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10 Actors You Wish Would Portray Disney Characters

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What Disney character should Chris Pratt play? 10 Actors You Wish Would Portray Disney Princes! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Who doesn’t love Disney? Everything about the movies is magical. But as adults we came to find that sometimes Disney had set us up for some unrealistic expectations. Especially when it came to finding our prince charming. Not everyone is as charming as our favorite Disney Princes. And like with most Disney characters, the Princes are just as perfect and inhumanly beautiful as the princesses are. Complete with perfect hair, eyes, and smiles, there’s no way there could ever be anyone who looks like them right? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you are very wrong.

If you transition over to the land of Hollywood, arguably just as magical and illusory, you will find that there are a pool of handsome gents who could definitely play some of Disney’s most iconic men. These guys are enough to make us swoon and realize that Disney was right, Prince Charming does exist. We have compiled a list of stunning actors who we wish would play some of our favorite princes.
One of the first on our list is the adorable and goofy Ryan Reynolds as Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty. He’s got the same slender but muscular physique, playful smile, face shape, brown hair, and brown eyes. We think Ryan would bring the charisma up to a whole new level. We also casted Chris Hemsworth as Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast. Just look at those long blonde locks he has as Thor, totally perfect. Want to know who else made our swoon-worthy list? Make sure to watch our video and find out.


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  1. Louis Perez says

    lol lion king again for the emoji. but they use a tiger.

    1. Jonah Yang says

      Logan Paul for Hercules

    2. Ansai Narzary says

      Louis Perez yeah he did

    3. Giovanni Arcos says

      Louis Perez the emojie is lion king

  2. The Dragon Tale says

    finnick is too nice to be Hans

    ok? you got that?


  3. jc says

    avan jogia = aladdin

    1. Marvan Ali says

      jc YASSS but posey will be great too

    2. Trisha Sivam says

      jc too bad they already casted someone else

    3. jc says

      Trisha Sivam noooooo..

    4. Gustavo says

      What about Rahul Kohli

  4. Nichol Mach says

    Only one I agree with is Chris Pratt. The rest are meh. Aladin choice wasn’t even middle Eastern lol

    1. Harley says

      Laura Smith your kind caused 9/11. dirty Muslim

    2. Laura Smith says


  5. Lord Baskerville says

    Does anyone else notice that Vision has to die to make the Infinity Ganlet complete?

    1. Andrew Kyrky says

      Lord Baskerville I do ??

  6. Pablo J says

    Ok I’m gonna guess

    Tiger King?

    1. Cherry Shrimp says

      Pablo J Wrong; Lion King

  7. Omarplay2 says

    I was thinking lion king but isn’t that a tiger emoji

  8. Μαρία Τσιγκρη says

    I want Orlando Bloom for the role of Prince Eric and Hugh Jackman for the role of Hercules!!!!

    1. lastofmykind8 says

      Those are… pretty bad choices.

    2. Allair says

      Μαρία Τσιγκρη i agree bad choice

  9. Lexi Lazo says

    KJ apa should be Hans

    1. Andrew Kyrky says

      Lexi Lazo I can actually see that

    2. Emi Plays Games says

      Lexi Lazo Jet ??

  10. Laura Smith says

    u like Dan Stevens better than Chris hamsworth (sorry 4 spelling) for the beast Dan made the role more perfect

    1. Emi Plays Games says

      Laura Smith agreed

  11. Verisyna says

    ironically, with Aladdin, the official actor was announced…last night lol

  12. Kadota Dota says

    Chris Evans, idc which one.

  13. TheAwesomeCake says

    God dang it the beast part killed me!! ?

  14. Djparker24 says

    So we just gonna completely forget Prince Naveen ??

  15. Rafael Luna says

    No to the actors for Hercules and Aladdin.

  16. Mimble Wimble says

    JFC can you talk any faster?

  17. Madison Gladwell says

    I think I would like to see Ian Somerhalder as Prince Eric

  18. George Harrison says

    I think if Flynn had a two piece mustache
    Johnny Depp would have fit

  19. Aisha Mbengue says

    Lion king,and these choices are pretty good

  20. Kayne Allsopp says

    The emoji is lion king

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