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10 Dark Moments You Wouldn’t Expect In Light Hearted Disney Movies

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What was so dark in Moana and other disney movies that you didn't notice? 10 Dark Moments You Wouldn't Expect In Light Hearted Disney Movies! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

When it comes to Disney films the first thought on your mind probably isn’t about how heinous or evil their storylines are. If you want to keep your Disney thoughts pure and clean of all evil stop watching now. If you want to learn the truth about the Disney’s underbelly stay tuned but don’t forget to subscribe because nothing screams evil louder than forgetting to subscribe. The parents of Frozen are the evilest of evil parents within the Disney franchise. They lock their lock their child up and throw away the key. A Bug’s life is not a film for the squeamish. Spoiler Alert, stop reading to avoid the ending. The way Hopper is pecked to death is too much to handle and has you squirming in your chair. The saddest opening of any Pixar film ever is by far their “Up” film. Pinocchio is some evil on a whole other level. How and why do parents find this acceptable imagery to teach children to behave otherwise they will be kidnapped, enslaved by old, white crusty, men, and turned into donkey’s so they can work the salt mines? “WALL-E” leaves us with no hope for humanity as we see our morbidly obese future. Moana’s grandmother has children unable to sleep at night with her terrifying tales. Roger Rabbit is heartless in their burning of innocent characters alive in vats of toxic waster. Mufasa is not as innocent or tragic of a death as how society treated Scar. Hunchback of Notre dame villain is ruthless for his quest of world domination. Old Yeller is a timeless tear jerking classic that without even watching it has you reaching for tissues. That’s all we have for this video. Remember to subscribe and give this video a big like. Make sure to share this with all your friends.

Script by: Marco Valdez
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Martin Baena


Frozen | 0:35
The Lion King | 1:49
Pinocchio | 4:11
WALL-E | 5:16
Old Yeller | 6:22
Who Framed Roger Rabbit | 7:25
A Bug’s Life | 8:38
MOANA | 10:47

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  1. Wish says

    …The Moana one isn’t even dark.

    1. Yanichel May says

      Agreed, I think a better scene would have been using Tamatoa trying to eat Moana and Maui

    2. Oyin A. Angie says

      ikr that scene just made me choke on my popcorn laughing???

  2. Tina pengelly says

    Whatever. The Grandmother in Moana was not trying to scare the children. She genuinely believed the stories. She was the only one actually telling the truth. Everyone else was living a lie. She wanted to raise a generation who would break free from the lies. And she did!

    1. Cassandra Homitz says


    2. Awesome Cat101 says

      Tina pengelly hi

  3. Alwaysbeyou says

    K but old yeller is based off a book. Disney doesn’t get the credit for that one

    1. Jessythewasp says

      majority of Disney movies is based of books and old stories.

  4. Bubble Chiyo says

    The super shocking part for me was in Tarzan when Clayton gets hanged in the final climax and if you look at the tree trunk as the lightning flashes you see him actually hang there, limp with his neck snapped.

    1. Erica King says

      Bubble Chiyo what are you talking about?

    2. ZionGamer says

      Erica King Have you never watched Tarzan?

    3. Erica King says

      ZionGamer have you never seen a person asking you a question b4

    4. Andrew Graves says

      So in the Disney movie Tarzan, at the end, the antagonist in his lust to kill Tarzan is hacking away at a bunch of vines while tangled in said vines to get to Tarzan but he cuts some of the wrong ones and they get wrapped about his neck then he falls with them still around his neck and he dies by hanging.

  5. yaz says

    “the shoe obviously has a family, friends, and feelings.” i choked laughing

    1. I Stan Every group says

      yazli Kpoppers everywhere

    2. yaz says

      Jamless Jimin nah, i wouldn’t consider myself one. i only listen to twice 🙂

    3. Gweng. T says

      I only listen to Twice! *Mocks her in a childish voice. twice are bitches! like you!

    4. yaz says

      Gweng. T lmao woof woof

  6. Emily Sandoval says

    Scar’s original name was Taka meaning trash, so after he got the scar he asked to be called Scar

    1. Katherine Buchanan says

      also in a lion pride usually beta makes are chased away or killed that Scar is allowed to stay with the family shows unusual exceptions and caring.

