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YouTube’s New Real TIme Analytics

Watch Youtube Insider

YouTube just updated real time analytics in a big way. In this video, Derral show the change and explains how it will help YouTube creators and advertisers!

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  1. stunninglad1 says

    Sorry ‘needs addressing’ and not ‘undressing.’..It’s so funny I left that
    phaux pas in comment below:

    1. Derral Eves says

      +stunninglad1 hahahah

    2. stunninglad1 says

      +Derral Eves Yes – I must remember this is a family channel. LOL

  2. CR Family Vlogs says

    I was using real time last night on a video I posted it was great!

  3. Tajinder Singh says

    im working hard for my channel but not seeing good results :(

    1. Tajinder Singh says

      +Joe’s Photo & Video Channel thanks i’ll try these out 🙂

    2. Joe's Photo & Video Channel says

      +Tajinder Singh Check out Derrals page layout, mine is similar also. But
      Derral is the expert.. 🙂

    3. Tajinder Singh says

      +Joe’s Photo & Video Channel thanks and ill check ur videos also today 🙂

    4. Raja Biswas says

      +Tajinder Singh Your intro looks cool.. I would suggest you to specialize
      on a particular topic and post videos on that.. As you can see you have
      random videos of different topics.. and without a little bit of promotion,
      your channel is less likely to come in notice.. All The Best.. 🙂

    5. Tajinder Singh says

      +Raja Biswas thanks brother 🙂

  4. MyShowBro says

    I see you didn’t have your normal plugin

  5. Paivi Project says

    I think real time analytics is fantastic. So much fun to see them lines.
    Very happy about it !. :)

  6. Velogi - Pyöräilevä videoblogi says

    It was yesterday when I found the new real time data for the whole channel
    – that’s cool!

  7. Aquatasy says

    Thanks, Derral! I might not have noticed this feature was there. This is
    going to be quite useful!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Aquatasy for sure!

  8. Susan W says

    Very cool! <3

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Susan W I agree!

  9. JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) says

    Didn’t know about the changes. You rock. Thanks. :-)

  10. homesteadonomics says

    Great video Derral! I’ve mostly ignored analytics in the past…but now
    that I’m trying to get a bit more serious it’s eye opening! Thanks for
    these tips, they are really great!Joe

  11. Potato Strong says

    I don’t look at analytics so maybe vids on what to look for and what to do
    with this data to change your behaviour in future videos.

  12. 1960HikerDude says

    I just noticed the change today. VERY cool. It’s nice to see how you last 5
    videos are doing real time. But, it is much more important to see how the
    channel is doing real time.

  13. CLIVE5ART says

    Hi Darrel
    I just wanted to say that your videos and advice have helped me grow so
    much in the last year from 2000 to over 18000 subs and being a art based
    tutorial video creator it’s a hard road uploading 3 times a week working
    over 20 hrs a week in my studio I’m also changing lives and helping people
    who otherwise would not be able to afford lessons I just wanted to say
    thank you I am happy to share my story as a video if you ever want me to
    but in the mean time I just want to say keep up the great work and I’ll
    keep painting and helping people

    Kind regards

    Clive of clive5art

  14. Nico's Rap says

    I only get 60 views a day lol

  15. Plant-Smart Living w/ Farmer Fred says

    I like your change of scenery with this video, Derral. Reminds me of a
    walking/hiking trail, near our home, that my wife and I (and our dog,
    Bailey) hike on occasion….Thanks for the video! — Fred :)

  16. Waji2o says

    You have so much info.. thank you, i will follow all your advice..

  17. JoshBiv says

    Nice video bro very helpful for content creators

  18. Polan says

    old feature to be honest

  19. Winning Fails TV says

    i want to see that green in my analytics :((((

  20. YouTube Geek says

    This is AMAZING! For now I can watch my ZERO views in real time. AMAZING!

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