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Tobi: http://youtube.com/TBJZL
Callux: http://youtube.com/Callux
Calfreezy: http://youtube.com/Calfreezy
Ethan: http://youtube.com/Behzinga

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Patrick Nand says

    2::30 did you see the guy standing there

    1. Katelyn Whelan says

      Patrick Nand so what

    2. Patrick Nand says

      +Peter Whelan again I was just seeing if anyone saw him

    3. Soccerplayer Awesomeguy says

      no not really

    4. Supper Speed says


    5. Daniel Cardoso Alves says

      Supper Speed p

  2. Royal Gamer says

    whats the song at 1:00
    and is repeted 3 times

    1. MoToRiC HD says

      GAMERMAT Deeco – Fatality

    2. Reza Aliev says

      GAMERMAT n.

    3. Bolos Sapiens sapiens says

      GAMERMAT I just know that is the bad luck song

    4. Bolos Sapiens sapiens says

      GAMERMAT no thats false

  3. C W says

    What’s the song at the beginning

    1. Jennifer Neale says

      jerk it out

    2. DavidPlayz says

      Jennifer Neale

    3. YoPowerTR says


    4. Samsi1o1 says

      Charlie W jerk it out

    5. Cyril Mint says

      Charlie W

  4. NervousRonGamerz says

    Sometimes….you don’t have to play by the rules
    Calfreezy 2016

    1. Ice skull eye says


    2. Killer 123 says

      NervousRonGamerz i

    3. Kai Conroy says


  5. FINNI_DA_BEAST says

    Black lives matter Like if u agree

    1. boob the builder says

      Yep! #blacklivesmatter

    2. Rainbow Muffin says

      FINNI_DA_BEAST defo

    3. Reza Shirazi says


    4. Charlie Brett says

      FINNI_DA_BEAST No all people’s lives matter

    5. FINNI_DA_BEAST says

      Charlie Brett I’m sorry of your opinion but does Donald Trumps life matter?

  6. Míša Hoftych says

    please song at 3:18

    1. Kumaresh Keith says

      Aero Chord – Warrior of the night

    2. Joao Firme says

      Míša Hoftych já

    3. STEFSTER 8 says

      Míša Hoftych warrior of the knight

    4. Pasqualina Biscardi says

      Jy hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. les bitcoin says

    harry complains that Toby is so bad when he keeps letting the ball past
    then when he started saving it harry got annoyed because he couldn’t be t
    the ball past. lol?

    1. carrie Hobbs says


    2. Daneshwara Krishna says


    3. Burak Kıray says

      les bitcoin

  8. MeXtOr says

    pls song at 00:00 and at 2:27

    1. Alejandro Quezada says

      MeXtOr deeco fatality

    2. MeXtOr says


    3. Aaron Barlow says

      The Caesars jerk it

    4. Xavier Geoff Bautista says

      2:27 – Shy Fx & T Power feat. Di – Don’t Wanna Know

  9. Randy Carl says

    song at 2:50

    1. Rainbow Muffin says

      Randy Carl warrior of the night

  10. Suspicious centre says

    I love ur vedios BRO

    1. Comedy Fun gaming says

      Suspicious centre its video

  11. Paddy FC says

    I love how the last word in the video is s***

    1. Paddy FC says

      I put stars there on purpose

    2. Soccerplayer Awesomeguy says


    3. Noor Amin says

      Paddy FC

    4. Ibrahim WatLos says

      Paddy FC k

  12. Brawadis Brawadis says

    You should say we have racist goals instead of black goalie

    1. Raynaldi Febrian says

      Typical Gamer lol don’t you know Tobi call himself as “Black Goalie” since
      2014? #CMIIW

  13. jipsay99 says

    Does anybody know what song he played at the very beginning i am dying to

    1. David Kovjanić says

      jipsay99 jerk it out

  14. Cristiano Ronaldo says


  15. World Cartoon says

    Waht is the song in 1-2-3 seconds

  16. A OMAR says

    Black goalie

  17. Craftgamer Chanel says

    wats the music? 0:00

  18. wez kickerz says

    w2s is best youtuber

  19. kio iia says

    wtf are those two triangles behind the goal

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