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10 Actors Who Made Shocking Transformations For One Role! Part 2!

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What did Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart do to transform for Logan? 10 Actors Who Made Shocking Transformations For One Role! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD

When making a film actors will have to portray some pretty intense characters. From victims of the holocaust to superheroes saving the world. Sometimes these roles take the actors on epic journeys into the psyche and physical world of their characters. Join us as we delve in and discover some actors who made some pretty shocking transformations for their roles. Hugh Jackman these days is known for his role as Wolverine but the lengths he took to bulk his body was intense. Jake Gyllenhaal is an actor not normally thought of when thinking of someone who transformed for a role, but he did for South Paw with a very intense boxing regiment. Daniel Craig not only transformed his body through fitness but his health by quitting smoking for this role. Edward Norton will most likely go down in history for his transforming role in American History X. Rooney Mara is an actor who also is not thought of that much, but her transformation in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo took her to new levels. Robert Deniro in a role for Cape Fear was a defining moment for film and what it did for actors proceeding him. Jim Carrey is another one of those actors not thought of but for almost every role completely re-defines himself and he has done it again with an upcoming role. Min-Six Choi is not a universally known actor on the west but through the east is well known for his transformations. Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry went to extreme lengths to prepare and perform her role as the character. Sir Patrick Stewart has once again solidified himself in the history books with his transformation for the role of Xavier by redefining what a superhero is.


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  1. SupaPixelGirl says

    R.I.P. Logan

    1. Kasper Stenbom says

      SweetSugar Arts, Aww, well it’s fine! I will still watch the movie 🙂

  2. Skarekrow1592 says

    1.christian bale the machinist.
    2 .Jake Gyllenhaal southpaw.
    3. hugh jackman the wolverine. .
    4. Chris Pratt guardians galaxy 1
    5. Tom Cruise Tropic Thunder

    1. Carolyn Blake says

      Christian Bale…yes!

  3. Danball Islife says

    who’s huge ackman? ??

    1. Gortpap says

      huge jacked man you mean!

    2. EpicCurliness says

      Danball Islife Hugh Jackman?

    3. Danball Islife says

      EpicCurliness t’was a joke ??

    4. PRIMEX51M33 Mll says

      Huge Jacked Off man

  4. STEWFACE45 says

    Daniel Craig is the ugliest James bond EVER!

    1. Dominic Abbs says

      Roger Moore was the best James bond EVER!

  5. William Low says

    7:39 There WAS an Oldboy film in 2013 but that was the Spike Lee remake of the 2003 original that Choi starred in.

    1. Michali Alex says

      the one in 2013 is a shame for the original film. american producers really know how to destroy a masterpiece

  6. Assultica says

    De Niro definitely wasn’t 4% bodyfat. 8-12 probably! The most rip guy on earth only sits at about 3-4% and you can see every muscle fiber.

    1. MAU SIZU says

      Contador has 4 % bodyfat so i think it is possible if you not eat to much.

    2. Robert Satriano says

      Assultica Bruce Lee was about 15% body fat in Enter the Dragon so come on now 4% I doubt it.

  7. Isidoro Martínez Martinez says

    bro You forgot Stephen Amell

  8. spas-tik- says

    Rooney Mara’s was the best transformation. Just an absolutely amazing performance.

  9. M.A.Z.E says

    It’s funny how you use the logo from the medicine company sports research

  10. Trey Tipton says

    10 movies that you didn’t know were getting a sequel

  11. Anaya Teves says

    today is my birthday today can i get 12 likes

    1. shadab alam says

      Happy birthday ?

    2. Anaya Teves says

      thank you shadab alam

  12. Jose H says

    Christian Bale in the mechanic

    1. Conor O'brien says


  13. Josh Yord says

    The world isn’t good enough to deserve Sir Patrick Stewart.

  14. junaid shaikh says

    you could also include an Indian his name is Aamir khan

  15. Cenny Fernandez says

    deniro looked hot in Cape Fear !! ?

  16. Henrik Jakobsen says

    Tom Hanks – Castaway and Philadelphia

  17. Mikaela Nielsen says

    I’m not very surprised Patrick Stewart chose to no longer be Professor X, since Hugh Jackman has stated that Logan is his last outing as Wolverine.

  18. Frank Heck says

    exactly, Jackman got older and bigger and leaner. It’s hollywood muscle, it’s anabolics. Professional guidance = clean needles

    1. George O'Neil says

      I’m ok with that lol. It’s make believe. In most cases, its only short term use. Can’t be that healthy, but its not a roid head giving ‘er for years.

  19. Gamer _Kid1143 says

    Screen Rant sleeping beauty

  20. Adam Fahry says

    nahhhh, it’s all about CGI/Vfx!!!

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