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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, Hundreds of thousands of people turned out Saturday in Washington for what was ostensibly billed as a “Women’s March,” but what was in reality little more than a massive protest against President Donald Trump.

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Wynonna Judd Has Epic Response to Ashley’s Disgraceful Behavior at Women’s March

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  1. tracey born says

    Ashley Judd is a has-been loser

    1. Karen C. says

      Triceps3 Yeah Tri trip we al know your an authority on CLASS!

    2. David Barnett says

      Karen, I’d say so. He summed up Ashley Judd, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and all
      the other women who brought their pre-teen female children to take part in
      this ‘march’ for so-called women’s rights.

    3. Triceps3 says

      Karen C…
      Are you stalking me in the comments section ?
      I’m not an avid Youtube follower, but this March thing gained my interest
      because of the fools who spoke at the “Event”.
      It seems to me that the majority of comments that I have read indicate that
      most agree with me.
      You can give up the whole Liberal Act, we have a REAL President now !

    4. Karen C. says

      Triceps3 U r just silly!

  2. REPENT says

    What a nasty person, these are why women cant get ahead its because of the
    ” c’s” in America.

    1. Janis Hart says

      +Thirtyone Solutions Yeah, and what’s also ironic, is that they had Muslim
      women marching and spewing crap along with them!!!! Muslim women – who
      have absolutely NO rights in the Middle East, and who are sexually abused
      and genitally mutilated – NOBODY amongst these BRAINLESS MORONS is standing
      up for THOSE women’s rights – NOT EVEN Muslim Americans!!!! YEAH, THAT’S
      ironic alright!!!

    2. Karen C. says

      REPENT Women do get ahead, they go to college & get an education. You could
      try that too!

    3. REPENT says

      Yeah we know how you get ahead.

    4. TheGreatWaldoPepp says

      Franco Di Palma. you must be queer. you are the name callers insulting
      Putin when you dont even know what the hell youre talking about.. Ashley is
      a dispicable idiot. If thats what you think ANY human being ought to be
      then lets give feminists their own nation and let you build the homes
      bridges roads and create your own military and give you all the resources
      and in a year you will be like harlem because that is the kind of people
      they are. Its about character not money. If you were equal you would be
      competing not marching (begging)

  3. GOD LOVES ALL says

    ??Did you see some of the people in the audience? They literally had
    their mouth hanging open, in total shock,. When she was talking about her
    period. This was totally uncalled for….

    1. Hey Behappy says

      GOD LOVES ALL I don’t care who you are, that was nasty lol

    2. Desratlinda Schmid says

      (Didn’t even notice, I’ll have to go back and watch it)

    3. Karen C. says

      thetrayne yeah, trayne your big into poetry! Your exactly who we would look
      2 for a critique of what & is not poetry!

    4. thetrayne says

      @ melvin – lol funny

    5. thetrayne says

      thanks, no poem ever sounded like that!

  4. mtnmanrab says

    I was upset by what Ashley was saying. I was a fan of hers but she was just
    nutty that day.

    1. Piper Schulenberg says

      mtnmanrab actually she’s been nutty for a very long time.

  5. Martin Armendariz says

    where do all these angry people come from….we did not protest the last
    president we did not like..
    these people will accomplish nothing…Donald trump has accomplished more
    in a week than Obama did in 8 yrs. as for maddonna, she made s book with
    nude pics and dogs.. why would anyone listen to her….she’s a hag…..

    1. Karen C. says

      LukeTheDrifter07 What is wrong with u people muslin R NOT TERRORIST! THE
      RESEARCH IT! Muslim’s don’t like terrorist any more than we do! I am not
      Muslim but before I form an opinion I do the work. I have actually read the
      Koran, and if u could u would b surprised by how very much like the Bible
      it is!

    2. another email says

      +Karen C – The Quran is a collection of verses from the Talmud, the Bible,
      and teachings and rituals from various religions and customs from the 7th
      century. That is why most of what is in the Quran can be found in the
      Talmud or the Bible.

