’t as many as was posted on YouTube and there wasn’t as many as
      Trump said. It’s scary though to think that there are people out there who
      are following this man blindly, because they hate Hilary. I am honestly
      terrified for myself and my children and grandchild. It doesn’t really
      matter who gets elected anymore because either way, things will only get
      worse. And if you honestly believe that Trump is going to make your life
      any better, then I really feel sorry for you. Have a nice day. I won’t
      respond anymore. ?

  9. Puppy Bonz says

    Trumps a winner and we need that winning attitude instead of liberal doom &

    1. YankeePendragon says

      +Puppy Bonz: “Trumps a winner and we need that winning attitude instead of
      liberal doom & gloom.” Were you even listening to what he was saying at
      Monday’s debate. You’d think he was describing Dresden after the 1945
      bombing, not Main Street America. Geez.

  10. Heels 4ever says

    she has never had 3000. maybe 30. they pay people to come to her little
    talk sessions. LOL

    1. chuckcookus says

      In Soviet Russia Goldman Sachs pays * Hillary * to come to talk session.

    2. YankeePendragon says

      +cuckcookus: “In Soviet Russia Goldman Sachs pays * Hillary * to come to
      talk session.” You are aware that (a) the Soviet Union ceased to exist over
      25 years ago, and (b) Goldman Sachs was legally prohibited from doing
      business with the USSR back in the day, right? I mean, it sounds like
      you’re accusing Clinton of treasonous activities, but without either
      context or evidence; kinda like Trump on Monday night when he gave that
      piece of performance art.

  11. Leyon Ho-shing says

    huge crowd…. trump support what I beautiful sight..trump2016

    1. Marlene C (The Proud Deplorable) says

      it was awesome, I was up front. I got great pictures that I just posted on
      g+ .

  12. LloydBonafide1 says

    this is amazing. The only way she wins is if she steals it.

    1. GuMpAkC says

      +WeLoveDemocrats You will bend at the knee for #TrumpPence 2016

    2. YankeePendragon says

      +LloydBonafide1: “The only way Trump wins after Monday is if he steals
      it.” There, fixed it for you. You’re welcome.

    3. GuMpAkC says

      +YankeePendragon Who stole the democratic nomination at the DNC? Who has
      the media in her corner? Who just had ALD make a cartoon frog a “racist
      symbol”? Yeah…thought so. Bllllocked! No time for shills. Oh and..who’s
      escaped from federal charges over and over again? Yep.

  13. HEAT MISER says

    thats a lot of people

    1. YankeePendragon says

      +HEAT MISER: “that’s a lot of people” Same issue at Jonestown right before
      they started passing out the Kool-Aid.

  14. David Adelstein says

    There is absolutely no way this man can lose the election without massive
    voter fraud . TRUMP 2016!!!

  15. J.R. Ewing says

    And today Hillary had another rally in a high school gymnasium…

    1. Kaiser Puppydog says

      Where? I thought she was deposited back into the cryogenic chamber after
      the debate.

    2. Brian Douglas says

      Love it

    3. Will Mitchell says

      And yet Hillary is leading in a lot of the polls

    4. J.R. Ewing says

      +Will Mitchell which polls are you looking at?

    5. Brian Douglas says

      You actually have to add points for Trump on whatever polls you are talking
      about. It’s a new phenomenon where anti-globalist views are
      underrepresented in polls. This happened in Brexit, where the last polling
      before the vote showed Remain up 4%, but when voting time came, Remain LOST
      by 4%.

  16. MrMorethanexist says

    No way can Trump not be the next President. – EVERYONE is VOTING TRUMP

    1. YankeePendragon says

      +MrMorethanexist: “No way can Trump be the next President.” There, fixed it
      for you. You’re welcome.

  17. NEZLeader says

    Holy sheet that’s a lot of peepz

  18. Soul Surfing says

    I went to a Trump rally in FL….completely packed.

  19. lockbot says

    Hillary WHO? #StrongerWithoutHer

    1. Artur Mrozowski says


  20. AnderssonArad says

    Donald Trump rallies make Anfield Road look empty

    1. brainless body says

      hmm hmm !!

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