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10 Actors Cast As The Wrong Characters In Comic Book Movies

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Which of these actors do you think was the worst choice for their role? 10 Casting Decisions In Comic Book Movies That Were Just Wrong! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Comic books have been captivating readers for a long time, and recently there have been some very successful and well run comic book movies. However, comic book movies don’t always turn out that well, and often it’s because of some terrible casting choices.

James Franco was originally up for the part of Spider-Man, but he ended up only getting the role of the best friend, Harry Osborn. Willem Dafoe was cast as green goblin for that same Spider-Man film, but he would’ve made one of the greatest jokers of all time.

There’s actors like Scott Eastwood and Richard Armitage whose roles as GQ and Heinz Kruger were way too small for their rising stardom. And there’s actors like Kate Bosworth, whose portrayal of Lois Lane in Superman was underwhelming and would have been served better with a small role.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as Mr.Freeze in Batman and Robin was cringeworthy with a load of bad temperature related puns. Shaq’s performance as the title character in Steel, however, was even worse than Arnold’s.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner stunk it royally as Daredevil and Elektra in the Daredevil movie, and then Garner was so bad in the follow up Elektra that they didn’t make a Daredevil sequel.

And of course Nicolas Cage got to play a part he shouldn’t have been cast for as Ghost Rider, but that’s not really a surprise, he’s in everything. Check out the video to learn more about these 10 actors who were absolutely cast as the wrong character in comic book movies.


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  1. Daniel Fajardo says

    No ones gonna see this so I fucked my sister

    1. Hysterical Joker says

      Me too

    2. Bryce Crane226 says

      Daniel Fajardo Jamie?

    3. Rocco Siffredi says

      Daniel Fajardo I fucked your sister to… in her BUTTHOLE!

    4. Spectrum says

      Daniel Fajardo oh yeah well I fucked your dad

  2. Oran Mac Carthy says

    2.Just a bad movie
    4.he did not do nothing, how could he bad.
    5.Leto was class as joker, too many people compare to the oscar winning Heath ledger performance
    8.Just a bad movie
    9. Agreed
    10.DC da best

    1. George Velazquez says

      “5. Leto was class as joker, too many people compare to the oscar winning Heath Ledger performance” is this some kind of joke?

    2. Oran Mac Carthy says

      George Velazquez you must be confused, leto is class and your opinions are a joke

    3. George Velazquez says

      Oran Mac Carthy you must be confused, leto is a joke and Ledger was class

    4. Oran Mac Carthy says

      George velazquez i kno ledger da best, i juss sayin” dat leto is compared to him an” dat leto did a gud job when he is luked @ as a different joker

    5. Blu_Cheese says

      Suicide squad sucked

  3. Movie Man says

    Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been a bad casting choice, but at least he embraced the campiness of that movie.

    P.S. Zemo was not a poorly written villain. He, at the very least had a relatable motivation.

    1. TheWolfman112 says

      Your joking

    2. Thanh Nguyen says

      The only good part about Zemo was his motivation. Everything else were.. meh.

    3. JoCo says

      Movie Man j

  4. DiamondDead says

    6.44 – “Schwarzeneggere”???

    1. I AM DOCTORCAT says


    2. Onyx_Retro says


    3. RedHood 759 says

      DiamondDead 6:44

  5. Casco361 says

    eric foreman as eddie brock… SO BAD

  6. CharlieAlphaTV says

    They need to do Mr. freeze again so bad. Batman and robin was one of the more ridiculous movies I’ve ever seen. Bad form. Poor attempt. Mr. freeze is such a dark character. He would fit in perfectly with how the DC movies are going nowadays.

    1. Parker Pshebnisky says

      That’s what I told my friend today man!!,you must have been reading my mind!,hopefully the dce will do a better job than batman and robin did!

  7. James L says

    Anyone else actually like cage’s ghost rider

    1. GoodLiver Gang says

      I thought it was okay. I enjoyed myself when i watched that movie.

    2. Zeevie says

      James L
      Not me, they should’ve kept the younger actor. But it was an okay movie. I hope it gets a reboot.

    3. Corbin Greiner says

      It was campy and fun. It didn’t ask us to take it seriously and you shouldn’t. Sam Elliot cowboy Ghost Rider would have been cool.

  8. Adrian Vidal says

    Jason Momoa as Aquaman, he should be Lobo.

    1. Alpha97 says

      Adrian Vidal are you joking?hes making aquaman great again

    2. Adrian Vidal says

      GamerAlpha97 No joke. Aquaman should be seen like a King, not a barbarian. Jason Momoa is a though guy just like Lobo.

    3. PhantomoftheInterwebz says

      He would be perfect for Lobo. He should have been the main man.

    4. George Velazquez says

      Alpha97 Aquaman was never great

    5. dipesh bhatta says

      I think it was good casting because Jason made Aquaman look badass and everyone like Aquaman now.

  9. Luis Concepcion says

    Pre reveal, Space balls. Lol

    1. Luis Concepcion says

      It was space jam. Huh.

  10. Kainthemain says

    i think arnold was cool as mr freeze

    1. Harold075 says

      Arnold was cool and camp but Bane was terrible.

  11. Kris pea bacon says

    No one cared about return of superman but more importantly no one cared about lois lane

    Arnold was a good mr freeze , but chris a robin ruined that movie

  12. Nick Culafic says

    Spider-Man was released in 2002, not 2003, moron.

  13. Ege Erdem says

    Daredevil was ok, william defoe would be an amazing joker

  14. Fien Hermans says

    Farm return German toy mention cattle.

  15. Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro says

    *The problem was not bad casting, the problem was bad script, it felt short to the story they trying to portrait*

  16. Noah Friscopp says

    I can’t not see Eastwood as Nightwing now.

  17. Darth Star Killer says

    William dafoe or Jackie earl Haley as carnage

  18. Anthony Samuels says

    ?+?= space jam

  19. CarVie16 says

    Helmut Zemo, a poorly-written villain? How dare you, Screen Rant?
    Zemo was an amazing villain in Civil War. He had good motivations. He orchestrated the chaos from behind the scenes. And pitted the Avengers against each other.

  20. dipesh bhatta says

    Willem Dafoe would be awesome joker.

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