‘You are unwell Scotland’s children!’ Ridge SLAPS DOWN Salmond on ‘shameful’ SNP record


She said: “You are about 10 per cent down in a polls and only demeanour during your domestic record.

“Less than half of 13 and 14-year-olds are behaving good in writing. You are unwell Scotland’s children, aren’t you?”

When Mr Salmond attempted to urge a preparation standards as “signs of success”, Ridge discharged this as a rejection of reality.

The SNP orator for Foreign Affairs pronounced that a arriving choosing would simulate “the compensation a Scottish people have in a SNP”.

But, a Sky News horde strike back: “It is shocking! Do we not feel a clarity of contrition or worry?

“NHS targets are being missed, misery is on a arise and military appropriation is confronting a blackhole.

“If this is a essence of an eccentric Scotland, we can see because people in Scotland are a bit endangered about it, can’t you?”