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YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone

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YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone — Derral explains YouTube's new Creator Studio app and shows how to check your videos, real time stats, push notifications, and reply to comments directly from your IOS device.

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. Check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.


Get More Great Tips – Subscribe ➜ http://goo.gl/dWNo9H

My Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddy
Download TubeBuddy Free Today! ➜ http://goo.gl/PrGfLe


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YouTube App for iOS

YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone

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  1. Sebastian Tiplea says

    I’m proud to share this video with all my followers!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks for sharing +Sebastian Tiplea

  2. Lacey Shih Tzu says

    Another wonderful tip, Derral – thank you! This is great, just downloaded
    for my iPhone :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      You’re welcome +lacey41908… Let me know how you like it

    2. Zé Miguel Maçães says

      I love your videos but it’s not “your welcome” but “you’re welcome”

    3. Lacey Shih Tzu says

      +Derral Eves The app is great for the iPhone, love it – but seems that
      there is not an app for the iPad…hope they come up with one soon!

  3. Lyndan Armytage says

    Can you get video manager on there

    1. Derral Eves says

      Not yet +Lyndan Armytage .. It should be in your youtube app!

  4. Micro Man says

    Nice video! and cool new intro! 

    1. Derral Eves says

      It’s my intro for my Mobile how to videos! Thanks +Micro Man

    2. Spiral Ink says

      +Derral Eves how do you make a channel trailer on ipad

    3. Awesome Dudes says

      +Derral Eves I need help signing in I clicked the right account and it is
      not going in to the account

  5. binkie.tv says

    Derral thank you for your great work. Your advices really help me develop
    my channel.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +binkie.tv You’re welcome! I have more advice going your way! 🙂

  6. Torque says

    this is gonna be so handy for me and my channel!

  7. Carson Daily says

    how do you add videos including thumbnails through an ipad?

  8. Andy Sargent says

    how do you add intro to video

    1. UzAY x Twitch says

      Intro Designer on App Store there’s a free version and a paid

  9. Darky Wuffy says

    How do you put thumbnails

    1. Emoji King says


  10. Hörnchen says

    Does anyone saw the cat by reloading at the top? This was only by my first
    start. Please excuse my bad english. :)

  11. Nidhin Pb says

    I see lots of people keep on talking about Devomobiron Secrets (look on
    google search engine). But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried
    this popular make money from iphone & android apps tutorial?

  12. Chloe Joy says

    This app has changed a LOT since then…

    1. Bwab Gaming 702 MCPE & More says

      You can only reply to comments on your videos. Isn’t that sad?

  13. William Parson (RabidWillGaming) says

    How do i make an intro/outro from IOS?

  14. Mike and Mandy Perkins says

    Thanks foe a great video Derral! Quick Q – this app doesn’t seem to have
    the ‘create’ section that you tube comes with on the mac. My problem is I
    use a lot of you tubes ‘free music’ for our videos and I am having issues
    when saving them on my mac because I am signed up to apple music, so i
    thought I would download this app to be able to store the music on my
    iPhone direct where I make the videos from. Any suggestions on this one?
    Many thanks, Mike

  15. Be Pure Beauty says

    Love this!! you are hilarious! Thank you for making these videos

  16. Quarter Gamer says

    It’s great help me a lot

  17. Dark Night12 says

    I want money

  18. Honey McTeer says

    it didn’t work at all for tablet

  19. Honey McTeer says

    I need help on this app

  20. DavluGamerondrugs says

    i love you

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