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10 Actors Who Missed Their Chance To Be A Disney Princess

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Can you believe Chloe Grace Moretz turned down the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid? 10 Actors Who Could Have Been A Disney Princess! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

To some, being a Disney princess would be a dream come true. Sometimes the dream comes true and sometimes it doesn’t.
If only Reese Witherspoon had nailed the Scottish accent we would have heard her voice instead of Kelly Macdonald’s in Brave. Emma Watson was one of the choices to play Cinderella but she wasn’t someone she wanted to portray on the big screen. Chloe Grace Moretz was supposed to be the new face of Ariel in the live-action The Little Mermaid but canceled. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt almost played alongside her mother in Maleficent but the role went to her younger sister Vivienne. If Beyonce had actually auditioned for The Princess and the Frog she may have gotten the role. After playing in Snow White and the Huntsman Kristen Stewart decided not to appear in the sequel because she didn’t like the early scripts. Jennifer Aniston was the first choice for Giselle in Enchanted but needed a break after finishing Friends. Kristin Chenoweth almost got the part of Rapunzel in Tangled but for unknown reasons dropped out. Amanda Seyfried was slightly considered for Belle in The Beauty and the Beast before Emma Watson got the part. Margot Robbie was another actress that was considered for Cinderella but scheduling issues got in the way.
Even though these actors didn’t get there chance to become a Disney princess it could happen one day. Anything’s possible, right? If you want to know more about these roles watch our video to find out.

Written by Eric Lehrman
Voiceover by Joseph Delaney
Edited by Jacob Nunes


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  1. Wiren Foster says

    Ten ACTORS who could have been Disney PRINCESSES.

    1. Tippey 2005 says

      Wiren Foster lol

    2. alexander dela cruz says


    3. crazy_girl101 says

      Some actresses actually prefer to be called actors

  2. Destructor gaming- halo and Fifa says

    Last time I was this early……

    England wasn’t a city

    1. Sunny Days says


    2. Damn Mammy says

      Destructor gaming- halo and Fifa wait when did that happen?

    3. Watermelonshaveseeds says

      Ha haha ha ha! He hoohoo >°<

  3. The Powertan says

    The little mermaid with Chloe wasn’t a Disney made little mermaid movie. It would have been a Sofia Coppola directed movie made by universal studios.

    1. Blury Kitty says

      Disney princess not disney movies. thats like the peter pan movies

  4. charlierose214 says

    Chloe wasn’t going to be a Disney Princess, the Little Mermaid she was going to do was the HansChristian Anderson version with Sofia Coppola for Sony not Disney

    1. KalikaXX says

      Wow, I guess Disney’s been blatantly lying to us for a while

  5. General Kenobi says

    * actresses

    1. Vanity Rose says

      General Kenobi actually some women prefer to be called actors than actresses

    2. KalikaXX says

      C’mon, does EVERYTHING have to be gender specified? Does it really matter? Did you know stewardesses are called Flight attendants now? Or that waitresses are called servers? Get with the times

    3. Simon Daniels says

      KalikaXX that’s not the point. It’s a gender specific post. So why use a gender specific term.

    4. Simon Daniels says

      Dc watcher it’s actually not. Women have tried to make it so. However it’s really not taken hold.

    5. Stephen Quinn says

      General Kenobi yeah

  6. TavernClassHero .10 says

    Oooh… What Actors were considered for Disney Princesses? Robert Downey Jr. as Snow White? Ryan Reynolds as Ariel?

    1. Montie says

      Honestly, though, Ryan Reynolds would kill it as Ariel… xD

    2. Finding MOMO says

      Lin Manuel Miranda

    3. kevin tran says

      TavernClassHero .10 woah the rock was going to play cinderella whatttttt

    4. ANROID GAMING says

      TavernClassHero .10 I would love to see ryan as ariel ?

  7. Adelina Blaise says

    Chloe Grace Mortez was cast in the universal little mermaid not Disney. Disney isn’t even close to casting their live action little mermaid.

  8. Call Me Nefret says

    Emma Watson acted the role well, but her voice was only so-so. And in the opening scene, she’s heavily auto-tuned. Not that I would have liked Seyfried for it much better.

    1. DTCeventing says

      I love the music but I have to admit her version of how does a moment last forever was so autotuned it sounded more like a violin playing then an actual voice?

  9. Nina Davidovic says

    I love Chloe Grace for the role of Ariel, but I think Dove Cameron resembles Ariel just as much, but she can sing as well, imo she would be a great choice.

    1. YooItsAnna says

      I agree with you but in a weird way I also feel that Margot Robbie would make a good Ariel ??‍♀️

  10. Vanity Rose says

    I though she declined becuase she cheated on Rob Patterson with the director of the snow white movie…

  11. Nivek Kevin says

    Lily James? Potter?

  12. Theoretically Awesome says

    Actresses… But okay.

  13. 0palgirl3 Jamaa says

    Didn’t the person who wanted to be ariel also was cassie in the 5th wave?

  14. Captain Of A Starship says

    They dropped the ball on a younger Rachel McAdams playing the little mermaid.

  15. Breyer Snoops says

    The beginning made me want to cry, maleficent was so sad

  16. Soñador says

    i couldn’t see these princesses with any other voices, to me they’re perfect

  17. Valerie Montenegro says

    I think Margot Robbie should play as Ariel

  18. Analisa Idalia says

    I think Amanda Seyfried would be a great Disney Princess but….she’s not a singer…

  19. The_Epic_Blue_ Lion_101 says

    Dose anyone else want to see a gay Disney princess

  20. Enter name here says

    This is why I LOVE Emma Watson; she wasn’t asked to act in Beauty and the Beast before she turned down Cinderella so she didn’t know she would have another opportunity to be part of Disney and she obviously wasn’t looking for money from acting in another film, all she cared about was if the character resembled a strong women and wasn’t stereotyped. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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