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10 Deleted Game of Thrones Scenes You NEED To See

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How could HBO keep these scenes hidden from us? 10 Deleted Game of Thrones Scenes You NEED To See! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Since the Game of Thrones television series is adapted from a book series by George R.R. Martin things are bound to be cut. Here are some deleted scenes you may not have known about. One scene that got cut was Ser Loras mourning Renly Baratheon’s death and Margaery trying to console him. Peter Baelish and Varys are speaking in the throne room in one deleted scene about which brother got the worst of it. Baelish said he believes it was Varys. During a small council meeting Tywin Lannister suggests that they meet with Mance Rayder and try to make peace. We get a pretty painting in our head when Tormund is introduce to us in the book when he is eating a chicken. In a deleted scene we get a fairly good representation of that. Daenerys was definitely torn up inside with the news of Jorah Mormont’s former spying. In a deleted scene between her and Missandei she calmly says, ‘don’t ever betray me.’ Bronn finds Shae after Tyrion breaks up with her and tells her the truth in a deleted scene that didn’t make the final cut. After Robb becomes a valiant commander and never losing a battle we get to see his ferocity come through on screen in a deleted scene. Surprisingly Tywin Lannister enjoys fishing from a deleted scene we never saw between him and Grand Maester Pycelle. We begin to see Sandor Clegane embrace humanity during season 2 when Sansa Stark is imprisoned. Missandei and Grey Worm’s romance starts to blossom during season 5 when she tells him to be careful if the sons of the Harpee do decide to attack. Well, what did you think of these deleted scenes?


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  1. funny doge says

    Whos wearing socks??

    1. Dragoff The pro says

      Not me

    2. dosduros says

      Im wearing underwear.

    3. Noodle Panda gamer101/Legos/Minecraft says

      funny doge I just woke up

    4. Krish Thapar says

      Just woke up with just my socks on! :3

  2. DCMBrothers says

    My family said I couldn’t get to 150 subs in 24 hours… let’s prove them wrong.

    1. Alex Gage says

      DCMBrothers no

    2. Ramin Del Rio says


    3. Asia kaya says

      70 maybe

  3. Philth- E says

    Who doesnt know varys, the king of the unicorns, lord of the mermaids!

    1. central city is my city says

      Philth- E YAAS

  4. sarthak sharan says

    did you just call Daenerys the best character in the show?

    1. Yagami Light says

      I long for the day when someone can speak of their opinion and not immediately be bombarded with criticism on why their opinion is wrong. Opinions can’t even be wrong, like wtf.

    2. Daenerys Targaryen says

      uuhhh… exCUSE me?

    3. alexander dem says

      have u ever heard of debating?

  5. Ben little says

    these aren’t deleted scenes?? These all appeared on the show so how are they “deleted”? Also, stop making me cringe when you say VARYS

    1. Tim Whitten says

      I guess you didn;t watch it because they weren’t in the show…Some of them were touched on ie, Flower knights mourning of Renley but was shortened…

    2. Posterize Gaming says

      Ben little I

  6. Ethan says

    My favourite characters are Jon Snow,Bronn and Tyrian Let me know what yours are

    1. Shayla Marie says

      Jon Snow, Sansa, Jaimie, Cercei, Tyrion, Margaery

    2. Iryanna Beckman says

      Daenerys and Melissandre

    3. Isak Samuelsson says

      Jorah Mormont. Jon and Daenerys Targaryen. Samwell Tarly. Stannis Baratheon. Eddard and Arya Stark. Tyrion Lannister. Davos Seaworth.

    4. vishnu vardhan says

      Innominate A

  7. JAM PERIAL says

    Who has parents that loves Game of Thrones so much?

  8. TheLastVoodooMan says

    Yes, Loras, you are to blame. You are probably also to blame that everything escalated as it did.
    If Renly had been with Ned when he confronted Joffrey and Cersey he might yet live.

  9. Ash says


  10. Pannic Squirrel says


  11. John Stokes says

    is this a beef nip jenkum?

  12. Verquinn says

    too many virgins on here

  13. T'khota Tia says

    These are all featured in the show…

  14. Sybille Stahl says

    As I recall Tormund from the books, he is forever referencing his ‘member’.

  15. 7thSmurf says


  16. scully says


  17. Synthwaverz says

    I miss Rob Stark!

  18. miguel rodriguez says

    The emojis are representing ghost busters

  19. MeatPopsycle says

    Titles a bit misleading, yeah?

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