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Sub for more: | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, After months of debate over the level of voter fraud taking place in America, President Donald Trump has said it’s time to get to the bottom of the controversy.

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Trump Announces Investigation To Prove Claims On Voter Fraud

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    • +Brummiebri
      Add to the list of the “Women’s March” the organizers and attendees of that
      disgraceful mockery of Western Civilization womanhood the American
      Islamo-Facists – FACT!

    • +Shan Mathew
      You are an intelligent, informed and courteous YOUNG sir then. Virtuous
      traits that are sadly lacking in much of the youth of America, and as I
      perceive on the Internet in much of Europe these days.
      I’ve watched every one of President Trump’s White House Press
      Conferences that are given by his Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and he
      always picks a man from the Indian Press to field him a question. Today he
      asked Mr. Spicer if he knew what President Trump’s position was on India
      becoming a member of the United Nation’s Security Council. Mr. Spicer did
      not know the answer to that but told the man that he was sure President
      Trump will to be receptive to relations with India.
      You are welcome, thanks. Your “older” brother in the family of man,
      Jim Colvin
      PS – I will pray that you make it to America and become a fellow citizen.
      All of the continental Indians I see here in Mississippi are assets to
      society and not drains. One man a Mr. Lalas is a native born Indian, and is
      one of the richest men in a city of over 50,000 people, Meridian, thirty
      miles from where I sit, the nearest large town. He is a highly successful
      business entrepreneur and often receives good press on local TV and the
      newspaper, which here are staunchly conservative and not Liberal propaganda
      vehicles. He does much good for community charities, and is always
      injecting positive financial stimulus into the local economy with his
      businesses. I’ve never heard a bad word on Mr. Lalas.
      Thanks again for supporting our new President Trump and the USA by
      doing so. The world will be a much better place for all people with him as
      “the leader of the free world”.
      Good luck and blessings young Mr. Mathew.- Jim

    • james colvin Thank you for that Jim,I’m a Christian and for anything good
      that anybody sees in me I thank my Lord Jesus. That’s one of the reasons
      why I want to come to the US and live there,a country founded by kneeling
      down before God is a blessed country,over here we have a lot of forms in
      which we are persecuted for our faith,the current government and the
      faction supporting it,calls any and all forms of expression of religious
      freedom as forced conversion and are constantly threatening to take legal
      actions to take away the same. Jim I know some of the policies of President
      Trump is going affect my coming to the US,but I love your country so much,
      that if it benefits America it’s ok for me,I totally support that.And I
      believe God has blessed you with a righteous leader who will Make America
      great again.
      I also hope that I have made a friend on the other side of the globe
      Jim,and I hope you think about me the same as well. May God be with you and
      with the United States of America.

    • President Trump must investigate these alleged frauds. If President Trump
      won’t investigate the frauds, they will do them again in coming elections.
      Law and Orders must be restored. Ryan is a Trojan horse, he is a back
      stabber. How could he announce no evidences without any investigation? What
      is Ryan trying to cover up and for whom?

    • derek cunnigham- If you have ever, in your adult life, lived in a different
      city or state and have registered in those places, you are registered to
      vote there. Most polling places do not update their rosters unless there is
      a death. Mr. Phillips lived in all three states. He was listed as, “In
      Active”, and, “Suspended”. He only voted in one state. Read the whole
      story, don’t look at the bias and you will see the truth.

  1. I expected this of him… It’s time to show the nation that he won the
    Popular Vote as well so the Libtards could rest their stupidity and FINALLY
    move the hell on!!

    • Toby, you are a rude and crude illegal obviously. We want you to leave. I
      do not want anyone coming into my home to live or to take my things, and
      that is what you have done. You have invaded our country. Get out and apply
      like the Million of Immigrants we let into America every year for the last
      50 years. We think this has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia. It has to do
      with freeloaders. Go Home.

    • Oh, you will live here while it is peaceful but if it is invaded out are
      out of here and would not try to protect the nice life you had here. That
      is the trigger of why we do not like illegals. You are free loaders and
      would not pay back anything you have taken or been given for free. I used
      to have compassion for illegals but not anymore. Go home and stay there. If
      you cannot apply legally like the million immigrants we absorb every year
      then find another place. We don’t want you here.

    • I would rather than they pick him up and put him in one of those buses and
      take him to one of the camps where the illegals go and stay in a concrete
      room until they bus you to tip of S. America.

