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YouTube Mega Training – http://www.vidsummit.com – Video Marketing Conference, VidSummitt 2014!

I’m really excited to host the VidSummitt 2014 in Los Angeles on October 9th – 11th 2014.   This conference will be packed with important video information, tips, techniques, and strategies to propel your video exposure.

You will get to have the privilege of hearing video marketing experts, David Walsh, Gideon Shalwick and more as they teach and train valuable cutting edge information.

The conference is the 9th – 11 of October so you can come in a day early and check out on Sunday if needed.  

YouTube Mega Training

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  1. Kaylee P says

    Will it be a video or a live stream to??!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Kaylee P We are looking into it! It depends on a few factors! 🙂

    2. Kaylee P says

      Ok thanks cause I can’t fly 4 hours to la I live in .chicago

  2. eveRide ADV says

    Stoked! I might be going through LA at that time if I can plan the ADV trip
    right. Otherwise I’ll be stuck in the boonies somewhere.

    1. Derral Eves says

      I would love to have you at the conference +eveRide ADV! 🙂

  3. Derral Eves says

    I had to do a shout out to +Video Creators +Tim Schmoyer 1:29 …. :)

    1. Frootloops65 says

      I want to attend but i live in South Africa any way i can get the whole
      thing recorded 🙂 by the way great vids just subscribed thinking about
      making my own channel!

  4. Nicowitsz says

    Hey Derral! Can you maybe make a quik video, about finding the most active
    user on a channel. Like. I want to make a giveaway when i hit 1k subs. But
    the most active user on my channel is gonna win it! I’ve seen some big
    youtubers doing the same. But i dont know how i find my most active
    subscribers 🙁 

  5. Darth Peachy says

    Good luck with it Derral. I wont be able to make the conference but hope to
    catch some snippets of it on youtube later on. Chris.

  6. MaxMRL says

    Sound really good. Wish i could go there. So far away…

  7. Shower says

    I’m a starting out youtuber and I was wondering if I could have a shout
    out. PLEASE REPLY!

  8. familyofgamers777 says

    Wish I lived closer. Good luck with the event!!!!

  9. Macho Sancho says

    Someone should post it on YouTube afterwards because I can’t fly out to
    L.A. in short notice :(

  10. Gideon Shalwick says

    This should be fun ;)

  11. TheRCVlog says

    Derral, this looks AWESOME~! I wish I could go, but it’s coming up so
    soon, that I have other plans already set for that date. 🙁 I hope you do
    offer a recorded version of the conference at a reasonable price later.

    I noticed on the website, that is doesn’t list the hotel information and
    whether or not there is a room deal for people staying at the hotel. I
    know I can’t attend, but those that are going would like to know that so
    they can make proper plans..(the Westin is not a cheap hotel chain). Just
    my two cents worth and I hope you sell all your seats. Peace

  12. Stephanie Wonderlin Carls says

    Wow, Derral! This is perfect and very much needed! Hoping to be able to

  13. Buzzertech says

    LA is thousands of km away from me! Actually I Hope +Derral Eves you may
    bring this Conference some or the Day to my Country because we need such
    conferences! 🙂 

  14. Jarhead6 says

    That is going to be amazing!

  15. dekthaiklaibaan says

    Hi Derral,
    Would it be possible to upload the summit on your channel? so that people
    who does not live in the US or not able to attend the submit would be able
    to learn (well, at least parts of the summit) from you guys as well.

  16. Marcus G says

    I hope you talk about playlist for playlist :P

  17. Kent Kjærgaard Jensen says

    We need this uploaded to youtube! 

  18. kishakisha17 says

    Will this be sold….I can’t go but would purchase the video of the

    1. Brenda Card says

      I would purchase a video of the conference also! Hint hint!

  19. Video Creators says

    He IS getting married that weekend! I promise! lol That’s awesome.

  20. Glitz N Glam Girl says

    Ahhh…man!!! I wish I would have been able to go. So sad I discovered this
    too late. :(

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