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YouTube Collaborations – The Fastest Way to Grow an Audience on YouTube

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Looking to grow your YouTube Channel? Watch Derral Eves and David Walsh discuss the fastest way to increase your YouTube subscribers with YouTube Collaborations.
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  1. FSBushcraft says

    I would love to see more Collaborations between the 2 of you and the best
    tips of Youtube Buddy….

    1. David WalshOnline says

      +FSBushcraft is there anything specifically you’d like us to cover?

    2. FSBushcraft says

      +David WalshOnline What are the benefits of a paid upgrade license, to the
      free one to help grow your channel…

  2. CR Family Vlogs says

    I like when I get with Vloggers and everyone is sharing and helping each
    other! I also try to get to as many events as I can… I do have a little
    FOMO so that help! :)

    1. Vintage Peach says

      I just subbed. Love your channel 🙂

  3. Nicholls & Sense says

    If anyone would like to collaborate on a simple project, send me a message

    1. Nicholls & Sense says

      +The EasiestWay send me a private message with what you have in mind and
      we’ll do it.

    2. The EasiestWay says

      +Nerd Love Thats great! How may i contact you?

    3. Nerd Love says

      +The EasiestWay do you have kik ? Or any other messaging app?

    4. The EasiestWay says

      +Nerd Love Yes.@Fdedit

    5. The EasiestWay says

      +Nerd Love kik me to see what we can do 😉

  4. Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u says

    Great video Derral, I love collab videos and have done a few. This style is
    so fun, how did you synch up your questions with David? Thanks a lot for
    sharing with us :D

    1. TomTheHorseTV says

      It’s probably scripted

  5. Sinky says

    Perfect timing. I’ve had a couple of other YT gamers contact me today about
    playing a multiplayer game together and I wasn’t sure about it but I’m
    subscribed to a group of gamers here on YT that play together and their
    subscriber counts have rocketed over the last two years!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Sinky that will be awesome! Let us know how it goes!

  6. Track848 says

    Excellent collaboration Derral–You and David (and Tim) are my ‘go-to’ guys
    for everything YT channel-related. I mentioned this over on David’s
    channel: I recently did my first collaboration with another motorcycle
    channel that’s much bigger than mine, and the spike has been wonderful!
    We’re doing more work together and I expect continued growth. Thanks for

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Track848 Glad to see that you worked with another motorcycle channel and
      seen the lovely spike of Subscribers.

    2. Theyoutuberpolyglot says

      +Derral Eves So do you think I should do a collaboration with another
      polyglot youtuber?

  7. AllasYummyFood says

    great video as always ) I’ve done few collab, if anyone is interested and
    we can come up with good idea, message me :)

    1. AllasYummyFood says

      sounds nice :)) goodluck with that! I’m thinking about starting a new
      channel! 🙂

    2. Rotter Tube Reef says


    3. Theyoutuberpolyglot says

      +AllasYummyFood Let me see your channel.

    4. Theyoutuberpolyglot says

      +AllasYummyFood Priviet mija Zavut José
      I am learning russian.
      Russian is a lovely language.
      By the way I am portuguese.

    5. AllasYummyFood says

      privet Jose :))

  8. Jack Decker says

    Here’s a challenge for you two and Tim (and any other YouTube helper
    channel): The WORST video possible. Each of you create the worst video
    possible. One that violates as MANY of your rules and guidelines as
    possible. We then vote and the one who gets the most DISlikes, wins. All
    three of you appear in a joint very short tease that appears before each of
    your videos and then after the title cards, you each go at it.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Jack Decker hahahah… that is funny!

    2. David WalshOnline says

      +Jack Decker we would definitely have to set up a completely different
      Channel for that one. I don’t think ANY of us want to get any Strikes on
      our Channel for a challenge 😉

    3. Jack Decker says

      +David WalshOnline Talk to YouTube. Tell them the challenge. Get them to go
      along. In fact, get one of their executives to do the challenge tease at
      the beginning of your challenge videos! Your channels are directly helping
      make better videos for YouTube. They should be doing a LOT more for you
      guys! This is the least they can do.

  9. Joshiplier says

    Derral this was really good advise thx, btw question: When I upload a
    video, sometimes it detects shakes in it for some reason, and then when the
    views watch it, my video like turning sideways wobbling all over the place,
    this is now happened 3 times out of 15 vids, if you could do me a really
    nice favour to all of us, by making another video by showing how to fix the
    detections or shakes if a video is being uploaded, please do and this will
    help me improve and then I’ll try to be a Super Subscriber!

    1. Joshiplier says

      It was the 15th Vid, you’ll see what the problem is :/

  10. Hassaan Khan says

    Hi, Derral!
    You should make a collaboration video with David and Tim on ‘Practical Tips
    on YouTube Collaboration for Starters’. It would be so helpful for new
    YouTubers to come.

    1. Sam Roccko says

      Can u do collab with me

    2. Hassaan Khan says

      Yes. Let’s discuss.

  11. pinkstrawberrypuding says

    Mr.Eves I just love your youtube channel.Some word that comes to mind when
    I watch your videos is clean and neat.
    What I mean is you look great,your background looks clean,you don’t waste
    time or jump from unrelated subject to another unrelated subject and you
    always have a nice smile for us all and you are POSITIVE.

    1. pinkstrawberrypuding says

      +pinkstrawberrypuding *words

  12. Maddie Wilson says

    Great information on collaborations Derral! 2016 is the year for me to do
    more collabs :)

  13. Natural Lifestyle Show says

    Thank you for creating this video about collaboration. That is something I
    haven’t done a lot of yet but we do plan to do much more of in the future.
    God bless! :)

  14. Jakerz says

    Any gaming channels that wanna help each other grow?

    1. xNimble says

      I can make a dope intro

    2. Music Crash says


    3. TTMG29 Gaming says

      Dude I have been looking for people to play games like gmod or games on
      consoles with.

    4. Beat Gaming says

      would you do a couple gmod videos with a new youtuber like me?

    5. Beat Gaming says

      i would love to but i am very new 🙁

  15. TheCommonRager says

    How do I do a one for one? Me and a friend of mine want to do it but we
    don’t know how to post each other’s videos? Like, how do we download it so
    we can then upload it? Thanks!

    1. Problem Solved says

      You have to give the other person the video file. Use Google Drive, Dropbox
      or something similar. The other person can then upload the video normally.

    2. TheCommonRager says

      +Problem Solved THANKS!!! 🙂

    3. Problem Solved says

      +TheCommonRageYT – TheCommonRager You are very welcome! Feel free to check
      out my channel!

  16. iTz Rich says

    I’m up for any collabs! I do a bunch of sketch comedy and would love to
    meet other people!

  17. Annie Not So Perfect Mama says

    Just starting out my channel! (being consistent) Love your help!!!!

  18. BritoFilms says

    where can i meet people to collaborate?

  19. Komal Chudasama says

    hmm.. Awesome collaboration ?

  20. DIY GURU says


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