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YouTube Algorithm Update: No More Creator Suggested Videos

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YouTube is at it again! They just updated YouTube Algorithm across the platform and it affects all creators. They eliminated creator suggested videos. ?
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  1. Fairly Honest Off-Road says

    First by 6 seconds 🙂

    1. Vecthur says

      First reply

    2. itz HANNNOX says

      So? gtfo

  2. Top 5 Unexplored Guide says

    Hi derral
    Are there others streaming websites like youtube to earn money
    Please reply

    1. WhereGangstarRules says

      Top 5 Unexplored Guide Make Blogs ..

    2. Real Name says

      Top 5 Unexplored Guide vidme

  3. TheRussianGenius says

    A few months ago I dropped out of school to pursue YouTube full-time on this and my second vlogging channel “Vladimir Jenko” and recently my revenue share went down with 30-40% and my views are lowering.

    1. Tyler Edwards says

      I Feel for you

  4. Bret Atwood says

    An organization that Focuses too much on clients (advertisers) and not enough on talent (creators) is destined to fail. Love your stuff Derral, keep killing it man!

    1. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      Fed up of no views on my stuff. Youtube search is useless.

    2. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      +Hackelodeon Well In my opinion the way youtubes set up it makes it nere impossible for a new origanal content creator to get any views. The only channals getting any growth are channals making vids or uploading clips of popular TV Shows Movies and toys. Music channals only get views by creating TYPE music or remixing popular mainstream artists who dominate youtube. You tube is bollocks

    3. 40splishsplash says

      Agree when it comes to facebook, quite weird why you should pay to reach the audience you already have built.

    4. I D says

      Bret Atwood well you have to remember it’s not just an entertainment platform, it’s a business. So any chance they get to make more money they will take it

    5. 40splishsplash says

      How true 🙂

  5. PipeCleanerCrafts B says

    they seem now to give a video an exactly 12-hour-window chance, and then, if the video doesn’t take off, it goes down and never rises again. it’s good news for strong videos – they are suggested and they create views on a regular basis. but poor videos don’t get another change. ~~ the only tip: if you think your video is great and audience retention is good – try to change the thumbnail, it may actually help. also, some of my videos are only served in certain countries. but that makes sense. but it’s not true to say that YouTube only suggests viral videos – many videos are suggested to me only have tens of thousands of views. ~~ Also, I focus on browsing experience – i removed all poor-performing videos, hoping that people will look at one video after and another and want more.

    1. Ben and Lauren Vlogs says

      Love your videos and insights! Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

    2. The Epic Teenager says

      PipeCleanerCrafts B thank you for your suggestion

    3. Christian Wedoy says

      +The Epic Teenager
      I don’t think you have to worry about few views. I just reached 18.000 subs. Some videos I post gets millions of views and others get less then 600 depending on what the content is.

      Also a lot of views does not automatically mean you will make a lot of money on the video. Some say you should expect about 1-2$ per 1000 views, but in fact several factors determine your revenue.
      Some of my videos are popular in countries where less advertising is taking place those get less then that.

      Just keep putting out good quality content and make sure you do everything you should to make people find it and you’ll be good. DerralEves had a lot about this on his channel.

    4. Mr Fox says

      how did you noticed this 12hour thing?

  6. FellowGem says

    I just got a video 1000 views outta nowhere when all my other videos get 10 videos Why?…..Suggested videos:0

    1. Indo Aussie says

      Please check it out my channel mate we can activate each other thanks

    2. Kespired says

      Just look at your Analytics – Traffic Sources

    3. KwikDraw 35 says

      There’s an analytics app for iPhone

  7. GamingStyle says

    Getting more views but earning less sadly…
    Youtube needs to fix the ad problems :/

    1. tenminutetokyo says

      GamingStyle – Clash Royale Zionist banksters want everyone poor.

    2. Indo Aussie says

      I have sh**** view and upload every day new video …

      Please check it out my channel mate, cheers

    3. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      +Daily Vlog & Recipe Me to but then I have 20 vids and my music category is swamped. I could diversify and do how to make a beat vids or music tech reviews on headphone or keyboards or how to compose or how advise of what softwares available or or or or or…….. But there’s loads of channals doing a far better job at that then I’d be able to do so that’s not gona get me views ether.

    4. Old School Kid says

      your channel looks like its doing just fine too me

    5. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      Yes The only channals growing are Channals uploading clips form popular TV and Movies, mainstream TV and music that was already huge outside of youtube or channals doing reviews on popular TV, Movies, Games, Toys, Pet products.e

  8. Ami Yamato says

    I’ve also noticed that when someone with a linked Twitter account likes your video, the auto-generated tweet no longer tags the creator. I used to find those _”I liked…”_ tweets so useful as I could simply retweet them and keep my videos visible to my followers, without having to constantly send my own tweets. This was also great for breathing life into old videos when somebody liked those too. I don’t know why they changed it. I dont see how it negatively affects YouTube. At least give creators the option.

    1. DiscoveringNatural says

      From my research, this stopped around April 11th.

    2. FEDERICO InspoNews - NEW CHANNEL says

      like Fox News – big media platforms can implode via politically correctness- you tube is now imploding

    3. a journey east says

      Wow, I’ve noticed this too! I thought it was just me. Ugh.

  9. This Little Critic says

    Hey could you talk about a issue a ton of us have been having. Ppl unsubscribe in packs of 5 or 6 every few days. why!

