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10 Actors Who Are Superheroes In Real Life

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What heroic acts did Tom Holland do as Spiderman in real life? 10 Actors Who Are Superheroes In Real Life! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

There are many actors and actresses who play superheroes on set who do heroic deeds off-set as well. You don't need to be big, strong, or necessarily tough. Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time to do the right thing. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Jennifer Lawrence helps a woman who passed out in front of her apartment complex in Santa Monica in 2012.
Jamie Foxx helped free a man from his car after he ran into a drainage ditch. The car eventually rolled and caught fire. Jamie luckily helped rescue him before this happened. Zoe Saldana helped a woman who got in a car accident after she witnessed it first-hand.

Kate Winslet was able to rescue Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother at his house in the Caribbean. The house caught fire from a possible lightning storm and Winslet was right there to help. Gwyneth Paltrow unknowingly saved a woman’s life on 9/11 after she almost crashed into her. The woman missed her train that was going to the World Trade Center right after the first plane hit. Blake Shelton helped four young men escape a mud hole near the Oklahoma river pulling them out with his tractor. Ryan Gosling saved a writer from getting hit by a taxi as she was about to cross 6th Avenue in New York City.

Harrison Ford rescued two different hikers in the same year in his helicopter as he was living on his ranch near Jackson, Wyoming.
Tom Holland, the new face of Spider-Man, stopped fighting crime for a little bit to bring some joy into the lives of children in hospitals.

Gal Gadot was a member of the Israel Defense Forces and was five months pregnant during part of the filming for Wonder Woman making her a real life superhero.


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  1. Elio Sfeila says

    can I get 13 likes for my birthday?

    1. XxNightBlitzxX says

      Elio Sfeila it’s my birthday today

    2. Amy Jensen says

      Elio Sfeila I

  2. Michaela Mcmillan says

    I love spider man what do yous love

    1. Gr4vitY says

      Michaela Mcmillan cocaine

    2. Don't Litter, Be LITer says

      Michaela Mcmillan Tom Holland as Spider-Man

    3. Julia Victa says

      I like good spelling

    4. Ben Myers says

      Its amazing how he did a kind little argument with the girl about who is better, batman or spider-man. But i bet we can all agree we like DC cause of Bat-man but r nerds about Marvel. (this is a girl on her dads account, im Payton. I think Tom Holland is hot ((girl speaking)), like if u agree)

  3. Ŵèřęŵøłf • says

    Chicken leg Joystick

    1. JettiDoesThings says


  4. KekDefenceForce says

    he played electro in the (not really) amazing spider-man 2 and Foxx has not been in a superhero movie??? dafuq? you even played clips of him as Electro

    1. Jam Jam says

      United Federation of Awesomeness true but what he the actor actually did was pretty cool

    2. Zack Rose says

      XD someone heard wrong most likely, he didn’t play a super hero is a superhero movie. Big difference.

    3. Olivia Magaro says

      Zack Rose yeah he played a super VILLIAN

    4. Anathetiger girl says


    5. Pyratier says

      Anathetiger girl yeah but not AS A SUPERHERO….

  5. Flameo Hotman says

    “She even got down on the ground.” WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? How amazing!!! Incredible! Astounding!! What a hero!!!

    1. OrlandoTheSmurf says

      Max Caulfield why not

    2. LoBujitStudioz says

      Michael Michas that is you!

    3. CupcakeDerpKitty Plays says

      i like ur profile pic and ur name tag. #imweirdaboutundertaleyaaay

  6. Anna Frazier says

    Tom Holland keeps appearing in his videos…I’m not complaining tho

  7. James Cook says

    why is Guardians of the galaxy “infamous”

    1. Not Batman says

      James Cook my thoughts exactly

    2. RJay Fame says

      Infamous refers to the team itself not the movie

    3. James Cook says

      RJay Fame what happen?

  8. Elizabeth Davidson says

    How could you leave off Steve Buscemi??? A real hero- he was a firefighter before being a star and when 9/11 happened (after becoming a star) he didn’t hesitate to put his helmet on again and help.

    1. Cameron Crouch says

      Elizabeth Davidson Should have had Buscemi as opposed to Paltrow

  9. Matt Cohagen says

    2:31 “Jamie Foxx hasn’t been in any superhero movie” immediately shows him in a superhero movie.

    1. Capital Homeslice says

      Thank gawd someone else noticed.

    2. Charlii Taylor says

      He means he hasn’t been a superhero in a superhero movie he’s a villain

    3. voidxgrimes says

      Matt Cohagen what I think they meant to say but didn’t clarify was that he didn’t play the “hero” in his role but the villain.

    4. Matt Cohagen says

      I know but it’s still funny.

  10. Logan Stueven says

    Lets be honest we came for Spider-Man

    1. Fiona Granger says

      Logan Stueven yes, but I mean he’s a twenty one year old playing a fifteen year old. What is life?

    2. Zack Attack4213 says

      Logan Stueven he was the best tom holland he’s probably the best hero

    3. Brady Nason says

      Logan Stueven I

    4. Nun Pilo says

      Spiderman is overrated

    5. Kawaii Ket says

      Nope. Honestly Tom Holland makes me like Spiderman even more, because he said in quite a few interviews that he made time to go to children’s hospitals.

      Superman is overrated tbh

  11. The Magic Leopard says

    What about Ryan Renalds? He showed up in full deadpool costume for a kid who had cancer in hospital

    1. starkiller pumpkin says

      The Magic Leopard antiheros and superheros is totally different ?

    2. It's Tyrone says

      starkiller pumpkin what about electro

  12. Adrian Castillo says

    What did The Joker say to Batman?

    — Hey Batman, Got-HAM ?

    Haha Joke

  13. High King Dovahkiin says

    And the whole time someone was there to take pictures and not do anything help

    1. Luis F says

      High King Dovahkiin ahah faith in humanity where has it gone.

    2. Mackenzi Roach says

      Exactly what I was thinking…

  14. EpicSpeedyPie says

    Can i get 1000000000 likes my pet rock drowned .

    1. Not Trustworthy says

      EpicSpeedyPie rip rock friend

    2. Not Trustworthy says

      he is in a better place now

    3. WILL I M says

      EpicSpeedyPie YouTube would have to be on drugs for that to happen.

  15. Autumn Elizabeth says

    Tom Holland is my fave

  16. Jenae Mallebranche says

    Can we just all be honest with ourselves and admit that we only came to watch this bc of Tom Holland

    1. Katy Grimes says


  17. Samir Choudhury says

    Gal gadot has blood of innocent Palestinians

    1. Yoni s says

      Samir Choudhury I’m not even going to argue there’s no point

    2. Samir Choudhury says

      Silvs because you’ve realised she is a Zionist, anyways have a nice day and May gal gadot escape the clutches of Zionism.

    3. Yoni s says

      Samir Choudhury it’s not that I realized she’s a Zionist, it’s that theirs no point fighting you, I’m not going to try fight a war I’ll never win, unless it’s to save a life, then I will.

    4. Samir Choudhury says

      Silvs ok I respect that. I agree I came a bit hasty, have a nice day.

    5. Yoni s says

      Samir Choudhury Thanks, you to.

  18. Spaz Ravanovov says

    wait… did he just say “Jamie Foxx hasn’t been in any superhero movies”? after showing a clip of him in Amazing Spider-Man 2? lol

    1. Mooshroom Madness says

      Spaz Ravanovov hahahahaahah

    2. iiAlphaCatt Gaming says

      Spaz Ravanovov He said he hasn’t been in any superhero movies “lately”

  19. Zoe Beck says

    am i the only one who skipped to the tom holland bit?

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