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YouTube is Encouraging Creators To Make Different Content

Watch Youtube Insider

YouTube in really focused on creating new content for Kids and the whole family. Watch the video to find out what incentives YouTube is giving creators.

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  1. Rusty Richardson says

    ive got a big idea ive got everthing but i find it hard to learn how to use
    edting software

    1. Stephen Taylor says

      +Mr. Richardson If there was a way for people to be able to work together
      then? It would be good to team up with others wanting to do something

  2. TheBananaCast2.0 says

    Green screen or the real outside?

    1. TheBananaCast2.0 says

      That’s real. I saw people walking by! XD

    2. Jarppi says

      +BananaFrenzy2.0 Well, background could be video too, its not like you can
      only use picture as background 😀
      But yeah he was outside.

  3. Southern Sweet Tee says

    I just started vlogging about 3 months ago. Just me and my 8 year old. I’m
    from Florida.

    1. Hassaan Khan says

      +Southern Sweet Tee Do you vlog and upload daily?

    2. Hassaan Khan says

      +Southern Sweet Tee Subscribed. If you subscribe back, it would be awesome!

    3. Southern Sweet Tee says

      +Hassaan Khan Hi Hassan. No, I don’t daily vlog. Thank you for subscribing.
      I will definitely check out your channel. Thanks again ?

    4. Hassaan Khan says

      +Southern Sweet Tee hey, thanks for subscribing!

    5. Southern Sweet Tee says

      No problem

  4. Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals says

    Glad to see more family friendly channels. We love the Kids App!
    Always knew that one day we puppets would take over YouTube! ;-}
    We are right outside Las Vegas, NV

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals Henderson? Moapa Valley? Boulder City? I work a lot in
      Vegas area!

    2. Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals says

      +Derral Eves We are in Henderson. Close enough that I can see The Strip,
      but don’t have the tourist (in shorts with fanny packs, socks and sandals).

      You should get lots of work down here in the winter, so you don’t freeze
      your tail off up north. ;-}

    3. Derral Eves says

      +Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals I live just outside St George Utah (Right on the
      Border of Arizona)… We are still warm! 🙂

    4. Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals says

      +Derral Eves That’s good! Hate for you to freeze. ;-}

      Looking at the Ananlytics for just the YouTube Kids App, seems it has a
      different way of ranking as the most viewed on the app does not get many
      views on regular YouTube & there is a definite pattern of what gets viewed
      on the app, average time watched and the days that are peek viewing.

      Looking at the analytics for just the Kids app is a huge bonus as to that
      target market.

  5. Scratchifier says

    What I don’t get is why nobody produces content that is appropriate for
    kids but geared towards teens. I stopped reading (and I was an avid reader)
    because now all that’s out there are soapy romances, swear-every-five-words
    denounce-Christianity-every-ten-words action thrillers, and boring
    move-at-a-snails-pace adult books with way too much talking and also a
    little bit of the previous problems. Youtube videos are a little more
    diverse (For example, something like HISHE) but videos also follow some of
    the same roads that books do. I’m sick of it. :/

    1. lightsen says

      +Scratchifier thats what I was thinking too, you can have ‘adult’ content
      without it being swearing or rude, just have clever humour, and actually
      funny slapstick/jokes. Ive tried on my channel, but its tough. It’s
      basically what I find funny (as an adult), while being suitable for kids.

  6. itsagniczer says

    I’m from Poland xd
    I used to live in Bydgoszcz. It’s not that far from Warsaw. :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      +xNatalierProdzx I love your country!!!! Aamzing!

  7. isitebuild says

    Good to know there’s an app for kids..you need to brush up on your Polish

    1. Derral Eves says

      +isitebuild yes I do!

  8. DizzyMoonTV says

    This is great! My channel is for kids and quite new, but I’m seeing
    relatively good growth despite only having a few videos.

  9. Evan Carmichael says

    Have a great time overseas 🙂 #BTA61

  10. Paulo Nideck says

    Hello from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I’m an English teacher and I have a
    channel to help mainly Brazilian students to learn the English language.
    Your videos and your work are a great inspiration for me. I even bough the
    book Primal branding. Thank you a bunch, Derral!

    1. A Pequena Fábrica de Doces says

      Hello Paulo! Other Carioca around here!

  11. A Pequena Fábrica de Doces says

    Hi Derral! Thank you so much for shearing those valuable content. I have to
    say that I have big dreams on youtube and hearing from your experience
    makes me much more confident!
    The information you brought to us in this video is the best news I could
    That is because my goal on youtube is to produce content for kids.
    What are the steps to get this help from youtube? They are looking for
    someone whith great ideas or for someone popular?
    Pepole all around the world can get it? Or just in the USA?
    My dream is to produce music clips and stories for kids using real cookies,
    cupcakes, cakepops, sugarcrafted figures… Every type of sweets in
    stopmotion animation. The name of my channel in english means The litle
    sweet factory.
    I am a cake designer, and sugarcraft teacher, and my work is very time
    consuming. Because of that I am having trouble in moving on with those
    dream videos.
    So I decided to begin my channel whit what is possible for me. I have some
    cookie decorating tutorials which I do just with the camera on a tripod
    filming my everyday work. And oce a month me and my nine year daughter make
    dessert recipes toguether.
    Do tou think it is possible to put my dream videos inside this newborn
    channel? Am I doing wrong?
    If I could get youtube´s help it woulb be so much fast getting that goal…

    1. A Pequena Fábrica de Doces says

      Oh! I almost forgot! I am from Rio de Janeiro Brazil!

  12. Magdalena Lewczuk says

    Greetings from Poland!

  13. Magnum says

    Just discovered your channel, and I’m working my way through your videos.
    Great content, and very helpful. I’m trying to find out how you did the
    closing sequence on this with the SUBSCRIBE button and the two other video
    images. I’m using iMovie, so I don’t know if I can do that with this
    software or not. Thanks for any info.

  14. Alexandra Thomas Eats says

    Derral thank you for all your videos across your channel. I’m completely
    unfamiliar with youtube and technology but I feel confident about starting
    a channel after binge watching your videos! Sincerely, thank you. I have a
    particular question about this video – I’m a developmental nutritionist and
    a raw food chef. I was wondering what your thoughts were are on creating a
    channel related around health food for mothers. As in – what they should be
    feeding to their children at different stages of development. I know this
    isn’t necessarily geared towards children but do you think this would be a
    positive idea for a channel? I would like to do several “How To’s” for
    shopping smart, making baby food, etc.

    1. Alexandra Thomas Eats says

      +Alexandra Thomas Eats —- Seriously thanks again, you are my first
      channel I’m subscribing to!

  15. D Fun Kids Toys Reviews / DFunKidsToysReviews says

    Hi Derral! Thank you so much for all your YouTube advices
    :)))))?????? My channel is for kids- toys reviews – how do I sign up
    to be in that new kids YouTube ? Thanks in advance ?

  16. Everything Cool says

    kids yes xtranormal but i can’t pay for it unless i know it will work

  17. Rosepineres says

    I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil

  18. Monic says

    Thanks Derral ,You have just pointed me in a new and exciting direction.

  19. Balloon Viking says

    Hi Derral and thanks for all the tips you are sharing. I just started
    Youtube channel for kids with balloon stories, and I wanted to start
    properly, so I went through many of your videos. They helped a lot! Thanks
    again! Oh, and I’m from Poland, now living in Norway

  20. HitoChua says

    I’m from Singapore

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