1. I actually thought it might have been something I did to our account
    settings or something. lol. Thanks for the vid :)

  2. can you help? my channel name only shows up as one word in search results.
    i added jp videos as a tag to every video but nothing comes up when its

  3. Hey Derral – thanks again for another great video – I stopped using lots of
    tags about 3 months ago with no significant change to views – they were
    still being discovered, but importantly for my channel, the third party
    content matches were not coming as fast or at all , so I actually benefit
    from less tags. Making tutorials on youtube is still a gray area as far as
    fair use is concerned , no one is able to give a definitive answer as to
    whether it is fair use or not, so it works better for me without tags ….

    • It’s one of the most important ways to help rank your video in youtube
      search results. It helps people search for your videos when typing in
      keywords. But for whatever reason, youtube is making it harder to do that
      so it seems kinda useless for people that wanna make it big

  4. How do youtube channels that use copyrighted material make money. Grade A
    Under A and Leafy use copyrighted material all the time.

  5. You mentioned the evaluation period from YouTube for your video as being
    around 6 days or so. When does that start? Does it start when you make your
    video public? I’m a little worried about a video being set on private for a
    week with a ‘publish on’ date set. Can you clarify that a little? Thanks.

  6. so now after the change – should i refer to that video of how to use tags
    should i add tags the way you explained there?

  7. ive ran into an odd issue i cant find an answer to ,… generally you have
    a “recently unloaded” tab at the top of your feed showing recent uploads
    from your sub channels ,…I let my kid play on youtube and they hit the
    little X to close that box ,…and I cant for the life of me figure out how
    to get it back,..I loved that little box……

  8. can u post a new video on how to properly tag our video so we could rank
    higher on the first page plz do post I need it