    2. Mary B.F.O.E :3 says

      That’s just sad

  7. Deni says

    Can’t blame Disney for dark moments when they based their movies on REALLY dark folk tales (hunchback, etc)

  8. Lithzy Villarreal says

    Moana isn’t horrifying she’s just telling their ancestor stories

    1. Troll Luhluh says

      when everyone handles you with kid gloves ?

    2. GamerO.S. Pro says

      True which doesn’t make it terrifying because shes also seeing if anybody has the guts to leave the island and save the world.

    3. kawaii MAWI says

      Lithzy Villarreal 500th like me

  9. Mikaela Murphy says

    yeah Moana traumatizes children with scary stories. hope you realize we’ve been doing that long before Moana. camp fire ghost stories is basically a reference to that scene. If you’re traumatized by that then you must be scared of literally everything

    1. princess Ty12 says

      exactly and plus everyone was living a lie but she knew the truth

  10. Is the Artist says

    This is kindof exaggerated…

    1. Kulkum Alstavich says

      Kind of? This guy is clearly a drama queen.

  11. Ecoh Sielant says

    Actually for the Lion King “dark story”, Scar is the one who originally chose to go by the name Scar, after getting into a fight with his and Mufasa’s father.

    1. natasha deoliveira says

      its in the lion king books which were written before the movie was made. scars original name was Taka.

    2. christmassquid says

      He actually lured Mufasa to an angry wildebeest named Boma who was hogging the water hole. When she attacked Mufasa, Scar started laughing and then got mauled by Boma’s herd. That’s where he got his scar.

    3. Oliver Bennet says

      Okay but his original name legit means trash soooooo

    4. WerewolfofOblivion says

      6 new adventures is not really canon. Neither is lion guard.

  12. Alessandra Leigh says


    1. elusive blue sheep says

      Sembra danny trejo

    2. Lia Galvin says

      Alessandra Leigh I TOTALLY AGREE with you Moanas grandma is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!#LOVETHEOSEAN !!!!! Like if you agree!

    3. Wandering Wizard says

      Alessandra Leigh Instead of the Grandmother, they should’ve chosen how Mauis own parents rejected and hated him.

  13. Mijah Vernon says

    Them: we guarantee that most of the viewers haven’t even seen the film

    Me: yep

    Them: But we guarantee every single one of you know the ending

    Me: Nope

    1. Scarlet Moon says

      Mijah Vernon I actually adore ‘old yeller’ its adorable

  14. Sebastian Martinez says

    R.I.P Mufasa 1like = 1 prayer

    1. David Wright says

      So @Sebastian Martinez was saying he would pray for the people feeling sorry for Mufasa?

    2. No that's not me says

      David Wright I didn’t even think he is serious..

    3. Phile E Cheese steak says

      Sebastian Martinez I LOBE MUFASA HE IS A SAINT

    4. Melodyofthesea78 says


  15. Shawnmendesonedirectionarmy5sos1975loganpaul TØPMM says


    ( I just really felt like saying this for some reason and idk why )

    1. Amy 14444 says

      Shawnmendesonedirectionarmy5sos1975loganpaul TØPMM lol

    2. Hassan Khan says

      Shawnmendesonedirectionarmy5sos1975loganpaul TØPMM ‘splat’

    3. om mo says

      Asdf movie gasp

  16. AnisaLeah says

    But Scar asked to be called Scar after the incident that left him with the scar. Better than what his parents named him, Taka, which translates to “Garbage”

    1. Eleanor McPartland says

      AnisaLeah yeah exactly

  17. Hana Omee says

    The part from Moana that you chose was the scary story the Grandma told? What about Maui being thrown away by his mother?

    1. guineagirl1116 animal jam says


    2. Jazmin Diaz says


    3. Kenya Ramirez says

      Damn! Totally skipped my mind. You’re right!

    4. Suhair Awsaj says

      Amelia Shaw I did…..

  18. Fit Kat says

    I still like Moana and like this comment if you still like Moana too

    1. Wild Willow Stables says

      Fit Kat since Moana is about Moana wanting to be on the ocean, let me just say…

      Let me get you to the ocean because your getting freaking thirsty for likes.?

  19. Madison Mays says

    did anyone notice how snow white slept with 7 men

    1. The meat bros says

      Madison Mays lmaooooo

    2. AmyBlackRoseCena says

      But not in that sense

  20. Mia Popov says

    If you came here for moana 10:45 You’re welcome

    1. Heather Haag says

      ?”What can I say except ‘you’re welcome'”

    2. The OG car says

      it is in the description

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