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YouTube Community Tab – The Next Google+ Disaster??

Watch Youtube Insider

YouTube just announce a new feature called YouTube Community Tab or (backstage)… Is this the next Google+ Disaster? In this video, Derral will show you all the features, the pros and the cons to the new community tab beta.

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  1. Trap Nap says

    Hello Derral! I have a problem I want to delete my youtube channel but i
    don’t remember email/password for it and it isn’t linked to any other email
    or phone number! Please help, thanks

    1. Derral Eves says

      That is a problem… If you could remember the email, than you would be
      good. Try searching all your email accounts

    2. Trap Nap says

      Okay I think I might know my email so what now?

    3. Derral Eves says

      go to youtube and click log in. Try to login with wrong password. Click the
      link that says can’t remember password

    4. Trap Nap says

      Okay I’ll try thanks

    5. Trap Nap says

      Well seemes that I don’t remember it can youtube himself delete the channel

  2. Watch It Melt says

    I’m only a week old, and already hit 100 subs! 😀 ?

    I’m having a good feeling about my channel, I just like to make the videos
    because it’s fun, and relaxing ~ I hope I can build a good positive
    community on my channel, just a bunch of people hanging out watching things
    melt. :)

    1. Watch It Melt says

      That’s awesome! I love sounds like that. Some people might consider them
      ASMR. if you haven’t heard of ASMR, I definitely recommend looking it up,
      it can be either weird or wonderful.

    2. Super 789 says


    3. Issa Jen says

      OMG you have a great video, smile am a beginner I hope we can subscribe
      each other. I am a beginner so beginner that every time I make a video I
      can’t think hmmm anyway I hope I become a PRO one day. I love all your
      video you are great.

    4. info menarik kita says

      please subscribee to my channel I subscrib later turning

    5. info menarik kita says

      I subscribe please


    can u tell me a free editing software for windows

    1. Martha Pennington Studio says

      Windows movie maker

    2. TheApacheKing says

      Camtasia is aparently good. There’s also Sony Movie Studio which is fairly
      cheap and decent.

    3. Living Free Forever says

      Movie maker is pretty good for being free 🙂

    4. The Assist Man says

      davinci resolve 12.5 case closed

    5. info menarik kita says

      I subscribe please

  4. Velogi - Pyöräilevä videoblogi says

    Maybe they do not want the content to be shared anywhere because it takes
    people outside of YouTube …

    1. Bendji D says

      That wouldn’t make any sense because sharing it outside of YouTube is what
      get people from different platforms over to YouTube.

  5. satay71 says

    Is is possible to delete my Google+ account without deleting my YouTube

    1. info menarik kita says

      I subscribe please

    2. LeafTheLeopard says

      I have a video on my Channel on how to delete it, but I don’t think it will
      work for you since they are sending you that message.

    3. Carter says

      +LeafTheLeopard I just realized that the Google+ I thought I deleted never
      really got deleted. They won’t let you go!!!!

    4. LeafTheLeopard says

      +Carter Really

    5. Carter says

      +LeafTheLeopard You read it right, jerky… I remember years ago they
      wouldn’t let you delete your MySpace either.

  6. TheCraftyGemini says

    I’m hoping this will be a way for me to engage my 315K+ subs. I have built
    a strong following on IG, Facebook and YouTube but I find that they are not
    the same audiences. So, it feels disjointed and I find that the hard core
    YouTube subs don’t necessarily use FB, IG, etc. So, if I choose one
    platform and leave out another I’m not reaching everyone. It’s a tough
    balancing act. Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge, Derral. I’m
    looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. :)

    1. Educational Videos for Students (Cartoons on Bullying, Leadership & More) says

      that is a lot of subscribers. Nice!

    2. HelpMamaRemote says

      I agree with you. My subscribers aren’t nearly as massive as yours, but I
      would definitely want to engage on YouTube rather than Facebook.

    3. DV says

      It’s a lot of subs but how do you have so many but only 3 – 10k watch your

  7. Cesare Vesdani says

    The Community tab for YouTube is a perfect idea. It’s a lot better on
    having a YouTube Community tab, rather than, a Google+ Community page.

    1. Issa Jen says

      Guess you are a PRO am just a beginner, smile.

    2. xspysquirrel Gaming says

      Iam no pro iam still try to find my feet in youtube like people say it’s
      not easy you have to work hard to get notice. my channel is about gaming
      walkthrough i find it hard.

