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YouTube’s Hidden Secret Features and Easter Eggs 2016

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YouTube has been known to hide Easter Eggs and hidden secret features for people to find. In this video, we will so you some awesome features on YouTube. Get More Great Tips – Subscribe ➜ http://goo.gl/dWNo9H

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  1. SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran says

    When you said “and this one is really awesome” I thought you were gunna
    talk about this one:
    Play a video in full screen and while it’s playing just type “awesome” (no
    quotations) on your keyboard, then move your mouse and look at the playback
    bar :)

    1. hannah brown (h-brown) says

      I did that one and it hasn’t gone away yet.

    2. Jumbo Shrimp says

      +hannah brown (h-brown) you have to type in awesome again

    3. _ _Pixels says

      +SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran It doesnt have to be in fullscreen.

    4. Double Minecraft says


    5. 031Living says

      That’s cool man

  2. GeneralGarbage says

    Holy crap! You sub to Achievement Hunter?

    1. Yugioh7272 Gaming says

      Type awesome while watching a video

    2. Zm TopReasonsHD - Road To 1000 says

      Hartor lmao, btw sub on my channel if u want G

    3. SlimeEnergy says

      +What IS? If youre family is poor how do you use the internet?

    4. Welegi says


  3. dill tharp says

    you can find some crasy things like ur channel heres some Ls for u

    1. Asad Ali says

      +Derral Eves Hi Derral
      I want to know can I report about a video which I also copied it from
      Facebook or from some other sources and uploaded it to my channel
      But If someone copied it from my channel can I report about that channel or
      What happened If I report about that video
      Please solve this confusion

    2. xbox one Tv says

      +Derral Eves. subscribe me i subscribed you

    3. Meteor Falls says

      +Derral Eves hello derral I’m I just wanted to say thank you for teaching
      me everything me myself f
      got 500 subs in a month because of your vids I’m very glad i founds you and
      the others thx!!!

    4. Tree Goddess The Gamer says

      +Meteor Falls [#10DFFH3] Awesome! I just started my Channel like 3 or 4
      Days ago specifically for Live Streaming Game Play. Came across Derral’s YT
      Page, hopefully I can get at least a 100 subs by Christmas lol. Got my
      first one yesterday hahahaha


    hey!!! try to play this video in fullscreen and write ”awesome” ;-D

    1. Emma and Lauren says


  5. Cannonhead says

    1. Like this comment.
    2. Put any video in fullscreen mode.
    3. Type in: awesome
    4. The time bar will flash.
    5. IT IS DONE

    1. Girly Ftw says

      tryna get sneaky likes there

    2. G*y Bebe says

      dont need to like the comment

    3. Aiden Yankey says

      You a sneaky sneak, aren’tcha?

  6. Music Lover says

    One more easter egg, go full screen and type “awesome” then look at your
    red bar

  7. ricohallo22 says

    Add &nohtml5=1 at the end of the link of any Youtube video. Then, when the
    video is buffering (circle of dots is showing), push the down button on
    your keyboard. And there you are, playing snake on your favourite Youtube

  8. DezsviR says

    U mothacka dagat pofa

    1. Chockolin says

      Wtf nightbot

  9. Elucidations _ says

    type “awesome”‘ while in full screen on a video then look at the video
    progress bar

  10. Fariyan Ahmed says

    I HAVE ONE hold right click on the youtube button on the top left of your
    screen and drag it using right click and see what happens

  11. ANB Team says

    1 put video in full screen
    2 type awesome
    and see magic ??

  12. Theodoros Nicolaou says

    For this one you need to use the YouTube Flash video player. This doesn’t
    work with the HTML5 player. So, while you’re on a video, just click
    somewhere in it to make sure it’s activated, and press the up or the down
    arrow key. Now you are playing YouTube snake.

  13. Michael Boulter says

    3:19 dat face tho

  14. Pro Tube4334 says

    why dose it say youtube red ??????????????????

    1. Bianca Florentina says


  15. Clorax Bleach says

    Theres one that you didn’t mention ( only works on computers )

    Step one: Go to any video
    Step two: Go full screen
    Step three: Type ” awesome ”
    Step four: Enjoy

    Once you do this you can zoom out and it will still be there and if you go
    to any other video it will still be there. To get this off you just need to
    repeat these steps or just exit the youtube tab

  16. Gabriel Levy says

    click the video, and type in awesome

    Seizure warning

  17. Logical says

    i found another one. type “awesome” while in full screen of a video

  18. IMVU HarleyLotusMystiQue says

    Love the StarWars one!

  19. Final Expense Trainer says

    Doin the Harlem Shake!

  20. Dazzling Danielle says

    Go on a YouTube do on full screen type in awesome then your video bar will
    change color if u want it to stop do the same thing that u did last time.

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