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‘You are failing Scotland’s children!’ Ridge SLAPS DOWN Salmond on ‘shameful’ SNP record

She said: “You are about 10 per cent down in the polls and just look at your domestic record.

“Less than half of 13 and 14-year-olds are performing well in writing. You are failing Scotland’s children, aren’t you?”

When Mr Salmond tried to defend the education standards as “signs of success”, Ridge dismissed this as a denial of reality.

The SNP spokesman for Foreign Affairs said that the upcoming election would reflect “the satisfaction the Scottish people have in the SNP”.

But, the Sky News host hit back: “It is shocking! Do you not feel a sense of shame or worry?

“NHS targets are being missed, poverty is on the rise and police funding is facing a blackhole.

“If this is a flavour of an independent Scotland, you can see why people in Scotland are a bit concerned about it, can’t you?”

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