‘You’re listening now, aren’t you?’ Hilary Benn on Brexiteers’ referendum wake-up call


The Leeds Central MP, who chairs a Select Committee, pronounced it was a “democratic necessity” to opinion by Brexit in a House Commons notwithstanding subsidy Remain.

He said: “The 48 per cent feel a clarity of detriment now and they are anguish for what has happened and all of us who voted Remain know accurately what that feels like.

“But there is, initial of all, a elemental choice: Do we accept a outcome of a referendum or not? My perspective is, we have to accept a outcome of a referendum.”

Mr Benn pronounced voting opposite a outcome would not have been a best approach forward.

He added: “It would have pronounced to a British people, those who voted, ‘I’m fearful we know improved than you, go divided and we’re going to confirm what’s going to happen’.”