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This video was made in association with Best Fiends
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Cal: http://youtube.com/Calfreezy
Chip: http://youtube.com/TheBurntChipHD
Joel: http://youtube.com/xJMX25

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. TriedGryphon says

    Why did he blur out his beanie at the beginning

    1. Heelxs says


    2. WellGames | Lukas says

      Free sponsor

  2. J4mmy G4m3r says

    I HAVE BEEN TO GO APE which is where u were?

    1. Freddie Scratchley says

      My score is 390835336354553455354535352535636771171717172634236:6365353656

    2. Hot dog Brothers says

      James Goodwin that’s exactly what I was thinking

    3. RAIZE GAME JR says

      In what. CITY

    4. Cirano_ 912 says

      J4mmy G4m3r is it the one in Scotland

    5. Andy Moore says

      J4mmy G4m3r e

  3. Matt S says

    1:57 thank me later

  4. Moz Boz says

    Is that go ape in itchen valley country park, Southampton?

    1. E H says

      Moz Boz its a place called zip it

  5. Bradley Campbell Vlogs says

    Harambe At The End

  6. fat bleach addict says

    Which one were u at

  7. Jack MacFarlane says

    How. Did. They. Not. Die

  8. Abu uddin says


  9. Luke Casas says

    i love when harry a,k,a W2S vids and i love cals dab

  10. Christian O'Brien says

    3:54 just explains Cal perfectly

    1. Bay Dowlen says

      Christian O’Brien omicron go gdxj fk

  11. Taylor Bacchus says

    5:24 harambe returns

    1. Hot Spicy says

      Taylor Bacchus stop

  12. Rapid Squid says

    why was thisvin the football vids category

  13. Божидар Йорданов says

    i was on the same but in france

  14. TedJA : says

    I have a phobia of heights

  15. CarterFallon says

    Why is the top of Harry’s hat blurred at the start

  16. Cirano_ 912 says

    Hiramba!! 5:25

    1. Curtis says

      Do you mean harambe

  17. Alex 87 says

    How did they not die

  18. Karen Fury says

    I can’t be the only person who isn’t scared of the tree climbing/trekking

  19. Patricia Duggan says

    Why is his hat blurred out??

  20. kieran vintis says

    9000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for real that’s my score

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