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10 Actors Who Did Crazy Real Life Things For One Movie Role!

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Where did Tom Holland go undercover for Spiderman Homecoming? 10 Actors Who Did Crazy Real Life Things For One Movie Role! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Most actors in the world spend a few days, maybe a week in preparation for a role. It’s not that they don’t want to spend more time, it’s just the facts of life. Not every film has a multi-million dollar budget and endless amounts of time to create. Or they have a family and other obligations. But there are actors out there who find the time and propel themselves to infamy for what they did to prepare. Shia Labeouf had a tooth pulled from his mouth, went months without bathing, and spent days watching horses die. Kate Winslet spent months living life like a nazi woman and almost lost her sanity. It took her years to recover. 50 cent spent months with cancer patients and lost 50 lbs for his role. Jim Carrey had lawler performa piledriver on him and he spent every minute of his life as though he was really Andy. Tom Hanks almost died and had to have surgery when he spent weeks in water to his neck and he also spent six years developing the script for Cast Away with the writer. Heath Ledger took the Joker character to a world we will never see again. He spent six weeks locked in a hotel room developing the character’s every mannerism. Natalie Portman lost 20 lbs when she already was very slender and ate only carrots and almonds spending eight hours a day training as a dancer. Hilary Swank became confused over her own gender after spending months as the character and almost didn’t come back. Jamie Foxx modeled his career after Tom Hanks and landed his first Oscar for playing Ray Charles. Tom Holland went back to high school to learn what it is to be a student in America. These actors all took their roles to new levels, landed themselves in cinema’s history books, and changed the face of how to prepare for a role.

Script by: Marco Valdez
Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Jamie Lightfoot


TOM HANKS | 4:51
50 CENT | 8:44

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  1. Kasper Stenbom says

    Tom Holland is babe

    1. Raa Aaaa says

      I cum everytime

  2. *_animation *_conversations says

    Who else is watching in 2017!

    1. Some Crazed Nerd says

      who isn’t?

    2. Stricker Z says

      im watching in 1990

    3. YouTube Love says

      *_animation *_conversations Oh wowwwww

    4. YouTube Love says

      *_animation *_conversations Classic

  3. Irving Ramirez says

    Tom Holland did his hair like ultimate spiderman

    1. j'mall 'n his monkey sidekick says

      Irving Ramirez i thought you meant in the movie he had it

    2. Irving Ramirez says

      +j’mall ‘n his monkey sidekick naw just the photo

    3. Irving Ramirez says

      +josh lafleur yeah

  4. Oscar Lupiac says

    How could you forgot Christian Bale????

    1. conditionzeromaniac says


    2. A butterfly says


    3. Diva Child says

      Oscar Lupiac what did he do ?

  5. Yamz The Fan says

    Like this comment
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    1. *the AR gamer* says

      Yamz The Fan 300th like

    2. GiNjA nInJa says

      i literally liked this comment and got a free cookie from soobway

    3. Yamz The Fan says

      GiNjA nInJa do u watch Theodd1sout

    4. Cherry Shrimp says

      GiNjA nInJa So we were very lucky then, hope you enjoy and not choke with the excitement.

  6. RocKy726 says

    What about Christian Bale in The Machinist?

    1. AlTheChemist5 says

      Yeah. And not like “actor gains/loses weight for role” more like “actor almost dies to look like a dying person for role. Then bulks up for next role. Then loses most of the weight *again*.”

    2. karimkopra says

      he eat and he stop eating… and he eat again ! ?

    3. BaguetteEtCheese says

      Yeah… tell him bro!!!

    4. Kimberly Earl says

      Or CB in The Fighter

  7. DontLoseToDoubt TM says

    we all know you only made this because of tom holland

    1. Princess Aurora says

      And I came here because of Naruto… I think everytime I see something from Naruto I write a comment xD

  8. First-Knight says

    I am surprised that you guys didn’t include Jared Leto

  9. Charana Wijesiri says

    I can’t remember the movie but Robert Downey Jr. went through harsh skin conditioning and plastic surgeries to portray a black army personnel character.

    1. Max H says

      Charana Wijesiri lol I just recently watched tropic thunder too

    2. Twisted Reasons says

      tropic thunder

    3. Jack Jensen says

      Not really though, that was just make up

  10. BradPCGamer says

    I will never forget Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, he did an amazing job! – Also, Tom Holland is awesome too, can’t wait for Spiderman Homecoming 🙂

    1. BradPCGamer says

      That’s the key word for Heath’s portrayal of the Joker…. UNIQUE. No one has played the character better and in my opinion, he put the most work into it and 100% got the best result! I just wish he was still alive today.

    2. Ban Greed says

      yes his hardwork really payoff. if he’s still alive I’m pretty sure he can improve his Joker more. for me he is my true hero

    3. BradPCGamer says

      That’s nice of you to say 🙂

    4. Papa Tyrone says

      BradPCGamer 0peasr can u get sike subgs plsdr sjrn6hsnkd

    5. Autumn C says

      BradPCGamer oh it’s amazing!

  11. The Random Thing says

    Can you find the outcast


    Can you find it

    1. Hellfire Heroes says

      It’s you, isn’t it?

  12. dankredvelvet says

    I am a simple human. I see Tom Holland, I click.

    1. PeanutMan says

      fellow 9gagger?

    2. Llama Lecky says

      dankredvelvet ❤️

  13. Andrew Johnson says

    Tom Holland

    1. Tomato Potato says

      +QSA Trickz Want to be my boyfriend?

    2. QSA Trickz says

      ? Umm Wtf

    3. Tomato Potato says

      +QSA Trickz Nothing weird, I just mean do you want to have gay sex with me?

  14. Keith AllNight! says

    spider man is my favorite lol

    1. karimkopra says

      haw much they pay u= (YOU) as a
      grammar police?

    2. Keith AllNight! says

      monokhem you knew what I meant

    3. Keith AllNight! says

      karimkopra ? thanks

  15. kaeleigh says

    I saw my boy Tom and thats the only reason I came

    1. Arabella McNair says

      kaeleigh me too

  16. Mirro R says

    Lose 50 pounds in 9 weeks

    Nothing compared to going back to high school

    1. Areeg Khalifeh says

      Mirro R

    2. Kristin Qualey says

      That’s actually not the craziest thing he has done… for “In the Heart of the Sea” he had to be on a 500 calorie diet for the whole production of the film

    3. Divya Ram says

      Mirro R ii

    4. ThePvPwaffles says

      Mirro R i

  17. Daniel Lewis says

    I saw Jim Carrey play Andy Kaufman before I saw the real Andy Kaufman.  And compared to Jim Carrey, the real Andy Kaufman looks like he is half assing it.

    1. Daniel Lewis says

      Just like Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious.

  18. Assultica says

    Went back to school? Been there and done that but I’ll NEVER do it again.

  19. Caidyn says

    I had to have done the craziest thing in my life for a role in a play. I was playing the duck in the “duck song” and just to get my body into the mood for my part, I had to eat nothing but grapes for 9 years. After the nine years of practicing for the big play, I forgot my lines and died on the stage in front of the entire audience. True story 😉

    1. Jillian Elkins says

      Caidyn *slowly claps*

    2. Kim Loka says

      And best comedy award on YouTube Comments goes to…

    3. What the hell is wrong with me says


  20. Breana N. says

    Tom Holland went to my school. The F**k

    1. Thats so Jessica says

      Breana N. What was he like

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