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YouTube Competition vs Collaboration

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YouTube Channels that are similar to yours… Are they competition or a possible Collaborator?
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  1. Brian G Johnson TV says

    Ha! Great video covering an important message. Plenty of pie for all.

    1. Brian G Johnson TV says

      Just a me!
      A B to the G!
      You’re cool 2
      You dig Alizaib?!

    2. Alizaib Hassan says

      You are welcome

    3. Alizaib Hassan says


    4. Advitya Sharma says

      did u have a hair cut brian ???

    5. VroomReacts says

      So true, and even more importantly by collaborating you create a win-win-win-win… scenario. You gain, the other person gains, your viewers gain, their viewers gain, youtube gains… It’s just awesomeness in a nutshell.

  2. Stupid Vlogs says

    Darrel plz comment back I love your channel

    1. Derral Eves says


    2. Stupid Vlogs says

      oh my goodness thx so much

  3. FPC-Virtual says

    It’s impossible for others to mimic me, my style on YouTube is so unorthodox 🙂 plus I don’t have a predictable pattern. I just go for whatever topic that comes to mind much of the time. Trending subject matter included, if it’s hot I might cover it. Mostly I choose to be helpful to my viewers thus all the tutorial videos and how-to on things I actually learned, researched, or am experienced in performing or having knowledge of. No competition in such things, just trying to help you know.

    1. FPC-Virtual says

      The other thing is I’m so imperfect at it all, why would anyone ever try to compete with my style. It just won’t work, I make more errors in my videos then anyone I’ve watched out on YouTube lol. Just a thought for those who may be experiencing this competition issue and feel as though it’s hurting their channel experience, just go for it no matter what or whom is out here. I only compete with myself or my best performances I put up already. Most of my videos are long and drawn out videos many folks could acre less to watch anyhow.

  4. John Marshall says

    Digging how this video looks! Crazy clear image, interesting lighting… very cool.

    As for competitors or collaborators… I see them as team mates. The more we share other channels, the more we expose viewers to content they’re looking for.

    1. Derral Eves says

      It was at Midnight! 🙂 I was blown away at the quality!

    2. TheFearsomeRubberDucky says

      Even haters spread your brand, lolz. Tai Lopez is a great example.

    3. John Marshall says

      It’s almost “freaky” quality… where it looks so realistic that it starts to get creepy real… as if my iMac screen was just a frame and you were standing on the other side peaking through. As creators, we look to perfect our video quality, however when we do, the realism is pretty weird when viewed on a device. Weirdly awesome, that is.

  5. Advitya Sharma says

    from India … love u pay attention to us.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Hey KingClone123

    2. KingClone123 says

      +Derral Eves omg thanks

    3. KingClone123 says

      Derral Eves if you don’t mind can you please go check out my youtube channel?
      sorry I am so annoying I’m just so amazed that you responded!

    4. XDHGX Debangshu says

      I’m from India too..! I’m Derral’s Twin

    5. Aqua Kop says

      Advitya Sharma I am Indian too even my mom’s surname before marriage was Sharma so technically you are my uncle…

  6. CapOhTV says

    The abundance mentality is definitely more satisfying than the scarcity mentality

    1. Brian G Johnson TV says

      I dig that thought stream!

    2. CapOhTV says

      Brian G Johnson TV I always suspected you were one to go digging in streams. Haha! So many golden nuggets to find!

  7. Barry Euphorik says

    I’ve yet to find someone who writes and plays my style of music that vlogs that is close enough for me to collab with. Plenty of Scottish vloggers though, maybe a collab out at least one of them eventually.

    Great video from both of you btw.