      The only original ideas found in the Quran are that Muhammad is the last
      and final prophet of Allah and if you do not submit to Muhammad, then jihad
      can be used to force you to submit or die.

      If you can not read Arabic, then you have not read the Quran. The Quran,
      along with the Hadith, is a manual of war and subjugation. Claiming Islam
      is a religion is a deception to subvert the enemy in preparation for jihad.
      What you read is a sanitized, whitewashed Koran written to deceive the

      Muhammad commands all muslims, those born muslim and those forced to
      convert, to take one of two actions to prove their loyalty. If they refuse,
      then they are called hypocrites and must be killed.

      1. convert, kill, enslave, or make dhimmi infidels, or
      2. donate monies to train other muslims to convert, kill, enslave, or make
      dhimmi infidels.

      Dhimmi is second class status with no rights who must pay an excessive
      protection tax, jizya, to stay alive without submitting, but subject to
      persecution, kidnapping, rape, etc.

      Muhammad took the Jewish concept of “the Chosen Ones” and raised it a
      notch. Muhammad commands muhammadans hold supremacy over all, and all are
      born muslim. He commands those who refuse to convert or pay jizya are the
      same as apostates, (those who have turned away from Muhammad–refused to
      kill or donate), and both infidels and apostates must be killed.

      Islam’s mandate is to incorporate all lands, all resources, all peoples
      into a global Islamic caliphate under sharia law. Islam has been on the
      offensive, on the attack, for 1400 years. The USA has been defending itself
      from Islam since the time of Washington, the first president. Jefferson
      created the marines in order to fight the muslims. And now we invite them
      in. What madness.

      Follow your own advice and research: Sharia Law, The Three Stages of Islam,
      etc etc.

    3. Robert Jennings says

      Wow!! That last paragraph is intense—-i will research it—-thx for
      taking the time to post such controversial info!!

  6. lindalovesmusic1 says

    Ashley Judd was just like crazy. She is a foul mouthed witch!

    1. Shela Yates says

      That’s nasty much like A. Judd.

    2. lindalovesmusic1 says

      no123girl Totally 100% Agree with you! The language that she spewed, I
      don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody talk like that. She is quite scary.

    3. Darrell Johnson says

      she was right sh’a Nasty woman loaded with Aids

    4. Molly Bennett says

      She sounds like she read too many of the feminazi brainwashing books, yknow
      the ones that go on about matriarchs and goddesses and stuff.

  7. Solena Allen says

    Was that a poem? I thought she was just rattling off a bunch of insane
    garbage to reflect her insane mind!

    1. Argo_00 says

      The insane garbage was brought to you by Trump — the poem just lists it
      all in a one-stop-shop.

    2. Solena Allen says

      It figures you are a brain, brain washed mind control little Satanist
      puppet. Get ready for your wake up call. Argo Your brain is 00

    3. Argo_00 says

      Oh Solena — that made me laugh!! My IQ is higher than yours and Trumps
      put together and I am Southern Baptist — not a satanist. I am, however,
      endowed with the gift of discernment — and I discern that Trump is evil –
      he makes every Christian hair on my neck rise. Keep in mind, the
      anti-Christ will not be someone the conservatives blatantly hate — it
      will be someone they blindly follow…that’s Bible.

  8. S Kirk says

    I used to like Ashley Judd…thinking she was an intelligent woman and
    a decent actress. I’ll never watch her again! She was vile and
    aggressive over something so innocuous and displayed not only massive
    ignorance, but complete intolerance and hypocrisy. These women are doing
    the complete opposite for helping their supposed cause. Which is still
    unclear. ??? I am a woman and I identify with NONE of those vulgar
    women. They are an embarrassment and obviously quite sick.

    1. Sandra Truster says

      S Kirk AMEN MY SISTER! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  9. Edward Hester says

    that was supposed to be a poem that the pig Ashley kids said? stupid, it
    showed no insight and lacked any common sense. she showed herself to be an
    idiot. very disappointing

    1. Edward Hester says

      Ashley Judd not Ashley kidd friggin auto correct

    2. CherylStilesMusic says

      What is disappointing is when adults who claim to have a political opinion
      can’t even write properly. Learn about grammar.

