‘You possess NOTHING’ Brussels insists net payer Britain has ‘no right’ to share of EU assets


Just currently a EU strictly non-stop a House of European History museum, an beginning that cost an eye-watering £50 million though that has been criticised as a large white elephant. 

The confederation owns a towering £36 billion in skill and income including a £300 million ‘space egg’ Europa building, that is a new home of a European Council. 

Britain has also done substantial contributions to a European Investment Bank, that lends income to EU states, and that has an startling £56 billion in capital. 

Finally there is a bloc’s universe famous booze cellar, that contains 42,500 bottles of reward plonk, and a burgeoning complicated art collection, now valued during around £15 million. 

In sum it has been distributed that Britain, that contributes around 12 per cent of a bloc’s sum budget, could lay explain to a towering £58bn of a EU’s sum assets.