    1. Terrible Tallrus says

      Barry Euphorik Maybe u can collab with a music vlogger or simply a composer of your type. Since you’re doing both of these, you could collab with either. 😀

      Oh and you can do a fusion too. Fuse your style of music with another compatible style. For example, Emma Blackery (acoustic style singer) collabed with Boyinaband (electronic musician) to do a remix of her song. “The Promise”. Can look it up if it helps & maybe check out the original “The Promise” by Blackery. 🙂

    2. Barry Euphorik says

      Thanks for the reply. Collaborating musically with someone would be no problem since i know plenty of musicians. Just none are vlogging and that’s what i want to do on my channel.

    3. VroomReacts says

      None of them might be blogging, but there is still plenty of opportunity to promote them and they can in turn promote you. You ask them to use their music in your vlog and then link them. Then they mention you – collaboration complete. It’s just one example, there are a multitude of other ways you can make it click 🙂

    4. Rebecca Vocal Athlete says

      Barry Euphorik me too

  8. Xscape says

    I think considering others as competition is silly. In my opinion there is room for everyone and everybody has a chance to gain momentum if they continue to work on it. But I’ve seen it before that some think this is a competition. Some are even surprised when I’m willing to collaborate even though they are much smaller. But to me it’s especially about the fun of collaborating and offering our viewers some nice entertainment. That is something you can do with the smallest YouTubers, even beginners.
    But it’s tough to look at things that way if the other part thinks it’s about competition and they do not get what they wanted IN that competition. That is why I was disappointed already after a collaboration.

    1. Xscape says

      Oh yeah, Derral, I like to come here, too, also because I like your personality.

  9. Samy Sam says

    I’m not aware of anyone doing exactly what i do witch is weekly challenges but absolutely love to colab

    1. VroomReacts says

      They may not do exactly the same thing, but it feels like if they are doing something very similar in feel it will benefit both parties 🙂

    2. Samy Sam says

      +VroomReacts yah exactly, I’m definitely down making new friends

  10. Paivi Project says

    Hi Derral. Great video. I would love to find people who do same kind of videos I do !   🙂

    1. VroomReacts says

      Wow, you have so many topics covered on your channel. I bet it is easier to find separate people for each of the niches you touch than finding someone who does as much as you do 🙂

    2. Paivi Project says

      Hi Vroomreacts. Well my journey of learning to edit and being in front of the camera has taking me here. I really like watching videos that are well made and edited regardless of topic. Watching skilled editors creations fascinates and inspires me so much. There is got to me a community for people like that out there somewhere…right ?

    3. VroomReacts says

      There are quite a few, usually specialized around a specific topic just like Derral is focusing on the area around promoting youtube channel/videos 🙂

    4. Paivi Project says

      Great. I will keep looking  🙂

  11. cutthenoise says

    There are some folks who do similar things but I don’t know how I would collab with them…

  12. Grass Daddy says

    I’m trying! I thought I was going to do a collab with someone but it died.

  13. Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin says

    I’ve found the off grid cabin community to be really interactive and supportive. It’s been a great experience overall. I’m looking forward to collaborating with some of them, but I’d like to build a bigger following first. Maybe it’s different now that I’m closing in on 1000 subs, but when I had 50 subs, I felt a little funny approaching some of them.

  14. Critical Eats Japan says

    Being competitive about Youtube sounds pretty lame…

  15. Bogdan Bogz says

    I’ve been trying to collaborate with youtubers forever but no one wants to ?

  16. The Baby's Booty says

    OMG! I hope you both are OKAY will all that’s going on over there!!!

  17. Fantasy Couch says

    KEEP POSTING Derral!!!!!

  18. V LOVES says

    This is great. love how you guys are supportive!

  19. Russhill Brand says

    holy crap you look like alex jones from the eyes down

    1. Fine Drops says

      Russhill Brand haha yess

  20. Jaw Tooth says

    I do collaboration videos with Millenniumforce.  He has over 100K subs and has helped me get some subs.  I reached out to him since he lived near my mom and did the same videos as me in the same places even though I have to travel almost a thousand miles to do it.  I want to do more collaboration videos with other people also.

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