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  1. Creative Kitchen says

    Good video like usual!Thanks for tips!

    1. AK Boost BBQ says

      Subbed to your channel.

  2. Dating For Real says

    Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  3. The Universe Guru says

    Best videos ever! Keep these coming please!

  4. Couch Collectibles says

    Thanks for all of the advice!

  5. Tench Froast says

    I love watching people reaching out for feedback and there are some pretty good channels! Sometimes I forget the ones I wanted to support though. Good thing I can rewatch lol

  6. Patricia Vergara says

    Watching from tokyo japan. Channel is about my life/travels/military I also have a fitness channel (Patricia Vergara).

    1. AK Boost BBQ says

      I subbed to your bought channels.

    2. LE TOP DES FAILS says


    3. dipu rajkumar says

      AK Boost BBQ sub my channel ploz

    4. AK Boost BBQ says

      +dipu rajkumar Done

  7. Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin says

    Hey Derral, thanks for shouting out my channel today. I think you said you were going to link the light you mentioned in your description. Can we get that please?

  8. Dillon Morgan says

    I’m from Dublin and have a football/soccer channel

  9. Sacha Slone says

    So much useful information here!! Thank you! 🙂

  10. Little Monkey Toy Trains and Trucks says

    2:13:00 thank you for the advice sir, if i can get the link of video as you mention what to do when your videos pop up. And how can i connect with my audience?
    Thank you.

  11. looknowtv says

    Hey Derral! Sorry I missed this live. Speaking of changing content. I switched up my content slowly after doing mostly UFO content since 2011.After switching all the way in Jan 2017, after many years of doing mostly UFO content on this ch. I gained over 16,688 subs (According to my analytics) in just under one month in Feb 2017! For me this was a really big deal. I took a chance and switched after testing the different content slowly over the yrs. I took the plunge. It worked out for me at this point. Thanks for your work!!! ?

    1. Natural Gallant Bodybuilding says

      interesting stuff. 🙂

  12. Doing it With jason says

    when’s the next part of the upload coming ??

    1. Natural Gallant Bodybuilding says

      I’m sure he got overwhelmed with all the donations and submissions. Probably a tough video to put together.

  13. Rosh Sillars says

    Good stuff. Since you ask. My channel is a business and marketing channel.

  14. Sedona Fun Kids TV says

    Guide for parents for their kid’s youtube channel is a great idea! Yes please! 🙂 I really appreciate all your advice and videos. Thank you Veronika – mom of a little girl youtuber ? ???

    1. Sedona Fun Kids TV says

      I haven’t made a contract with Sedona but before I gave in to her pleas for a channel I sat her down and told her we will have to take it seriously and do it properly (dos & don’ts) and with me managing it. So far so good ? She knows that it is not just fun but also a lot of hard work and she is learning a valuable lesson from a young age.

  15. TheElectricMrPJ says

    Hi! I have my fun weekly channel: TheElectricMrPJ, and my more serious music videos/short films channel: FuzzySoulTiger

  16. KBDProductionsTV says

    Subbed 😀

  17. Cesare Vesdani says

    How many more features does 1000 subscribers to a YouTube channel activate?

  18. WeRunGuns - WRG says

    Your thumbnail is priceless!!!!

  19. Anthony Lazaro says

    Hi Derral, is this gonna be a fixed schedule ? Every week at this day/hour ?

  20. FATtoVEGAN! !! says

    I love all your info!!! So helpful!

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