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YouTube Want To Lend YouTube Creators Money

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YouTube wants to be your Bank and make it easy to get a loan. They just announced that they partnered up with the Lending Club to provide YouTube Creators a limited finance offer you can put toward building your channel.

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  1. Od Nyc says

    yutube is squeezing the sponge dry. is going to blow up in their face.

  2. Susan W says

    Pretty cool if needed! Thanks! <3

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Susan W Looks simple, but I would rather not incur debt.

  3. Life As Crystal says

    As a channel that focuses on my journey to debt freedom i strongly urge
    people not to take out a loan for your youtube channel. It would be much
    better to allocate funds from your income monthly or as needed to help fund
    your youtube channel. Please please please don’t go into debt!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +ChangeForADollar I agree! Being debt free is awesome!

    2. JunkyMail Man says

      +ChangeForADollar 人気のゲーム

    3. AK 16 says

      Hi when i try to log into my facebook acc it says Sorry, something went
      wrong….We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. CAN YOU PLS

    4. AK 16 says

      Hi when i try to log into my facebook acc it says Sorry, something went
      wrong….We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. CAN YOU PLS

  4. Sensei Ryan HD says

    Wow! You always come up with the craziest topic sir! Love it. Thank you!!!

  5. Encourage Galaxy | Leader Of Team EC says

    The tittles gramnar is on point

    1. Encourage Galaxy | Leader Of Team EC says

      see what i did their?

    2. Encourage Galaxy | Leader Of Team EC says

      Oh he changed it now but I misspelt it like he did

  6. White Dragonfly Media says

    I don’t need money, how about throwing one channel a month some promotion
    to get creators off the bottom of the views barrel?

    1. PhilParle TV says

      +Travis Kraft​ Sounds great only if it contributes to marketing,
      advertising, and better equipment to help produce higher quality content. I
      agree with +WHITE DR4GONFLY MEDIA​. Throwing us some money will only go so
      far. I’m more concerned about channel growth and the long term return. So
      promo and advertising is what’s most important to me.

    2. White Dragonfly Media says

      All my gear I’ve slowly acquired over the years, that’s never been a
      problem, what Youtube is really lacking is a place where truly creative
      people can gather and collaborate on each other’s videos, that seems to be
      reserved for the privileged top that don’t really need it.

    3. Joe's Photo & Video Channel says


  7. Nato Potato says

    This is awesome! But I hate being in debt, thanks for this Mr Derral!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Nato Potato I agree!

  8. FoolyLiving says

    They literally want to be in your pockets now!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +FoolyLiving so true!

  9. MzBeauty2U1 says

    Great video!!:)

  10. Survival On Purpose says

    Hmmm. Danger Will Robinson….

  11. SERGE says

    Money to take time off work to focus on the channel. although even that
    sounds a little crazy but for the last month I imaged what my life could be
    like if all I did was youtube every day and just focused on continuous
    improvement with growth of 45% per month I could see this working for me. I
    could see this as an option to give my self a year to grow with out being
    burdened by work.

    1. Notecrusher says

      +SERGE 2D I don’t think 45% growth/month is within a light year of being

  12. SERGE says

    debt is a tool just like anything else weigh your options. for some this
    will be very helpful.

  13. TheMiniGeek says

    BTW theres a typo in the title and cool video!

  14. Psych2Go says

    Does the money have to go to your Youtube?

    1. The Smoking Gentleman says

      Technically you could buy anything for a YouTube video…

  15. Maskaxdii Dunid says

    Thank you

  16. Emps Help says

    it is a good opportunity, but no thanks.

  17. Miss Maria Vlogs says

    wow this is great!

  18. doggydude98 says

    So they take our money on copyright then they give it back

  19. YouTube Geek says

    5000% APR :)

  20. GuttaTvEnt Gutta says

    Hey Darrel I’m a creator and would love to chat about YouTube ??

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