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10 Dark Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Pixar Films

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Happy Fathers Day! While dads can teach their kids life lessons, so can Pixar – however, they are darker than you would imagine! 10 Dark Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Pixar Films! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Pixar movies are known for their imagination, likable characters, and smart humor. While children fall in love with characters like Woody, Dory, and Merida, they may not realize some of the life lessons that are being portrayed to them. Stories of friendship, happiness, and hope are all great, but Pixar also has a lot of dark themes that children are processing. Watch to see these themes and how they've been conveyed through some of the most popular animated films of the past decade.

For example, many themes in Pixar films showcase how mankind is the cause of destruction to so many things. In the movie Wall-E, the whole Earth is filled with heaps of trash. These movies also teach children that danger is literally everywhere. In the ocean, on the road, and even in your own head. No where is safe and disaster can strike at any random spots. Pixar films like Up and The Incredibles showcase that it's not always a good idea to meet your hero. They will most likely let you down. It's not just heroes either. Government officials and leaders cannot be trusted and this has been conveyed through films like Monsters Inc. Pixar movies typically have a lot of strong female leads, but there is still a lot sexism present in these movies. Children can also watch these movies and learn that everyone grows up. There's no stopping or changing things. And worst of all, sometimes dreams don't always come true as seen in films like Monsters Inc. and Cars.


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  1. The Beastly Gamer says


    1. Kitty Mittens says

      The Beastly Gamer Here!


    I guess braveheart

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    2. Evil Aidan says

      Tough love

    3. Mrturtleobama says

      The arm literally has nothing to do with brave that was there worse set of emoji question yet

    4. Cool 500 le requin minecraft says

      what braveheart is a disney film

    5. Nathan Hayes says

      Cool 500 le requin minecraft They mean Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, which is about William Wallace and his fight for Scottish independence. So the arm makes loads of sense.

  3. Karla Montesinos says

    Early but no one cares
    Notification squad where u at

    1. Mega Blaster says

      Karla Montesinos right here

    2. Reece Harris says

      Karla Montesinos I’m in


    Toy Story 3 Hit me sooooo Hard!! ?

    1. Bean says

      That’s what she said… – Toy Story 3

    2. Dominic Abbs says

      Lotso’s Past?

  5. Official Zgibode says


    1. Broken Clamps says


  6. Myike Kam says

    this vid is the best…..like if u agree…..I can’t explain how it changed me …..

  7. TheDerpySuicune says

    Well this made me sad 🙁

    1. starkiller pumpkin says

      Derptastic4-BaconPancake16 me too ?

    2. Athene Dehart says

      me too.

  8. I like abs says

    the answer to the emoji was the emoji movie duh

    1. collin kichen says

      youtube xd no its not

    2. Her Apologies says

      +collin kichen I think it was a joke. I think.

    3. Broken Clamps says


  9. ZGuy0fSci says

    lol the “Sexism is Real” thing…..
    *With the funny thing being, Yes. Sexism is Very Much Real _and the Most Constant Group to cause it are Feminists.* Along with this Bektal Test whatever…. (lolz)
    _That if there is “Equality of Opportunity, then there is Equality, even if not ‘Outcomes.’_

    1. Draconis says

      ZGuyofSci You’re just a Male Chauvinist Pig! (JK)

    2. Angry Duck says

      It’s only sexist if it’s used against a feminist….

  10. Jennu xs says

    “No one is unique”

    Thank you. There’s so many people that need to learn this.

    1. OminousFlare says

      I stopped watching at that part. lol The movies he referenced were contradicting the point he was making.

    2. Mistylife Of the Phandom says

      Jennu xs why do you say that

    3. LittleFlyingAnimationMV's says

      True, but thinking about yourself like you are unique makes life funnier (I’m talking for myself, not for everyone)

  11. QuantumFuture says

    That sexism is bullshit. You have very ignorant reasoning and explanation. Please educate yourself.

    1. Bryana Corrigan says

      thats weird, on the internet my comment on this thread doesnt show and on mobile Reapers’ doesnt show. anyway…

      @TheKingOfReapers how am i being a feminist? i’m stating a truth. both sexism and racism IS a thing. u can turn a blind eye to them, sugarcoat it however u like, but it’s everywhere both in real life and in the media

    2. Broken Clamps says

      So true

  12. Samantha Powell says

    Some of these lessons are believable but some of them come from an adult pessimistic attitude.

    1. Adrian says

      Samantha Powell I completely agree with you, good point

  13. ClassicSpace-Shirt-Guy says

    You’re looking to much into some of these movies

    1. Bryana Corrigan says

      maybe, but theyre good lessons

  14. SK Wills says

    Uhm…Sid isn’t Evil. He just likes to tinker with toys. He is portrayed as Evil, sure, but come on, he’s not intentionally harming anyone. He legitimately doesn’t know the Toys are alive.

    1. Joshua Moylan says

      SK Wills Your reasoning definitely makes sense to me, but by literary standards he is technically the antagonist. Everything about him tries to make the audience feel uneasy which is a deliberate choice. So, my opinion is that he is the antagonist, albeit unknowingly.

    2. Her Apologies says

      I agree. And yes person right above me, he is the antagonist, in the eyes of the toys. What he does to them, is (lol before I say this, yes..I know they aren’t human but you’ll get my gist) inhumane and crule. Basically just plain evil. To the toys, he seems to be the villain, but in our world, yes, he wouldn’t be considered a kid who likes to tinker with toys, being that they aren’t living things and they have no feeling, in his eyes.

    3. Broken Clamps says

      He isn’t a darth Vader

  15. CRNR00 says

    what about think outside of the box?

  16. Judio Rulez says

    Damn, I knew all this but, damn this is just depressing

  17. White Puffle says

    Thanks pixar for ruining my hopes and dreams

  18. FieryCharizard66 says

    Lololololololololololol hopes and dreams is a theme from undertale!

  19. Tt3po 27 says

    Strong love emojis

  20. Icecreamkittylover 16 says

    3rd grade me: I can’t wait for middle shcool!!! Me now: god save me now Why

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