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YouTube Monetization Options Section Updated

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YouTube recently added a new visual way to select different ads types in your videos. Watch to the end where I share a huge secret on making more money with having ads trigger at different times.

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YouTube Monetization Options Updated

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  1. Elle Is For Living says

    Wow, I would think this would be very annoying to viewers to have ads in
    the middle of the video. I don’t think I will be using this (maybe the
    ‘end’ ad feature only) Not sure how many people would want to deal with
    that. Maybe if they really loved the content like you saic. Thanks for the
    info. ♥ Elle

    1. Maria De Noda says

      +Elle Is For Living I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think it would
      work for my channel, but maybe for longer videos like documentaries they
      could work as an “intermission”

  2. SugarPuffAndFluff says

    Thank you for always keeping us informed, I can’t keep up with all the
    changes lol, but you make it easier and I really appreciate all that you do.

    1. Ben Arkell says

      +SugarPuffAndFluff Glad I’m not the only one who can’t find the time to
      keep up with everything! 🙂

    2. Magic Mitch says

      +SugarPuffAndFluff My thoughts exactly! It’s quite a connivence!

  3. The Awl-Nighter says

    Is there a reason the ad breaks section of the monetization tab might not
    be showing up???

    1. Lacey Shih Tzu says

      Thanks for this, Tom. I was wondering why I could not find that option 😉

    2. Derral Eves says

      +Tom Thanks for the explanation Tom!

    3. Tom says

      No problem guys!

    4. Tania M says

      +Derral Eves I cannot monetize my videos as there is no monetize button
      ANYWHERE in my settings. Believe me…it’s just not there. What could cause
      this? I have been reading and reading and MANY people are having this
      problem, it’s not just me. And I don’t think it’s because your video has to
      be longer than 10 minutes. HELP!!!

    5. HowToDoStuffWatchHre says

      +Tania M Tania – If you don’t see “Monetization” on your videos, it’s
      probably because your channel isn’t monetized yet. You need to make a
      request for monetization. To initiate the monetization request for your
      channel, the first thing you need is a Google AdSense account (it’s free to
      sign up). (If you eventually have more than one channel, all of your
      channels can point to the one AdSense account for YT to pay you.) Then, to
      request monetization on your channel, when you’re logged in to your YT
      account, go into Creator Studio. On the left panel under “Channel”, click
      “Monetization”. You’ll find instructions there. (My channels are already
      monetized, so my screen on that page will look different from your
      channel’s screen.)

      Some people will say you can initiate the monetization of a channel before
      opening your AdSense account. But I think it’s easier to open the AdSense
      account first. (All 3 of my channels were approved for monetization within
      24 hours of making the request.)

      After monetization is approved by YouTube for your channel, you’ll need to
      go back to each existing video to turn on monetization. When you’re in
      “edit mode” on the video, right below the video you’ll see the word
      “Monetization”. Click that. Then you’ll see the words “Monetize with Ads”
      and a slider button. Slide that over so that it turns blue and has a
      checkmark. (That’s how it works today in Jan. 2016.)

      The last thing you’ll do is set up your new videos to default to be
      monetized. Under the “Channel” section, click “Upload Defaults”. On that
      page, for “Monetization”, click the checkbox for “Monetize with Ads”. Then
      in the upper right corner, click the blue “Save” button.

      Feel free to comment back to me after you initiate the monetization
      request. I don’t know how long YouTube is taking to approve monetization
      requests. Back when I did it, some people were being denied. Looking at
      your channel, it looks like you only have 5 videos. Is that correct?

  4. Simonb1471 says

    Funny how YouTube won’t be paying out any CPM in November when users are
    using the 30 day free trial of YouTube Red when November is the highest CPM

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Simonb1471 Weird I thought they announced they were.

    2. Think Yourself Slim says

      +Derral Eves I’m already showing Youtube Red earnings so they must be
      paying out. : )

    3. Simonb1471 says

      +ThinkYourselfSlim thanks for people who have paid not the people using the
      free trial.

    4. Simonb1471 says

      +ThinkYourselfSlim that’s

    5. Think Yourself Slim says

      +Simonb1471 Thanks for clarifying. If that’s the case, not so great for
      content creators. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. TechLineHD says

    Hey Derral, a spontaneous marketing guy. I’ve learnt from you a lot. Do you
    still do channel evaluations? Thank you!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +TechLineHD Yes… I do! I have a few coming your way soon!

    2. TechLineHD says

      +Derral Eves Thanks a lot! That would mean a lot to me!