    3. info menarik kita says

      please subscrib to my channel I subscribee later turning

    4. info menarik kita says

      please subscrib to my channel I subscribee later turning

    5. Cesare Vesdani says

      I have subscribed to your channel.

  8. Silver.TV says

    I think the community tab is a brilliant idea! – Although I hope there will
    be a community button in the subscription’s section on the left, that will
    show all social content from everyone you are subscribed too. Having this
    would be much easier than going to every persons channel and seeing what
    that specific user has put. Anyway, great video. :)

    1. Living Free Forever says

      That’s an EXCELLENT point. I hope they do this.

  9. Political Junkie says

    I’m terribly excited for this feature. I upload infrequently, so this is
    the perfect way for me to reach out to my audience during the down times. I
    can talk about topics and content tha tI wouldnt normally be able to cover.

    1. Watch It Burn says

      I just wonder how many of your subs will actually see something in your
      community page when you post it.

    2. Political Junkie says

      I guess its about setting the expectation and promoting it. I just want a
      place for engaged people to hang out and get something extra.

    3. Issa Jen says

      wow all of you are a PRO, nice am just a beginner, smile.

  10. Teamtsto says

    Tank BOB is coming back!

    1. Teamtsto says

      I hope not 😀

    2. LeafTheLeopard says

      I loved that guy.

  11. Natalie Nightwolf says

    This sounds overall good to me, I hope this community tab works out well
    and is rolled out soon! Maybe the share button will turn up when everything
    is rolled out since most people don’t have the beta yet.

  12. Brother John Speaks says

    I would stay on YouTube more if they would bring back video responses.

  13. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

    Tags on pics would be a great idea.

    1. LeafTheLeopard says


  14. Azralynn says

    I’m more concerned with the “YouTube Heroes” being abused. Will you do a
    video on that?

    1. crystalclearfilms says

      Same here. Hope you’ll talk about YouTube Heroes, Derral! Cheers!

  15. YumYucky says

    I can’t wait until I have access to it. Its really good idea and I’m
    anxious to use it.

    1. YumYucky says

      The beta design/presentation needs to look better, though. Looks too much
      likethe youtube comment section. Make it unique instead. Give it some flair.

  16. Aimee Montgomery says

    Gary I just had to come by today and say I finally passed my first 1,000
    subscribers. It took me two years!!! Your videos have been my go to and I
    still hold on to the dream of one day having a good size channel.
    Continuing to work on my craft and to try and provide valuable videos. I
    have to say that finding people to collaborate with has probably been my
    biggest challenge. But maybe as my channel grows it won’t be so difficult.
    BTW I do tell everyone to go to your channel…even if I don’t post it on
    here. :)

    1. info menarik kita says

      I subscribe please

  17. The UCC Clan says

    when your trying so hard to get more than 100 views on one video

  18. ER GAMES says

    how to get deleted videos back on youtube how ????

  19. Dieter Schneider says

    I try to answer every single comment I get on my videos to interact with my
    audience. I am afraid that creating a new “facebook-like” community will
    steal a lot of time which I could have used to make more and better videos
    (which should be the number one priority on a video site).

    I would rather see Youtube making a Patreon and Famebit-like program, or
    even a affiliate program like amazon. I think that would really inspire
    creators to make better content and increase the revenue for both Youtube
    and the creators significantly.

    This would also of course increase the quality of the videos and we don’t
    need to beg our users to click on all kinds of links and stuff and be
    worried about if youtube will ban us or not. As the rules are now, they are
    so vague that nobody actually understand what they can and can not do in
    terms of external advertising.

    The worst “trend” on youtube now is breaks in the middle of the videos
    where the creators spends a minute about talking about totally random stuff
    from famebit advertisers. So my wish is that Youtube create a fan-funding
    and famebit/affiliate program rather than another social network.

  20. Perplexia X says

    You keep saying that the company wants people to stay on YT, but I’ve seen
    some weird stuff happening , for example, subscribers to channels being
    unsubscribed automatically, Channels being shut down for no apparent
    they keep changing this and that, now Google doing this and that whole
    Hangouts thing, etc., etc., etc. ……..
    If they are so concerned about keeping people on YT, why do they make it so
    difficult to want to be a Youtuber?
    …it wasn’t broken, yet they keep fixing it??? True, some of what they’re
    doing is cool, but some is just ridiculous!!!

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