    • What is your point? Not clear who you are addressing. You putting it on a
      citizen and keep the damn free loaders here. They have an attitude that
      defies authority and have broken into your home, and stolen your property.
      They need to leave. If they want to be here they need to apply and wait to
      be vetted. There are lots of other places they can go, like their homes.

  2. Thank goodness, remember project Veritas. Yes there is fraud, it’s been
    happening for decades. Glad someone is finally doing something.

    • Ginger McIlrath
      I remember back in the 60’s the claim that dead people were voting for
      Kennedy in Texas. It’s been going on for a very long time and getting worse
      each voting cycle.

    • That and the fact that Putin endorses Iranian nuclear power – the world’s
      largest sponsors of terrorism needs to become an “acquaintance”. Look how
      Russia made Obama (bin laden) sit on his fists! They are setting Trump up.
      I’m not against Trump by any means but we need to be careful about shutting
      doors in ways that kept the world peace and opening others that could end

    • Hasn’t exported Terror to the US? Are you serious? Most of the fucking 9/11
      bombers were from Saudi. BIN LADEN was a Saudi. Saudi Arabia export the
      greatest threat of terror in the world. Look at Yemen, look all over the
      ME. Saudi Arabia drive the displacement of millions of people and
      terrorists. Hillary paid into their state…….so you know theyre dodgy.

  3. America could take care of our legal homeless people if they weren’t so
    busy protecting illegal I say illegal immigrants!

    • Sharon Staggs .The #homeless rate increased drastically under Obama regime.
      I was a victim of illegal eviction. A disabled senior and spoken out on
      this issues in many venues. Obama supporying,housing,feeding refugees and
      illegals whilst our seniors,vets,teens,die on our streets.

  4. I am British and live in England. I knew this man would win. He is good, as
    money has made him so. When you have it all the only thing is goodness, or
    He must get away from the inauguration and take time to THINK

    • As I understand it the men are only as good as the man who leads them. When
      they have total trust and respect, they will die for the man.

    • TheRange – My thoughts are this…. I really truly believed President Trump
      knew what he wanted to do, it was just a matter of “When”. I wait with
      anticipation for the next seven days, the second week in

    • It would help if the right thinking Canadians overthrow His Highness the
      Sissy Trudeau, so we could have UK and a united North America of English

    • Henry Decker It is not about Democrat versus Republican, it is about
      Nationalism versus Globalism and more appropriately termed as God’s people
      versus satan.

    • I lived in Chicago for close to 50 years .. Dead people voting was common
      knowledge. We also had people voting from vacant lots and a long standing
      saying…… was vote Democrat and vote often !

  5. People, it’s not about him proving that he DID win the popular vote too,
    it’s about him getting down to the bottom of things and showing how corrupt
    the voting is here in America and fixing it!! He’s winning all over the
    place!!!! I love this guy! Guess what? He’s your president too!

    • bill wilson .Have faith in Trey Gowdy and Jeff Chavez. They are brilliant
      and will help Trump drains the swamp in congress.

    • God bless you and your’s. I lost faith in our government many years ago.
      Prior to trump the last time I voted was Ross Perot. I recently find myself
      cautiously optimistic. He has a big job draining the swamp ahead of him and
      is going to need all our prayers.

    • Thanks. Actually, I’d forgotten that Sir Winston Churchill had been awarded
      honorary US citizenship (personally presented to him by JFK). But as
      Churchill died in early 1965 (I remember the televised funeral, although I
      was only 8 at the time), I don’t think he would count as a legitimate
      voter, even if honorary citizenship permitted it.

    • Interesting, never knew that JFK awarded Churchill citizenship!
      How the world changed Nov. 22, 1963. I don’t want to go through that, ever
      again. I don’t care who’s President.

    • JFK was a decorated WWII veteran, so Winston Churchill would have had a
      significance to him. I consider it important for global security that the
      president of the United States is not shot, acts to serve the interests of
      American citizens as a priority rather than serving a globalist agenda, and
      acts to prevent needless overseas conflicts.

    • Many famous quotes by Churchill the majority do not know came from him.
      “The one thing mankind hasn’t learned from history, is that man doesn’t
      learn from history.” And “When man doesn’t learn from history, he is doomed
      to repeat it!”

    • Interesting…Churchill may have said, or written. these things, and may
      have been documented to have done so, but I cannot possible know who
      actually said these things first.