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‘You’re listening now, aren’t you?’ Hilary Benn on Brexiteers’ referendum wake-up call

The Leeds Central MP, who chairs the Select Committee, said it was a “democratic necessity” to vote through Brexit in the House Commons despite backing Remain.

He said: “The 48 per cent feel a sense of loss now and they are mourning for what has happened and all of us who voted Remain know exactly what that feels like.

“But there is, first of all, a fundamental choice: Do you accept the outcome of the referendum or not? My view is, you have to accept the outcome of the referendum.”

Mr Benn said voting against the result would not have been the best way forward.

He added: “It would have said to the British people, those who voted, ‘I’m afraid we know better than you, go away and we’re going to decide what’s going to happen’.”

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