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10 Disney Princesses With SECRETS Only Adults Will Notice!

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What Anna "Frozen" secret is Disney hiding from us? 10 Disney Princess SECRETS Only Adults Will Notice! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Disney is notorious for slipping subliminal messages into their movies and basing their movies on very adult themes that kids will never notice. Especially movies involving the princesses. Maybe you’ve seen them for yourself, and maybe, for the first time, you will. These movies include some of the most popular animation movies from Disney and Pixar; Brave, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Frozen!

Script by: Eric Lehrman
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Bill Lugsden


Merida – Brave | 0:40
Belle – The Beauty And The Beast | 1:50
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs | 2:52
Sleeping Beauty | 4:02
The Little Mermaid | 5:13
Tangled | 8:20
The Genie’s Joke In Aladdin | 7:33
Pocahontas – Not Likely A Love Story | 8:38
The Little Mermaid | 9:48
Anna – Frozen | 10:50

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  1. FxF channel says

    emoji at the beginning=brave

    1. Captain Gilli says

      Animefan 02 beauty and the besr

    2. Soul Dais says

      FxF channel Not i think its brother bear because in the beginning the girl was going to get married but instead met with the bear who was her friend when she was a child, then in the end of the movie the bride turns into a bear

    3. Kelsy Galbraith says

      Glitter Galsben???????????????


    4. Jacie Marshall says

      Soul Dais yeah

    5. Liz Tompkins says

      FxF channel M kpnsk[+okNKoqp2

  2. Madelein Fletcher says

    All of the disney stories are based off of older tales. All with “adult” events.

    1. Kuna Fongot says

      It seems so

  3. Theonewhois990 says

    You keep on using the Hans question thing

    1. RipleyJoJo says

      Theonewhois990 WHAT’S IT MEAN

    2. Nicola Heekin says

      RipleyJoJo foot size relates to the size of the penis, apparently, I’m just a tentacle alien though, so I’m not sure if it’s true.

    3. Sailor Misa says

      Koro Sensei may I call you Tentacle – Sama then?

      I watch too much Akidearest, that’s why. I Know what anime Koro Sensei is from

    4. chloe jeffries says

      Maiori Euros ANIME!!!!

  4. A time to dance says

    4:49 makes love to her? or rapes her?

    1. Jessie and Family! says

      Breanna Washington but I mean to the king its love…..

    2. BRIDGER GAMES says

      A time to dance rape but is someone really just gonna go Oh he raped her in her sleep

    3. A time to dance says

      BRIDGER GAMES if they wanna be truthful then yes because that’s a crime and they made it seem like rape is no big deal

    4. Crystal Nanavati says

      A time to dance He rapes her.

    5. Okami Inuzuka says

      she was unconcious because of the cure. she could not consent. so yeah, rape

  5. Sunset Shimmer says

    WHY do you always include the footsize joke?! its annoying as HELL!!!

    1. kids oakes says

      NVM somone said in a diffrent coment and i wish they hadnt

    2. kids oakes says

      Well you have a lovely attitude and it was so nice of u to sugarcoat it (if u hadnt notived i’m bieng sacastic)

    3. Lanaland says

      Sunset Shimmer foot size…..I never paid attention but dat kinda wrong for a kid movie

  6. emai fisher says

    in the 3rd aladdin movie when the 40 theves attack the wedding, genie said “hey, i thought the earth wasent suppose to move until the honeymoon”

    any idias?
    either that or i have a dirty mind

  7. Kobe Cuen says

    if snow white is the drug does the evil queen represent the police or anti drug activists?

    1. Alexander Perez says

      if you pause it at 11:07,the bird is “peaking down there”,and the sand girl is peaking down there too???????


      Alexander Perez welp thats pervy

  8. I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Matey!! says

    How many frozen thumbnails are there on this channel

    1. Chloe Davies says

      And Incredibles thumbnails

  9. Thescott16 says

    Top 10 things you already know about Disney movies from other top 10 lists.

  10. SL Barone says

    in the movie Sleeping Beauty has anybody noticed that the two Kings get drunk at the beginning of the movie

    1. The DQ Master says

      SL Barone I noticed that!

  11. Hermien Coetzee says

    It always astounds me that with all the references in The Little Mermaid that they always forget Ursula’s reference to body language.

    1. Lynn The June Bug says

      Neimreh Wheres That?

    2. JORDORK 86 says

      Lynn Vlogs/Games In her song “Poor Unfortunate Souls”

    3. Hermien Coetzee says

      JORDORK 86 yup, that one. watched it the other day with my nephew

  12. Poppin Pom Poms says

    he “makes love to her”… dude wtf, thats rape

    1. State Farm says

      Carolina Campusano He literally said it was based off of rape

    2. DD the dino roblox girl says


    3. WhenIDraw M says

      Carolina Campusano exactly what I was thinking

    4. Mystical Raven says

      WhenIDraw M

  13. Clorax Bleach says

    Frozen- “Why have a ball room with no balls.” I know why balls it meant dancing, but it made the immature middle school audience laugh

    1. MakaylaCute6 Nuñez says

      Clorax Bleach those are for dirty minded people

    2. Lexus Sykes says

      I love frozen, but Anna is totally Schizophrenic

    3. Nikita Wallace says

      Lexus Sykes how she’s young loving and…. Ginger like me

    4. paula Cochran says

      Clorax Bleach so your immature because the only way you would know that is if your apart of that group

  14. Sel Y. says

    makes love? IT IS F-ING RAPE.

    1. Vedanti Amin says

      Sel Y. LOL every who liked agrees with you, may God bless you?

  15. The Weird One says

    You forgot the “Earthquake/honeymoon joke” in Aladin.

    1. Lorelei and Kiera says

      no they didnt

    2. emai fisher says

      The 3rd one, i know.

  16. Amiya Jones says

    I’m 12 and I get all of these jokes and hidden messages

  17. Blake Rucker says

    Pocahontas not likly love story: there actually would be romance, well not romance just the guy sexually attracted to her. Back in 1559 if she was 12 years old. She would’ve already expected to be getting married. Back then little girls used to get married to other settlers to trade for precious items.

    1. Deb St Surin says

      Sheila Jones good work but I already knew

    2. championgamerking 1 says


  18. Adina Sosa says

    Narrator: “Brave featured in 2013″
    Screen: *”Brave” Walt Disney Studios [2012]*
    Me: Doesn’t add up, that is pretty incorrect!

    1. Swang Nation says

      Adina Sosa I noticed that too I even put on the caption to make sure I wasn’t hearing stuff

    2. Alisha Chaudhary says

      Adina Sosa OMG I NOTICED TOO!!

  19. Nattalie Schmidt says

    did u know that John Smith was already married in the real story…….and he captures her from her country and used her as a slave…..like if this is fucked up

    1. Katherine Petersorf says

      Also she goes back to England with him and he died on the boat trip and her brother took her so she wouldn’t become a slave sold to another family. He later married her. So if she loved anyone, even a little, it would’ve been his brother.

    2. Kimora Haughton says

      Nattalie Schmidt that word is nasty for under age

  20. Olivia al says

    In Zootopia,
    officer Judy Hopps
    says ‘but we are good at *multiplying*”

    1. Aleeza says

      There is no proof that it’s meant in a dirty way. For all we know they could’ve just worded it poorly.

    2. Sinine1100 says

      It’s a bit of a recurring theme, so it’d be a rather powerful coincidence…

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