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10 Actors Who Turned Down BIG Roles Without Regret

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Who was suppose to play Black Widow and Spiderman in Marvel? 10 Actors Who Turned Down BIG Roles Without Regret! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

In Hollywood roles come and go, actors are a dime a dozen, but there are only a few combinations where a iconic actor is paired with the perfect role. The actors on this list were all cast for roles which they were the first and sometimes only actor thought of for the part. However, none of these actors wanted the part. They all turned them down and have no regrets about it. Leonardo Dicaprio turned the lead for American Psycho to avoid alienating his 13 year old fan base. Emily Blunt turned down several superhero roles citing it just wasn’t the right time. Matthew McConaughey didn’t want anything to do with Guardians of the Galaxy because he didn’t want to feel he was just being used for his name. Johnny Depp almost took the role of Ferris but had scheduling conflicts. Will SMith turned down Superman and in his own words it was “to avoid upsetting white people by ruining white people’s superheroes.” Anne Hathaway parted ways from Silver Linings Playbook over creative differences. Josh Hartnett turned down Superman, Batman, and Spiderman because he didn’t want to feel pigeonholed to a specific type of character. Matt Damon wanted to play the role of Harvey Dent but due to scheduling conflicts had to turn it down. Charlie Hunnam was almost Mr. Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey but was having a nervous breakdown and worried he wouldn’t be able to play the part. Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke, passed on playing Anastasia because she didn’t want to be type cast as a nude actress.

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    2. Okay Guy says

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    Will Smith as Superman? that would’ve ruined the franchise. you can’t all the sudden change the ethnicity of an iconic character like Superman. and Will Smith still isn’t a smart actor

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      They made Nick Fury black in the mcu

    2. Preston Garvey says

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  15. ascl24 says

    josh harnett did regret tho lol i would too

  16. Gale Hawthorne says

    What about when Emma Watson denied La La Land to work on Beauty and the Beast? Do you think she regrets it?

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