    1. ღ para inspirar ღ says

      +The Giggle Box with John G Exactly! I often don’t even watch the video… just read the comments.

    2. The Giggle Box with John G says

      Haha, is that what you’re doing right now?

    3. ღ para inspirar ღ says

      No, I actually watched this one 🙂

  10. Chris Raynerson says

    This is just another reminder to not rely on YouTube. Always be creating content for other social media networks. Grow your brand on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat. With YouTubes recent decisions and problems with advertisers, YouTube being around is not a guarantee.

    1. Stowed Stuff Daily Vlogs says

      It’s sad. My subscriber view rate was climbing steadily up until the homepage change and now it seems that none of my subscribers can find me. It really stinks to see that viewership rate drop so badly.

  11. Pickup Master says

    What hurts for me is ranking on first page even first result on dating topics for instance and still not getting views.
    Not even 10 a day,so i’m wondering Derral Eves is that normal?

    1. Pickup Master says

      #Derral Eves @Derral Eves

    2. TheTrueVoice says

      Pickup Master yeah that’s a problem that we all run into

  12. Stefan Tosic says

    If Youtube continues focusing on the eggs (profit) and don’t focus on the goose that lays the golden eggs (us creators), it is destined for failure.

    1. Cars Simplified says

      I feel they have a safety net with big companies that aren’t worried about the drama.

    2. PaiNExoTiC says

      I’ve been saying Youtube needs competition for months now but no one has yet to step up and challenge them. Now is the time where Youtube is going through a HUGE crisis yet no one is taking advantage of it. It’s insane lol.

    3. RydarGames says

      SKTHEPOPSTAR wrong, shareholders don’t produce anything. Your logic is way off. Advertisers follow wherever their customers will be. Their customers are where exactly? Watching videos made by the content creators which aren’t respected by YouTube/google. YouTube organization will die off their not careful. They are behind if the curve in their thinking as you are. Many financial analysts believe that the primary source of income in the future for web masters and content creators on the internet will be true paid subscriptions and sponsorships directly from the fans, public, and users making advertisers irrelevant!

  13. Matt Gielen says

    Hey Derral,

    Thanks for the shout out here (and in other videos!). I want to clarify the point I was making.

    The “slap in the face” comment is in regard to the breaking of the social contract with creators. For nearly a decade the agreement with creators was that if someone was watching YOUR video, YouTube would make the first four suggested videos from YOU. They’ve convinced hundreds of thousands of creators that if they invest in the platform, spend the time, money and energy in building their audience, that when someone watches one of YOUR videos, YouTube wouldn’t promote SOMEONE ELSE in the first four slots of suggested, the number one source of most channel’s traffic and the placements that get the most clicks. Then YouTube rips it away, with no notice, no statement, just a big ole F-YOU. This is going to disrupts 100s of thousands of people’s lives, sometimes drastically. Do you think the person that was just laid off with no notice and maybe even lost their health insurance gives a f*#% that YouTube is squeezing a few more seconds of watch time out for the “greater good”? I don’t.

    More broadly, I’m all for YouTube improving the algorithm. However, this is a structural change. A massive structural change that alters the nature of the site. To do this with no warning goes to show how little regard the YouTube product teams have for “Content Creators”. They view us as a hoard of mouth breathing ingrates that exist solely for their enrichment and exploitation.

    By making this change and not holding up their end of the bargain they are ruining people’s lives, overnight, with no remorse. That’s the slap in the face.

    -Matt Gielen

    1. YouTube for Kids says

      same here.

    2. KB Koolers says

      Matt Gielen i just started making videos so im not making any money from them but i can see how this would be a killer for some. It is to bad that they are not thinking of the people that made them because lets be honest they need people to make videos. A heads up that this was going to happen is the least they could do.

    3. HOLLA SOUNDS says

      Hi would you like to use my music in one of your videos??

    4. Anthony Wall says


    5. Life Styling Space says

      Matt Gielen I totally agree!

  14. NCJ says

    Hey creators!!
    Feel free to use any of my no copyright music! (:

    1. technology productions 2017 says

      why do does NCS put comments on my videos

    2. Lizette Baldeo says

      NCJ thanks!!!!

  15. Moe Othman says

    *I honestly hate youtube right now, especially as a small-mid range youtuber. I feel like every algorithm change they make, my channel just gets more and more buried*

    1. technology productions 2017 says

      Moe Othman mine too look at the views of my video

  16. Kazzy Official says

    I get over 100,000 daily views and am getting paid peanuts for it. youtube is becoming absolute garbage…I hope a new service competes with it, YouTube is so disrespectful to its creators who have made them millions and millions of dollars, if not billions over the years.

    1. looknowtv says


  17. 614Lyfe says

    I have ups and downs and I felt it alot. I am just coming back from it.

  18. Schauerland says

    Youtube is a real rollercoaster. But the most annoying thing is the broken sub box.

  19. LovelyEden says

    The you tube video editor is going away next month! I don’t know how to label my videos after that! Do you have any suggestions ? Can you make a video about it? Thank you so much!

  20. albertzappa says

    are you going to make a new video on youtube new layout? I don’t use it I hated it why can’t they leave well enough alone. it has a lot of errors ill do settings like don’t auto play and when I come back later I ts set back to auto. just leave it alone it works fine, but they never seem to care about what we think they will do what they want. thanks for the videos.

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