    3. smit777 says

      CherylStilesMusic Actually that fits the times smartphones are stupid,
      changing things that should be left as they were. Intellectuals pointing
      out grammatical errors of one and unable to find fault with others who lie
      everything Thier Lips move.

    4. CherylStilesMusic says

      smit777 I will just pretend as though that made any sense.

    5. Philip MacDonald says

      It is disappointing when adults who claim to have a political opinion can’t
      even write properly. Study grammar.

  10. Greg LaPrade says

    At that rally, you had feminists screaming Trump hates women SIDE BY SIDE
    with Muslim women advocating sharia law in America! If this doesn’t tell us
    today’s liberals are deranged, what does?!??

    1. Jake V says

      Muslims overall are some of the best people. Many are highly critical of
      America’s obsession with mammon and godlessness. The “matrix manipulators”
      just aim to divide and confuse us.

    2. Matthias says

      Jack, if you want to be seen as someone nice and friendly, you’re not
      helping much xD

    3. Jake V says

      I don’t care, I’m not nice. I’m kind, though. But truth isn’t always nice
      to hear.

    4. Greg LaPrade says

      +Matthias 8 years is a long time to just keep blaming Bush for Obama’s many
      If ISIS is “the JV team”, then why didn’t Obama defeat them. Answer: Obama
      is a puppet and her bosses don’t want ISIS defeated. Obama was the first
      female president in a sense.

  11. Rabbit Tyme says

    I use to look at the Judd Sisters as wholesome country music. Well not
    anymore! Thank you Ashley for showing your “Nasty Demon” to us all!

    1. smiley sunshine says

      Rabbit Tyme Ashley Judd never sung country music it was their mother who
      sung with Wyona. Ashley was the movie star

    2. S Davis says

      smiley sunshine And That makes perfect sense.

    3. Eva Graham says

      smiley sunshine movie star? Only movies made for TV cable.

  12. Cassy1 says


    1. Whiskeybuisness says

      That would be PERFECT !!!

    2. Bobby Cowen says

      I feel bad for wynonna its a shame ashley has brought disgrace on the
      family name. Her mom worked herself up to a great country entertainer along
      with wynonna. apologize ashley. the sooner the better

  13. Anna Wesson Etters says

    The “Women’s March” did not represent me! I think they acted like psychos
    and whores.

    1. Julie Fannin says

      Argo_00 , No I would have marched for women’s rights in the past when we
      didn’t have any but I have my rights to everything. I’m paid the same wages
      as a man, I’ve always paid with private insurance for my health care rather
      then depend on the government, I don’t see any rights that I’m missing? I
      AM a real woman, do men depend on the government for free prostrate exams &
      treatment for prostrate cancel? Do they get free Viagra? I’m sick of insane

    2. Anna Wesson Etters says

      +Argo_00 You sound like a psycho too. When are we supposed to be losing
      rights and what rights would that be? To abortion? What gave you the right
      to demand and steal my money to pay for your killing your children? It’s
      really simple. When did it become right for you to steal my money for any
      of your needs?

    3. Sandra Truster says

      Anna Wesson Etters I must agree with you about the abortion issue. It’s not
      right to make other taxpayer’s pay for something they find morally
      repulsive. I just wish that there could be peaceful dialogue instead of
      being cursed at because we cannot agree on this main topic?!!

  14. Brian Barney says

    When are people going to RELISE we don’t have to continue to take this
    liberal love we true Americans can stop it

    1. K.F. Chow says

      If this is love I hesitate to think what hate is

  15. D STR says

    After Ashley decided to puke out this disgusting speech, I went from
    wanting to poke her to wanting to puke on her. American women are better
    than this ,way way better than her.

  16. Mary Sherrill says

    Momma she’s crazy. Crazy can’t you see, I’ve never felt so cringe worthy,
    she beats all I’ve every seen. Momma she’s crazy, Crazier can’t you see.

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