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YouTube Marketing Event of the Year – VidSummit

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Youtube Marketing Conference of the Year – http://vidsummit.com
August 20-22 2015 Los Angeles – Reserve your seat today. Come hangout with me at VidSummit 2015 event.

There will be sessions on Audience Development, Science behind online marketing, Advertising, Going Viral, Driving traffic, Media and Production. It will include speakers, panels, Q&A’s, VIP Sessions, dinners, rubbing shoulders with the best marketing experts in the industry, and others like you seeking cutting edge information for today’s online video world. You will laugh, be inspired, take notes, build memories and make lasting friends.

You will get the finest tools from the most trained experts to accelerate your video success, be engaged, trained, skilled and tutored. Video marketing success is an on-going journey that requires a hunger to continually seek out the most up to date information from the most top-notch resources and the best coaches Video marketing has to provide. This cutting edge training opportunity will give you the momentum that you need to stay ahead of the wave, keep the edge, and surf to the top of the ever growing great sea of video.

Register Today http://vidsummit.com

Keynote Speakers http://vidsummit.com/#Speakers

Jeffrey Harmon
Harmon co-founded Orabrush with his brother and a 75 year old Orabrush inventor, “Dr Bob”. Harmon was the primary architect of one of the most successful YouTube campaigns to date. With more than 50 million views, Jeffrey’s YouTube marketing strategy catapulted the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner from zero retail presence to being stocked on shelves in more than 30,000 stores in 15 countries. Harmon’s online expertise also created a million-dollar brand online in less than three months with Orapup, the tongue cleaner for dogs, which has a greater digital presence than pet brands Pedigree and Purina.
More recently The Harmon Brothers created the “girls don’t poop” campaign for Poopourri which with 27.5 million views was the 5 most viewed viral internet ad of 2013 and won AdAge’s funniest ad of the year award. In addition, Harmon Brothers recently produced the World’s Largest Nativity with The Piano Guys.

Shaun Mcknight
What started out as a fun project for Shaun McKnight’s family has suddenly found them with a very popular YouTube channel, making him the master marketer behind Cute Girls Hairstyles.
With something as simple as placing photos in an album and uploading them to YouTube, the McKnight family has grown in popularity. After starting a blog on how to fix little girls hair, their channel suddenly grew in popularity with Cute Girls Hairstyles and Daddy ‘Do Hairstyles. Shaun saw the potential that their YouTube channel was creating, and decided to make it his full-time job.

Other Speakers http://vidsummit.com/#Speakers

Allison Stern, Travis Chambers, Mark Robertson, Chad Sahley, Jeremy Vest, David Walsh, Jake Larsen Tommie Powers, Dane Golden, Matt Ballek and Me Derral Eves

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  1. snail123O says

    How do i undo a delete on youtube?
    because i lost one of my livestreams

  2. Madison Kub says

    Are there easier ways to use a green screen? A green wall, or a cheaper
    green screen

    1. ValdenWoodStudios says

      +Madison Kub If you have a uniform green color (or any other dark color
      like Black and Blue.) and some good lighting it should be easy to work
      with. Also Amazon.com has pretty good deals with Green Screens and Lighting.

  3. Downhill Films says

    awesome video!

  4. Downhill Films says

    -301 club!!

  5. ThioJoe says

    Cool, I think I’ll try to attend. I can always use an excuse to visit LA.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +ThioJoe Cool… Hope to see you there!

  6. Sensei Ryan HD says

    +Derral Eves Grrr…That’s the weekend that we have Ninja Camp at my
    Martial Arts school. Is this event every year at the same time?

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Sensei Ryan HD Dang!!! Maybe Next year! I will have dates sooner!

    2. Sensei Ryan HD says

      +Derral Eves I would totally be there. Let me know if you have any other
      events! Thanks!

  7. Susan W says

    It sounds like it would be a fabulous event! <3

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Susan W It’s going to be awesome!

  8. stunninglad1 says

    There is gold in them there You Tube hills! LOL. I wonder when the next You
    Tube page layout is going to take place? They’ve stuck with the current one
    for two years now. I think that’s a record.

  9. Thedungeoncrafter says

    i wish i could come but im all the way over in ireland sorry derrel

  10. Itz Gabe says

    I watched ALL your tutorials and allready got 50 views on my first video 

  11. Will's Personal-Development Youtube Channel says

    I’ll see you there. I’ve been planning this for months

  12. MichaelSerial says

    Is this a wanna be Vidcon? Serious question. How many years has it been in

    1. GearBoxVideo says

      +MichaelSerial Disappointed in the lack of content description on their
      website, lack of twitter feeds etc. I don’t want hear about mystery guests,
      and speakers. That usually mean you have nobody lined up yet. If I’m paying
      for a conference and investing my time and money traveling I want to know
      exactly what the format is. Doesn’t look worthwhile. I also like being able
      to call someone. These guys have to understand that if they really care
      about people traveling to an event, they have to be able to communicate
      fast and describe event details much better. Don’t waste your money.

    2. MichaelSerial says

      I feel you brother. I’m surprised this comment is still here. Derral
      deleted my last comments, with no explanation, or asking me to delete the
      comments, so now I have a spam strike.

    3. GearBoxVideo says

      +MichaelSerial I’m sure it will. People need to look at the testimonials
      and understand that going to a conference of any sort isn’t going to get
      you subscribers and video views. Most of the people who either speak at
      this conference or gave testimonials on videos have very low view counts
      and subscribers. Its not the conferences fault, its the fact that these
      people who gave testimonials really have poor content anyway and most are
      making themselves out to be something they really are not.

    4. MichaelSerial says

      +GearBoxVideo I could listen to Derral all day long, but no mystery guests.
      The WHOLE secret to success is great content! That’s all! If it’s great
      it’s shareable, and it spreads and then views and subs come with it. People
      try to put the cart before the horse. I’m working on better content. The
      rest will come with it.

  13. Lonely Gamer says

    it’s a person I do not want to subscribe to me. How do I do so that he /
    she does not subscribe to me ?

  14. RishyCup TV says

    Awesome! Congrats ! Wish I could go this year cause it absolutely looks

  15. theTIVANshow says

    id love to come this

  16. Mommy Is A Chef says

    I’m so there! I can’t wait to meet you!

  17. The Purgatorians says

    If you were somewhere near me in the UK I would not hesitate to get a
    ticket, unless those tickets cost hundreds of pounds which I could not
    afford. If I ever got enough money to go on holiday to LA I would choose a
    time when your event took place, your always a helpful source of useful
    info and tips.

  18. Scott Saunders says

    This event was hands down the best event I have ever experienced. Not one
    throw away speaker, so much information it was so many different processes,
    applications of social media. It was unreal. Thanks Darrel to each
    presenter, and the entire crew who pulled this event off with flying

  19. Janet Laidlaw says

    This looks great, and the networking and personal exchanges would be
    awesome. I’m from Vancouver Island in Canada so if this is a yearly thing I
    hope you’ll update us with the next dates, so I can make arrangements to

  20. Nina Charania says

    Great video

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