  6. Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude says

    Mr. Eves thanks for your videos, i have monetizing with youtube for awhile
    now and was satisfied up until folks started copying and uploading my
    videos, I contacted Youtube and they have told me that i have to fill out a
    copyright complaint for each video that was copied, which isn’t much to ask
    if they only copy 1-2 videos but i have one guy who has copied all of my
    150 of my videos and youtube still informs me that there is nothing they
    can do to help and still insist that i have to spend a whole day filling
    out copyright forms. Is there an easier way? can anyone help me? So
    frustrated with Youtube. thank you

    1. Paul Dinning (Wildlife in Cornwall) says

      +Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude I’ve had the same problem. I’ve found if
      you submit a copyright claim on one of his videos every day for 3 days,
      youtube will take down his channel for consistent abuse. I think it’s a 3
      strikes and you out system.

      It might even work if you put in 3 separate copyright claims in one day,
      but don’t put in one claim on all of his videos because that is probably
      classed as only one copyright claim.

    2. WhaTo?Cook says

      This happened to me a few months ago. Fifty of my videos were copied. I was
      soo upset. I even did a video about it. I had to report each one eventually
      the person cancelled the account. I don’t think there is any easier way to
      do this if many of your videos are copied. Cheers

    3. oysterlovers says

      +Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude I have this problem with my other channels,
      not just one guy doing it either – literally hundreds of videos copied. I
      contacted one channel and told him his channel was about to be reported and
      stop immediately – he only had the nerve to tell me that they were his own
      creation – even though it was so obviously me playing piano !!! I filed a
      notice and it came back that youtube didn’t consider an offence had taken
      place – I gave up in the end

    4. Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude says

      +Paul Dinning (Wildlife in Cornwall) thanks

  7. Yarn Buzz says

    Does anyone know what it means “a pre-roll video.” @3:03-3:07. Thanks
    Derral. Your info is helping me set up my channel.

    1. Raja Biswas says

      +tess kee The ad that starts at the beginning of the video.. 🙂

    2. Yarn Buzz says

      Thank you!

  8. RetroWeld says

    Great information. I went into my settings and I’m not seeing the “Ad
    breaks” section. I only have the check boxes above. Should I be able to see
    this now?

    1. Maria De Noda says

      +RetroWeld It’s only available for longer videos. Go into one of your
      longer videos over 10 minutes and see if it’s there.

    2. RetroWeld says

      You are correct. Its there. Thank you!

  9. C'est Chrissii says

    I thought youtube was working towards removing ads.

    1. Moto Madness says

      +C’est Chrissii thats why they are letting creators bombard their videos
      with ads lol… so everyone buys a subscription without ads!

    2. C'est Chrissii says

      +Moto Madness Lol that’s genius.

  10. the2004punk says

    i have a YouTube channel set up to AdSence and was thinking about adding
    2nd channel to the same email, Can i link new one to AdSence along side
    with it or will i need to make a separate email for new channel?

    1. HowToDoStuffWatchHre says

      +the2004punk Hi. All of my YouTube channels point to one AdSense account.
      When you request monetization on the second YT channel, you’ll “tell” it
      the AdSense account to associate with the YT channel. Email doesn’t matter
      in this case. With all of your YT channels associating with one AdSense
      account, you’ll get one monthly payment from YouTube for all of your

  11. MilankovNS94 (MTTM) says

    Does this mean that you no longer need to partner with other companies like
    (Machinima, RPM, Socialblade etc..) but you can do it directly with
    youtube? also does it work with every country?

  12. Daanyal Khan says

    Hey +Derral Eves i don’t have the option for where my video ads appear. Why
    is that?

    1. Watch It Burn says

      The video has to be over 10 minutes long

  13. sonic meerkat says

    when i FINALLY start monotizing i’ll probably do adverts at the end instead
    of the beggining just because they’re the most annoying to deal with.

  14. Ethen Austin says

    How do youtube channels that use copyrighted material make money. Grade A
    Under A and Leafy use copyrighted material all the time.

    1. Veggie Alter says

      You can ask the copyright holder for permission, or you can slightly edit
      the video (make it slightly slower or faster). Or, you can put a border
      around the video like Leafy.

    2. Watch It Burn says

      But those videos can still get flagged if they are found

  15. THE1GAME50 says

    I don’t have that option help

    1. Veggie Alter says

      The video you upload has to be over 10 minutes or longer, and you need an
      ad sense account as well.

    2. Truth Hunter says

      That’s what I was gonna ask. Thanks for the info.

    3. Veggie Alter says

      +Truth Hunter welcome!

  16. Zoltar says

    You got any tips for a starting out YouTuber? my only subscribers are my
    friends XD

    1. Watch It Burn says

      I do, watch all of Derral and Tim Schmoyer’s videos

  17. FrenchFries8854 says

    puase at 0:41 he is the creator of Studio C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ShowOff DHAKA TV says

    suddenly my all video not eligible for monetization . but why ? can you
    help me about it .

  19. My Old Sled says

    Hi Derral. Love your content. I watch one every night. I just realized I
    wasn’t making any money because the Monetize with ads button was off on all
    my videos! (this was on originally) Any thoughts on why this happened?

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