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10 Dark Secrets Actors Hid From Their Co-Stars

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What did Zac Efron hide from Chloe Grace-Moretz? 10 Dark Secrets Actors Hid From Their Co-Stars! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Many actors live a very public life, sharing their everyday with fans and co-stars. Then there are some actors who chose to keep parts of their life a secret. These secrets eventually come out and it’s amazing to see how many things were hidden from co-stars of top movies.

Daniel Radcliffe may have wowed fans as Harry Potter, but behind the scenes he was dealing with a lot of alcohol issues that he admitted to years later. Before Samuel L. Jackson got his big breakout role in Hollywood, he had a number of drug issues of his own. By getting clean, Jackson was able to appear in franchises like Star Wars and The Avengers. Michael Douglas may be getting roles in films like Ant-Man but that may have not been a possibility as he dealt with a cancer diagnosis. Michael J. Fox was on top of the world with the Back to the Future franchise, but he kept his Parkinson's disease hidden from fans and co-stars for nearly a decade before revealing the truth. Zac Efron gained a lot of fans through childhood acting roles, but when he started doing adult comedies, he also got into adult drugs like cocaine. Brad Pitt has a lot of public drama in his life, but behind closed doors he makes some interesting cleansing choices. Cobie Smoulders and Mila Kunis hid certain things for years and only revealed them at a much later time. Beloved actors Alan Rickman and Robin Williams kept diseases hidden that were not revealed until after the actors had actually passed away.


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  1. Huzaifah tajbhai says

    screen rant u guys are better than watch mojo

    1. Dominic Abbs says

      they do shitty lists

    2. Natalia C SR says

      Huzaifah tajbhai I like you guys better too

  2. CryBaby157? says

    The movie emoji has to represent “Harry Potter”.

    1. Princess of HMV says

      CryBaby157? well nah

    2. PaulOwnzU says

      CryBaby157? I actually thought it was a flash movie because a person who is a scientist (glasses) gets lightning abilities

    3. CryBaby157? says

      PaulOwnzU Good point??

    4. PaulOwnzU says

      CryBaby157? I suck at these emoji things I think I only got right frozen and I’m pretty sure it was just two girls and a snowflake which made it obvious

  3. Peyton Sawyer says

    I was absolutely devastated when Robin Williams died and when I heard he committed suicide like part of my soul died now that I know it was from a disease that was having a devastating effect on him it kind of makes me feel better but the pain from losing him still is there and will never go away

  4. flying pancakes says

    Alan Rickman was one of my favorite actors,the best character in the Harry Potter movies(even better than Harry in my opinion) and also he gave us one of the greatest portraits of a villain in Die Hard

    1. Liu bit of Everything says

      the voice of God on dogma is my favorite role of his(:

  5. Vulture 74 says

    Micheal Douglas’ cancer is in the list
    “Yes i’m still alive” – Micheal Douglas in ant man
    10/10 editing

    1. David Jones says

      Vulture 74 thàt what you get for going down on the wrong type of woman

  6. Star Child says

    I feel sorry for a lot of these actors and I find those who chose to get clean very inspiring

    1. Bev Shalts says

      Except Brad Pitt who chose to stay dirty 😉

    2. Janeen Heller says

      That’s so disgusting. I knew there was a reason I never liked him. Ewwww/

  7. Sergio Milho says

    Act while drunk but no one noticed

    now that is a good actor.

    1. Dirk Digler says

      He thought he was a heavy drinker, obviously he wasn’t though

    2. aljanat5 says


    3. Ciari Green says

      Sergio Milho Acting like he’s sober?

    4. Sergio Milho says

      Ciari Green I was doing that when I got home the other day

  8. Toucan SonofSam says

    Robin Williams is still hanging around in the closet in our hearts

    1. Karl Marksman says

      Slutt å kødd a

    2. Kelly Daunis says

      That’s scary.

    3. LegendWait4it says

      kjeft a

    4. Karl Marksman says


    5. LegendWait4it says

      slappoff a

  9. Merix Guillory says

    Shower habits… VERY dark secret

    1. Nima Kabir says

      Merix Guillory Brad was showering like it was 1399 ?

    2. MasterSandman says

      +Merix Guillory
      More like, a ‘dirty’ secret… ?

  10. Tony Ramos says

    Are you Sirius, you mansion Alan Rickman but not Die Hard, you say he will forever be known as Professor Snape, no try Hans Gruber, yippee ki yay mother fucker!!

    1. Maria Rosa says

      Tony Ramos there is an Aussie actor, Yahoo Serious. idk, he popped into my head 🙂

    2. MaggotKing556 says

      Tony Ramos mention*

    3. lucy girl says

      **…atten-HUT all grammar and spelling nazis! **

    4. MultiPaulinator says

      Yeah, you did spell that wrong! John McClane said “yippee ki yay mother fucker”. Hans Gruber said “yippee ki yay mudda fucka”. He had some Eastern European accent I could never localize. 😉

    5. Kate says

      lucy girl Atten-hut.

  11. Noelle Soto says

    Maggie Smith battled cancer while filming the last couple potter movies

  12. Bergrun Dogg says

    The movie emoji rebresents Harry Potter and the next clip after the movie emoji is Harry Potter…?

    1. Nima Kabir says

      Bergrun Dogg Right? Way too easy if you ask me

  13. fLooFer TriBBIANI says


    1. Mercedes Switzer says

      Grace Erin I know. I would throw the Matthew Perry connection because of that b-Ball movie where Zac played Perry’s younger self, but I’m pretty sure that Perry got clean soon after the friends franchise.

    2. fLooFer TriBBIANI says

      Mercedes Switzer I AGREE

  14. Robert Norris says

    Seriously you didn’t mention MJ Fox’s roll in Scrubs when his disease was more obvious on screen?

  15. Ryan Wallace says

    can you guess the movie?

    *plays a clip from the movie directly after*

  16. Alex Janis says

    “the last time I checked, the planet was still-”

    “SAMUEL L. JACKSON” Well played screen rant… well played

  17. Feriin says

    Is anyone really surprised that a ‘Disney Kid’ turned to drugs?

    1. Mercedes Switzer says

      Feriin lol yeah list up the successful ones that didn’t turn to drugs.

    2. Feriin says

      Mercedes Switzer – I’m sure one or two of them died in some sort accident before they could turn to drugs…

  18. lucy girl says

    So…celebrities, actors, etc are actually PEOPLE like me and you? Who would’ve thunk it?

  19. Luke Davis says

    Charlie Sheen being HIV positive and not telling his costars didn’t make the list??

  20. amber lopez says

    Nothing like beating up on someone when they are dead. Great job, Screen A-Hole!

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