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10 Animated Movie Rip-offs That Actually Exist

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What animated movie copied Disney and Frozen? 10 Animated Movie Rip-offs That Actually Exist! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

When it comes to animation, we know we have our beloved Disney films to refer to. Disney set the bar high for animated films. Although Disney wasn’t the only one making cartoons at the time, he was the one who strived for perfection. There are now several major studios like Dreamworks and Pixar that now animated beautiful stories. However, when it comes to great works of art, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? What if we told you that there were some filmmakers out there that took that to a whole new level? There’s a market of films that copy our favorite animated films, they’re called mockbusters. You might have seen these in bins at stores or even on Netflix. They look like our favorite cartoons but somethings is amiss.

Like Kung Fu Panda? Why not watch Chop Kick Panda? It’s a short film that rips off our favorite Kung Fu loving panda, Po. How about Tangled Up? It turns out this movie was just bad marketing. It’s not even about Rapunzel, it’s a collection of short stories, but that didn’t stop them from copying the cover art and font on the Tangled DVD. Another film that falsely advertised their movie was Kiara the Brave, originally called Super K. It was changed to cash in on the release of Pixar’s Brave. The Snow Queen also did the same with the release of Frozen. And don’t get us started on A Car’s Life, the blatant rip off of the famous Cars franchise. It seems that for every movie released there is a bad rip off made. Want to know which ones made our list? Be sure to watch our video and find out.


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  1. Taylor B says

    “Tiny little nuggets who waddle and wear fancy tuxedos.” ☺️

    1. My life as Sophia says


    2. SPINDERELLA Gamer Girl says

      Taylor B BRUH!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    3. JazMint Jaz says

      Taylor B right after that *Hungry Jacks nugget ad comes on*

    4. The gemmy gummy says

      Taylor B LOL XD

  2. Taylor B says


    1. Funnygem 90 2 says


    2. Frostfeather of Windclan says

      Funnygem 90 2 I know right! XD

    3. Desiree Hensley says

      Isn’t….isn’t this a frozen/snow queen comment?

  3. Haynay _J says

    Do better on your research. Snow Queen was before Frozen, and it tells the original story much more accurately.

    1. ClairBear says

      Haynay _J exactly

    2. Mysterious Woman says

      The Snow Queen is actually a pretty good movie and so is the Snow Queen 2

    3. SuperCat Rodriguez says

      Alyssa Marquez
      No it wasn’t do some research before typing

  4. Ava Draws Stuff says

    Snow queen was actually released before frozen. Myself having watched it, believe that they are on more or less equal ground when it comes to story.

    1. Hanna//Rekt Strength says

      Alyssa Marquez frozen was based off of the snow queen…

    2. Chad Winters says

      Yeah me too, but Frozen has a better storyline, and Frozen was based of the story of the Snow Queen.

  5. Zia Martin says

    99.99% about snow queen
    .1% everything else

    1. CakeCraft says


    2. Japheth Cox says

      Yes thats what i and i think thats what she meant!

  6. mr.dounut 9017 says

    Actually Cars is a ripoff, look it up

    1. Daniela Wild says

      mr.dounut 9017 how? who did they copie

    2. mr.dounut 9017 says

      Daniela Wild , thats why i said look it up, i forgot the movie name

  7. Hannah Baker says

    99% Snow Queen
    1% Comments not related to Snow Queen

    1. Marisela Brown Encinoza says

      Hannah Baker because of me= 2% Of everything else

    2. Rck Best says

      Twerlalishustep ttwerlalishustep ttwerlalishus twerlalishus twerlalishustep

  8. Super Sonic Slimes says

    Monday 😕

    ( repeat )

    Like if this is how you think of your week comment if not?
    Wow! 130 likes!!!!!???

    1. NoodlesP_Unicorns25 says

      JiJi Kim lol

    2. bih please says

      Super Sonic Slimes not that much my week goes like this:

      Monday number 2
      Monday number 3
      Monday number 4

      Your welcome

    3. Voltron Trash says

      Monday: ?
      Tuesday: ?
      Wednesday: ?
      Thursday: ?
      Friday: ?
      Saturday: ?
      Sunday: ?

