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10 Awkward BOSS BABY Moments That Made Kids Scratch Their Heads

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What awkward moments from the popular animated movie Boss Baby made the list? Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6


Dreamworks Animation has a new boss film in town with a new flagship franchise on the horizon. It’s their 2017 animated smash hit “Boss Baby”. Before you continue reading, take a moment and subscribe to our channel to keep getting more of these. That’s an order. Where did Boss Baby come from anyways? He just shows up at the front door and no one questions it really. How is it that 6 infants can have a meeting in a living room with all their parents in the house and not a single one questions it? Boss Baby gets into a dog costume and walks on two legs and is stopped and held in a security guard’s hands without being recognized. This sounds very confusing. He was clearly not a dog. Boss Baby whispers right in front of the parents and somehow they have no clue. How is it that animated parents can be so negligent? They fall asleep leaving the infant unattended to and walk away consistently giving the infant a chance to fall at any time. Boss Baby has his own safe inside a box of diapers. Who put that there. Whispering aside, you have a grown child who is obviously past the age of just carelessly telling stories and yet you pay no attention when he tells you that your baby talks. This is one of the most confusing out of them all with his suit. No one questions why he wears a full blown suit or where he got it from. Okay so this is just weird the similarities between Trump and Boss Baby even though it was developed long before the Trump Era. The movie title is probably the weirdest moment that confused fans without them even knowing or putting a second thought into its meaning. There you have it. LEt us know about any moments we didn’t mention which confused you in the comments section below. Also tell us which moments you enjoyed the most. Thank you for watching.

Script by: Marco Valdez
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Simon Gilberg


Where Did Boss Baby Come From? | 0:35
Unsupervised Baby Meet Up | 1:42
Masquerading Puppy | 2:47
Baby Whispers | 4:23
Negligent Parents | 5:29
Safe Diaper | 6:31
Talking Baby | 7:36
Corporate Outfit | 8:40
Trumpism | 9:38
Movie Title | 10:54

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  1. Felicity Guillen Castroverde says

    baby donald trump

    1. Memes are ded says

      Felicity Guillen Castroverde kys

    2. Cpugaming PLAYZ says

      I heard

    3. Dabbing Panda Leah says

      Haha XD

    4. Izzy Official says

      Felicity Guillen Castroverde IKR

    5. Nina abrahantes says

      Patriotic Gamer that is what I was telling everyone

  2. Tinymanager 0703 says

    ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME at both the beginning and the end of the movie Tim says that he had an imaginative imagination and that the movie was simply about how Tim remembered getting a baby brother

    1. GiannaMcDog says

      Tinymanager 0703 “imaginative imagination”

    2. ObsidianWolf says

      wet water, solar sun…

    3. Haley Swan says

      *wild imagination

    4. Captain Axe says

      Haley Swan poof

  3. JohnLovesCrazyThings! says

    hey guys 100 likes and i’ll call the boss baby

    1. Marina Pérez says

      how can y call the boss ? if its just a movie

    2. Starwars Sophie says

      Marina Pérez good point

    3. Starwars Sophie says

      When ever people say they will call a movie character I I never watch their videos

    4. _ Irettlavv _ says

      Starwars Sophie okay

  4. Mason Dickerson says

    I can’t believe i keep clicking on this crap…

    1. Sir Slimes says


  5. Starlin Baez says

    What did the libarian say to the kid

    Read more

    1. Starlin Baez says

      The Radioactive Cupcake ????????????????????????????????????

    2. Olivia Strong says

      Starlin Baez stolen comment -_-

    3. Sparky the pokemon AJ says

      Starlin Baez+ I fell for it

    4. Chris X says

      Starlin Baez I fell for it

    5. Manuel Casillas says

      Starlin Baez ii

  6. Wolf Clan 2.0 says

    A simple answer for all of your questions is this


    1. Hanklin Doughnut says

      Wolf Clan 2.0 I get it, because it was a dream all along?

  7. GDslayer says

    lion king

  8. Queen Bri says

    Lion king

  9. I love Mal says

    emojis are The Lion King

  10. Killer Vids says


  11. mt dew foxytroll says

    there was 15 ads in the vidio

  12. dragonymash says

    “which boss baby moment confused you the most”
    moment? more like the entire film. -_-

  13. demon destroyer says

    Lion king

  14. Dreadlock25 says

    The lion king

  15. Ekaterina Ozerkov says

    The weirdest moment for me was when boss baby said to tim “Suck it.., Harder!”

  16. Michael Chance says

    Lion king

  17. roblox gamer88 says

    They emjois are loin kink

  18. anastacia bailey says

    lion king

  19. Paula Burton says

    The Lion King ?

  20. itzjustalollypop says


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