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? LIVE: YouTube Ad Boycott: Tips to Survive Part 1

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Join me to discuss ways to survive the YouTube Ad Boycott today at 2:30 pm MST.

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  1. Style Mom XO says

    I am trying to do better sponsorships and trying to think outside the box. My views have gone down. And slower growing in subscribers. I am going to CVX Live this year to try an get my name and face out there more.

    1. The Universe Guru says

      I didn’t think it would affect me as my March revenue and views were higher than ever. Then April hit and it all went down hill LOL.

    2. Style Mom XO says

      The Universe Guru I made a little bit more money in March in revenue then February. But yes April views have gone way down. But I remember him saying April is one of the worst months for views. Hopefully May will be better for us all ?

    3. The Universe Guru says

      Hmmm. I wonder why views would be lower in April. Interesting…. I know mine can be lower in the summer as I cater to mommies and they get busy with the kids at home. I love your channel by the way. Was nice seeing you here.

    4. Style Mom XO says

      The Universe Guru thank you. I think cause of spring breaks. He said April due to spring breaks and June cause of school just getting out I assume.

  2. ContactingTheDead says

    Currently making $0.00, because I am under 10,000 views.


    1. JP DREAM TEAM says

      Thanks for your support!

    2. JP DREAM TEAM says

      just subbed!

    3. BrainJoose says

      JP DREAM TEAM thanks for the sub

    4. The Currentor says

      ill help you out

  3. veng fate says

    Oh no lazy youtubers will have to get a real job boohoo

    1. Cameron Aldridge TV says

      all that are making money do. do you know how hard it is to edit and they pay for their equipment

    2. lemurian chick says

      “This channel has no content.” Bwah! What is so dumb about what you wrote is that we are content-creators. We get paid only if enough people are watching. I think you have that sad mentality that a REAL job is something you are bored by and hate to do. That just reflects on your narrow vision of life.

    3. veng fate says

      +Cameron Aldridge TV honestly not that hard just time consuming

    4. veng fate says

      +lemurian chick im talking about the lazy youtubers who put little time into their videos and make millions *cough*techrax*cough* all you do is destroy a phone and record it

  4. Sam Ducote says

    I only have 7 subs and 205 video views. Not much money to be made lol

    1. Cameron Aldridge TV says

      If you have social media make a post saying go subscribe

  5. AWRAVI says

    so maybe we should start a community that helps each other to reach that 10k views? Get this comment up with likes and comment on it if you want me to view your videos! Also give some views for others who commented please! Maybe even subscribe. come on guys, we’re all in the youtube family. Help eachother out! this Could be a nice list of channels to just go through and drop some views

    1. LilBigNorthKorea says

      hey guys I make both commentary and non commentary overwatch gameplay if you like what you see please subscribe and share my content around it’ll mean a lot to me

    2. Om Hendra Show says

      same here, wish both of us a great future bro…

    3. Ultimate anime Lover's says

      Can I join please i’m new in this stage can you guys help me to grow my channel please , I will Subscribe to everyone ,just comment down in my video that you Subscribe then after few minutes I will sub you back please let’s help eachother

    4. The Currentor says

      If you could help me to i will sub to your channel anyway

  6. Newf30 Gaming says

    Only 9,550 views to go, Woohoo! Thanks man, another helpful vid 😀

    1. Shop Scale Models says

      +MasterFlameCraft Done. Plz sub back.

    2. ConManPlayz says

      Ok. I got you.

    3. Vision Z says

      MasterFlameCraft I’ll sub if you sub to me

    4. ConManPlayz says

      Ok, I subbed!

    5. Om Hendra Show says

      i will sub you, if you guys sub me back…

  7. Jarhead6 says

    oh yeah Derral mentioned me!!!

    1. BrickTsar says

      …and he likes you! 🙂

  8. Viralia City says

    But Patreon only works if you already have a huge fan base willing to contribute. Nobody logs into Patreon to search for someone to support, do they?

    1. Wealthy Affiliate With Brenda says

      No, they do not.

    2. Wealthy Affiliate With Brenda says


    3. ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ says

      i never received a penny from pateron

  9. MLPDethDealr32 says

    im not, i have a Patreon thats got zero followers, and have been shamed by someone for trying to promote it through a video. So i haven’t bothered updating it much

    1. Ikopta says

      MLPDethDealr32 sometimes you have to keep going, you will ALWAYS have someone giving you a hard time for something


    I just started Patreon two days ago, and many of my fans don’t want a monthly commitment. They just want to leave a one-time donation. Patreon doesn’t offer a one time contribution. Who do you recommend for that?

    1. BrickTsar says

      Super Chat! That is the best way to leave a one time donation and sometimes get mentioned. You have to pick your spots though because if the creator is actively talking they might not see it.

  11. I Like Concerts says

    I just passed 10k views today so thats good.

    1. Om Hendra Show says

      conggrats bro, neede 7000 more views… here, sub me and i will sub you back

    2. I Like Concerts says

      Om Hendra best of luck on getting your views though my dude

  12. Mr Awsomeness says

    Plz get me some views

    1. Cameron Aldridge TV says

      Got you

    2. Cameron Aldridge TV says

      Wait you aren’t that active but I’ll still watch

  13. Cameron Aldridge TV says

    Can you guys please get me to 200 subscribers? or 2000 views?

    1. lemurian chick says

      You don’t even describe what your channel is about. Your first goal should be content that others want to see and not be worried about getting to 200 subscribers. That won’t be too difficult to achieve if you are focused on creating desirable content.

  14. Phat Nes says

    go watch my channel I’m half-way there 5,000 views to go!

    1. Tech Rocky says

      Same Bro i Have 5200

    2. Phat Nes says

      thanks for the view

  15. Vision Z says

    Small YouTuber needs help all I want is 100 subs

  16. Rolly Praise says

    YOu know that I hve see you video 4 times and the views stay on 11,480 views it don’t change

  17. Freedom In A Budget says

    I haven’t noticed a difference in my revenue. There was a ton of great info in this video!!

  18. Jaw Tooth says

    You keep saying the term “CPM” BUT you never say what that means!  What does CPM stand for?

  19. I am happy channel says

    I got about 30 views in 1 day of my self-extraction of disgusting earwax video. So if I need 10 000 views to start monetising my channel, it would take about a year to reach it if I got the same rate of views per day. I suppose I need more ear wax fetishists to watch.

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