    4. bih please says

      Voltron Trash OMFG EXACTLY

  9. Mikamisa Mikamisa says

    Actually, Frozen and The Snow Queen are both rip offs of the 1957 Russian Snow Queen, which is the movie adaptation off of Hans Christian Andersen’s original story The Snow Queen. I have actually watched the original 1957 Snow Queen movie in Russian and Frozen and I can say that for some reason I enjoyed it much more then Frozen.

    1. jeolban hälfte says

      I was about to say this when I saw your comment

    2. Rabbit0 says

      Mikamisa Mikamisa Saw that too. Did like Snow Queen.

    3. Sweet Tea says

      Mikamisa Mikamisa j

    4. SIERRA MARTIN says

      Rabbit0 v

  10. Jesse Narwhals says

    WTF, frozen was *inspired* by the snow queen, so Disney is the copy cat. If you’ve seen the interviews with the creators of Frozen then you know that I’m right.

    1. Sulu Gaming says

      Jesse Narwhals no this snow queen was different

    2. bibiche Munkana says

      Sulu Gaming But she/he said said it was inspired

    3. Kay F says

      Frozen was *inspired* like you said so Disney’s not *copying*

  11. RedAngle says

    The Wings “Skyforce Heroes” name reminds me of Legend of Zelda’s “Triforce Heroes” ;-;

    1. StarArt264 says


  12. Samantha Smith says

    How can the Snow Queen be copying Frozen if they are both based off of the story by Hans Christian Anderson and snow queen was released before Frozen? Wouldn’t they both be a retelling of the story by Hans Christian Anderson? Plus they are totally different movies.

    1. МИТЯ says

      The author interchanged the prequel and the threequel. Just watch “The Snow Queen 3”. Some moments are stolen from “Frozen”!

    2. Sky wilson says

      I din’t even Know The snow Queen HAD a Prequel or a Threequel.

    3. Ninja Princess says

      Samantha Smith can u people stop hating. He made a mistake. No one’s perfect.

  13. Mithcoriel says

    You could have also mentioned how the Lion King ripped off quite a bit from “Kimba the white lion”.

    1. thang le says

      Mithcoriel No it was based off Hamlet.

    2. SlingShot says

      Just like Kimba took inspiration from Disney’s Bambi. It’s a long convoluted argument that can go on forever.

    3. Rabbit0 says

      Mithcorie True. He was going to be white too.

  14. Lady Mal says

    90% of comments are about The Snow Queen..

    Including this one

    1. Kawaii Potato says

      Sprite Liv XD

  15. Vivalcil says



      Vivalcil technically neither were ripoffs because they were both based off the story by Hans Christian Anderson. Frozen being much more loosely based off of it

  16. Gulzhan BAGDAT says

    Snow Queen is based on classical fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen and has a lot more animations based on it in Russia [Ex: Snow Queen(1957)] which were released much and much earlier ❤️

    1. Gulzhan BAGDAT says

      МИТЯ sorry ;( corrected

    2. МИТЯ says

      Gulzhan BAGDAT ok, my comment is invalid now)))

  17. N. Jade M. Show says

    Wasn’t snow queen made like two years before frozen?

    1. MELON LORD says

      N. Jade M. Show yeah it was ._.

    2. МИТЯ says

      one year, not two

  18. Technoblox89741 says

    it’s not my birthday
    my pet is not dying
    can I have a few likes
    for not lying

    1. Ms. Potato says

      Chocolate Yummy

    2. The pink Banana says

      Technoblox89741 wow honestly is beauty ??

  19. Simon Henry says

    All these movies sound like they should stock the bargain bin at Walmart

    1. bella Bartol says

      Simon Henry LOL YAS XD

    2. Jozlyn Baumann says

      Simon Henry TRUEEEEEEEE??

  20. Winter Willow says

    1% about the vid
    40% comments about how so many people are commenting about Snow Queen
    59% Snow Queen

    1. SuPeR mEgA pIkAcHu Ex says

      Winter Willow even more true then the others

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