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YouTube Live Updates: RIP – Hangouts on Air!

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Google is Killing off Google+ Hangouts on Air and absorbing it into YouTube Live in September. YouTube Live Updates: RIP – Hangouts on Air!

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  1. Amr Zriek says

    Why? Because if you searched for me on it you’ll be able to see my email!
    And hackers are every where! Although hangout was a good way to chat with
    small YouTubers. ?

    1. Amr Zriek says

      +MkkYT No one knows how these hackers are hacking! They hacked a lot of
      YouTubers before!

  2. The Juggalo Vlogz says


    1. cindy Bradford says


    2. The Juggalo Vlogz says


    3. SamoreLoveTV says

      that’s what I use!

  3. BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says

    I hate everything about Google plus. I don’t even let my YouTube videos
    upload there. You can’t control the comments. If you block a troll on
    YouTube,they can keep leaving comments through google plus. Then you have
    to hunt down their Google plus and block them there. Google plus has just
    made everything worse.

    1. FoolyLiving says

      Agreed! Google Plus was a fail the moment it came out and it only caused
      chaos around comments. Hope they completely take it out. Was not necessary
      or useful! Just taking up space on the internet for no reason. Oh and on
      another note, people can share their nude photos with you on it, and you
      have no choice but to open it and see it inside the email. Disgusting site
      and made for trolls! Had to rant to you lol sorry =) Hope you’re doing good!

    2. BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says

      +FoolyLiving Andrea!!!! Great to see ya!!!

  4. DisKingdom.com - Disney | Marvel | Star Wars says

    Ah…..I use Google Hangouts every week for our podcast… time for some

    1. Red Bienes Raices says

      did you find a useful tool? I having problems with youtube live and

  5. Jen Luvs Reviews says

    I’m confused. So when we go to live streaming on YouTube, it will take us
    to YouTube live? What’s the difference between Hangouts on Air and YouTube
    Live? I do a weekly chat with my subscribers so I’m really curious as to
    how this will affect my community.

    1. Jen Luvs Reviews says

      +Ros Betts This is so helpful! Thanks!

  6. Jarhead6 says

    can’t wait to see it!

  7. Nayan says

    YouTube is a more Individual experience platform.. let me explain: When you
    watch a video on Facebook and you really really liked it, you can easily
    tag your friends or share it in your newsfeed(internal sharing) also
    because your friends are very active on facebook and you can “see them
    being active”this is what makes facebook videos very succesfull, facebook
    is very share friendly , YouTube on the other hand is not that share
    friendly it’s very cynical, You watch a video you like it and that is it..
    there is no connection on this medium with friends it is just you, YouTube
    needs to make it so that you can share videos internally and tag friends ..
    not exactly a social network like facebook but just more sharable

    1. Bikes & Drones says

      You are so right. YouTube lost a lot of appeal when they removed the “all
      activity” button. Its just “Their Tube” now with the trending video
      alternative to all activity.

  8. Lyndan Armytage says

    no not han………. no wait no one usese it
    give me thumbs if you’re sad about this

    1. Bricks4Me™ says

      I use it all the time, but I guess you’re a Skype person.

    2. Lyndan Armytage says

      +Bricks4Me yep

    3. Bricks4Me™ says

      +Lyndan Armytage ok

  9. FoolyLiving says

    Honestly, yt doesn’t give a sh*t about creators unless they are big time
    and making them money. Can you please explain to me how I can get 600
    clicks on ads and make less now than I did a year ago with 200 ad clicks?
    Youtube/Google seem to be doing something illegal here, to keep the lower
    class youtubers down. If you don’t have 100k subs, they really could care
    less about you and NO ONE is regulating them to see if they are even doing
    things fairly or legally. How can you grow your channel and make money if
    they keep reducing your ad revenue unfairly?

  10. RVerTV says

    great info …thank you !!

  11. MichaelSerial says

    when are they finally going to dismantle Google plus all the way? great
    video very informative

    1. Derral Eves says

      I agree.. just pull the bandaid already!

    2. MichaelSerial says

      +Derral Eves I KR? I told people about this 2 years ago and now they are
      starting to doubt me that it’s ever going to be to be dismantled

    3. Kiril Krastev says

      Derral can you please explain me how to send a video with privete message
      on YouTube?

  12. RishyCup TV says

    Thanks Derral, Do you have a tutorial on YouTube live? – I’ve seen your
    other tutorials on how to set up live events on Youtube but is there
    anything new we should know to best prepare for recent changes ? Thanks for
    keeping us up to date !

    1. Derral Eves says

      I will be doing a new training as soon as it’s updated!

    2. RishyCup TV says

      +Derral Eves ok great!!! I can’t wait , thanks Derral!

    3. Red Bienes Raices says

      Having lots of problems and time wasted with wirecast, is ther other tool
      do you suggest?

  13. Mad_Happy Plays says

    I tried to live stream, its just little bit laggy for me. I might try to do
    it later..

  14. Hilltop Street says

    Youtube may be falling behind on a lot of live features but don’t forget
    they hold the keys to the kingdom called Google Search. They can tweak,
    fabricate, and push their content over others when and how they want to and
    we’ve seen they are not afraid to use that power.

  15. Terri Lynch My Life says

    I thought you could already go live on youtube

  16. Drew Grow says

    super excellent channel. Just subbed you and I will defiantly be watching
    your videos, Drew

  17. Kason Goldston says

    Hey i was wondering this guy threatened to get my channel taken down
    because i banned him from my account how do i protect my channel

  18. Roland Takaoka says

    RubberWilbur has it right. And as for comments, there are decent filters to
    manage comments in G+. It’s too bad it didn’t catch on. My relationships in
    G+ allowed me to build way better business and client relationships than
    Facebook ever did, and probably ever will. My outreach changed from Orange
    County, CA. to Global in just a few months. People using both would more
    than likely confirm: for socializing – Facebook…. for business – Google+
    all the way. Just reflecting my experiences.

  19. Angry Expo! says

    I thought your not allowed to have opinions about youtube only good

  20. all4Hisgloryalone says

    Google plus was easy to use and i loved the Live Hangouts. Youtube Live
    sucks is over complicated and not only do you have to uploaded encoder but
    then there was like 6 prerecs. i had to load I uninstalled it immediately.
    Everything took care of its self on Google plus I’ve built family from all
    over the world had a ministry going and used it almost every day. THANKS
    FOR RUINING EVERYTHING!!!! More complicated, more steps is NOT better!!!!
    Just bored executives changing stuff so they have something to do, but they

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