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Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Bad Boy ● Crazy Moments

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1. YONAS – Take Me To Church (Remix)
2. Eddy B & Tim Gunter – Underdog

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  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic says

    imagine. suarez bitting ibrahimovic

    1. briarrosed says

      With Zlatans length and fierceness Suarez will only reach the chip of his
      toe nail

    2. lastking8923 says

      He would’ve kicked his teeth out of his grill lol

    3. Deni Porja says

      then R.I.P suarez m8 XD

    4. Naksyas Caee says


  2. Yogen Grg says

    2:15 I respect for what Zlatan did there for the kid. Can’t believe that
    old man tried to trick Zlatan.

    1. Jamie Gyle says

      +GEO LIVE underdog and take me to church yonas remix

    2. Chesu Stefan says

      Worst song i’ve ever listened…. and i’ve listened to some serious jb

    3. Mesut Göker says

      Zlatan du er super man
      Omg diskare

    4. Zack says

      fck yeah, epic.

  3. Hosain Tubar says

    my dad hates ibrahimovic

    1. Zlatan says

      +The_Legendary_R Thank you.

      Here’s a cookie for your support ?

    2. James Mendes says


    3. Alexander Salcedo says

      +Jordans hahhaahahahaha

    4. Abdul-Mutalib Gabriels says

      your mom doesnt

  4. KulinBan777 says

    Take this fucking RAP garbage music off

    1. Ford Rages says

      It’s actually pretty good.

    2. korea gila says

      +Ford Rages ikr. I kinda like it too ??

    3. SwePow says

      Nah, it’s lit af m8.

  5. Celal Yilmaz says

    Egosu kendinden bile büyük koca yürekli adam :D

    1. Nurlan Aliyev says

      kardeş birinci müziğin ismin biliyormusun

    2. İntro Krallığı says

      +Nurlan Aliyev Aga Yonas Take Me Yaz Çıkar 2. Müzikte eddy b tim underdog

    3. Nurlan Aliyev says

      +İntro Krallığı teşekkür ederim kardeş

    4. İntro Krallığı says

      +Nurlan Aliyev Önemli Değil Kardeşim Ben Kanalımda Müzik Videoları
      Paylaşıyorum Benim Kanalımlanda Dinleyebilirsin.

  6. WesleyB10 says

    Zlatan is not a bad boy bad boy is zlatan

    1. Dennis Sandoval says


    2. Wajeeh Hankeer says


    3. Moh X says

      And there is only one Zlatan

    4. moonstar says

      Hi there, my channel has lots of video about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  7. Niko Life says

    He’s not a bad boy if he has a man bun…

    1. Andrew W says

      He has a top knot, no fucking man bun.

    2. Rachid V says

      I never said anything else

    3. Manny Lasso says

      Tf that ain’t no man bun you idiot that’s just a pony tail

    4. Kid82fy says

      +Manny Lasso you’re the idiot… That’s not a pony tail

  8. KarsteinTheGamer says

    Haha. At 1:35 zlatan looks at who that guys name is… And then the other
    dude does it to….. Everyone knows who zlatan is… HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    1. KarsteinTheGamer says

      1:25 i mean

  9. CreepyKingrex_007 says

    I’m sitting here and realize that Zlatan is now in Manchester United

    1. I RAPZ Gurskis says

      now sturidge is basically not going to be in a football career because he
      gets “fouled” alot

    2. SwePow says

      No, Man Utd is around Zlatan

  10. LaRusso says

    He almost got set on fire at the end lool

    1. A random guy You will like says

      +Ike Thomas it makes a lot of sense

    2. THE STARTERS!! PRO! says

      +Kevin Man ahahahahhahahahahahaha sarcastic !!

    3. Kyle Norheim says

      that fire is lucky zlatan is not a violent person

    4. Ike Thomas says

      +Kyle Norheim tell me about it

  11. standman277 says

    Zlatan is Putin of football. Oh, sorry Putin is Zlatan of politics.

    1. Богдан Грицишин says

      Putin huilo, Zlatan the best

    2. ROLLa says


    3. хишам хелми says

      zaltan is better than putin

  12. Townly gamez says

    I respect Zlatan every single o e of his legendary goals I try re create in
    school or with my friends like his 33 yard bicycle kick I re created it and
    scored and when he punched that guy I did it to my coach after wining a
    game and he new what I was doing so he did nothing the other day I got the
    award for top goal scorer in South East London I even a signed shirt from
    every club he’s ever been at and I’ve already got a man Utd one and the
    international shirt and kind of irrelevant but I’ve got signed shirts of
    every club MSN have been at and international shirts and same with BBC and
    Aguero I’ve even got a friend called Aguero and he’s 11

    1. A kid in Africa says

      Please tell more about how amazing you are!

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo Videos says

      and when he punched that guy I did it to my coach after wining a game and
      he new what I was doing so he did nothing

    3. Abdullah Alsafadi says

      +A kid in Africa aaazaa

    4. Comedy Kickerz says

      I love zlatan zlatan and Neymar have been such and inspiration I did
      zlatan’s bicycle kick then I punched the goalie I got sent off and banned
      for two games but it was worth it

    5. Bas Roggeveen says

      That is one big sentence

  13. Golden1 says

    I only came here because he’s hot! ?

    1. ACR IS LIFE says

      i came in my pants cause he was so hot

    2. Norman says

      +ACR IS LIFE x3

  14. Kaaio says

    qual é o nome da segunda música?

    1. Ilmari Peuhkuri says

      Eddy B- Underdog

  15. Farty says

    This video can be called,Zlatan Ibrahimović Angry Moments..

    1. SwePow says

      No, most are not angry moments.

  16. Pg Novedu says

    Music very very bad ?????

    1. SwePow says

      no, it’s lit

  17. Bomb 366 says

    0:59 just fucking racist

    1. ciro says

      How is that racist

  18. DARKRYSE 743 GAMEUR says

    what s the name of the first music in the video

    1. Mohannad Arabi says


  19. Lukinhas Lokão Games says

    O Bicho é Grosso kkkkkkk

  20. JameyBoy21 -Gamer says

    1:57 That slap had me laughing

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