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‘You own NOTHING’ Brussels insists net payer Britain has ‘no right’ to share of EU assets

Just today the EU officially opened its House of European History museum, an initiative that cost an eye-watering £50 million but which has been criticised as a massive white elephant. 

The bloc owns a staggering £36 billion in property and cash including its £300 million ‘space egg’ Europa building, which is the new home of the European Council. 

Britain has also made considerable contributions to the European Investment Bank, which lends money to EU states, and which has an astonishing £56 billion in capital. 

Finally there is the bloc’s world famous wine cellar, which contains 42,500 bottles of premium plonk, and its burgeoning modern art collection, now valued at around £15 million. 

In total it has been calculated that Britain, which contributes around 12 per cent of the bloc’s total budget, could lay claim to a staggering £58bn of the EU’s total assets. 

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