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YouTube New Focus – VidCon Announcement

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Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki unveiled a series of product announcements, including a mobile redesign for the platform, during her keynote speech at VidCon on Thursday. Here Is my 5 takeaways from Vidcon.

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  1. FerridizGamerz Pranks says

    Derral eves can you ask people to go to my channel please 

    1. JustBeanGaming says

      Dude, Derrel will help you with all his tips! It’s all you need, not for
      him to tell people to come to your channel!

  2. CanadianQueen76 says

    Totally missed you @Vidcon

  3. Scorpius says

    How to activate push notifications for my subscribers? Why doesn’t phone
    dicrionary work for yt comments anymore?

  4. tostoday says

    Vidcon looks like fun

    1. Derral Eves says

      +tostoday Its so fun!

  5. Elissa G (HekaSweet28) says

    It’s my dream to go to VidCon! If I can earn money it will new my 18th
    birthday present to myself. Thanks for the video, just subbed.

  6. MakeupAndMedicine says

    Thanks for the update and for all your inspiring videos. Sounds like a epic
    My ambition is to be invited to the VidCon one day. I know, it’s quite an
    ambition from a newly launched YouTuber, but I firmly believe that my
    channel Makeup And Medicine has new innovative content to offer. Kind
    regards Caecilie Johansen, medical doctor, Copenhagen, Denmark 

  7. lightsen says

    haha those transitions! 😀
    wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world to vidcon, sounds fun :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      +lightsen Thanks!

  8. stunninglad1 says

    Fascinating stats there, Derral. I hope your wife kept you away from all
    those screaming girl fans at VidCon!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +stunninglad1 hahaha…. T

  9. Evan Carmichael says

    Thanks for keeping us updated +Derral Eves 🙂 #BTA19

  10. BrickTsar says

    I found your bell. Thanks for the updates!

  11. BrickTsar says

    Is the bell in beta now? How do we get it?

  12. Vincenzos Plate says

    Thank you for these amazing updates

    1. Mommy Is A Chef says

      Don’t you just love him? I do!

    2. Vincenzos Plate says

      +Mommy Is A Chef yes he is amazing and super funny

  13. Jarhead6 says


  14. MaskedTweeter says

    Hey Derral just discovered your channel. Great stuff. I was hoping you
    would have explained WHERE vidcon is held. Dig you channel big time.!

  15. The Waypoint -I Make Videos And Stuff- says

    DISCLAIMER!!!! Random shameless self advertising icoming.


    1. The Waypoint -I Make Videos And Stuff- says

      Thx your welcome to use it 😀

  16. tonygreene113 says

    frazzled is a great state to be in.

  17. sundance2005 says

    Hey, great videos. This is not about Vidcon but a production question. How
    do I stop my video from going to the next up page and goes to my thumbnail


  18. FunFoods says

    This was my first VidCon that I got to attend. You are right about those
    screaming fans! I spent a lot of time in the upstairs lounges as well. Just
    to give my ears a rest from the screaming teenagers. Lol.

  19. Odaliz Galdamez says

    i found your channel today and I really like your videos and all your
    advices U subscribed to you and always keep up the good work you put in
    your videos

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