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10 Huge Moments In Marvel Movies That Changed the MCU

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What moment did we choose between Spiderman and Iron Man? 10 Huge Moments In Marvel Movies That Changed the MCU! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

One of the biggest criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is its reluctance to add any lasting consequence to any event in it’s movie. While Iron Man 3 tries very hard to build up Tony Stark’s personal demons, and his ultimate letting go of his constant suits, we can see clearly in Spider-Man Homecoming that he just rebuilt them all anyway – rendering his character development in his third movie outing, pointless.

The MCU has done this many times. So today we’re going to try and really focus on moments in the Marvel Movies that actually stuck. While the MCU does tend to maintain a status quo, we’re going to look at those moments that really did have an impact and change the MCU. With the death of Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 2 pointing to meaningful character deaths and development, we can hopefully expect to see the MCU focussing less on keeping characters alive for toy sales, and more on building up the world of Marvel.

Marvel have hidden lots of little details in their movies that are hinting at some bigger changes. Such as their One Shot, All Hail The King, which is heavily demonstrating that Iron Man’s arch enemy, The Mandarin not only exists for real but is alive and kicking. This could possibly set us up for an Iron Man 4 in the future. Not to mention the huge potential that Scarlet Witch, her potential boyfriend The Vision and Doctor Strange have when it comes to fighting Thanos alongside The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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  1. mripab14 says

    Patience is a virtue….

    1. Gamer Slayer says

      mripab14 And sometimes it can be very dissapointing like waiting long for a troll by the captain America himself.

  2. Funsizedude says

    Can you guys drop a like on this comment

    1. Yukioboy animation studios says


    2. ᏔᎪᎠᎬ FᏌᏟᏦᎥᏁᏩ Ꮃ ᎥᏞᎦ Ꮎ Ꮑ says

      Roger roger

    3. Ryan Gallagher-Burkholder says

      Can I? Yes. Will I? No.

    4. Flor Angela Chaparro Moreno says

      ygbhvhgchgcvhv hvhhcvuchtchdggfdfcftyfygfudch yfvggcbbht fhfvbgvhi

  3. Khin David says

    what!!! only 2 spidey movies

    1. Owen Santana says

      Khin David No. that news is outdated. He is getting a trilogy and even more appearances.

  4. The Hellfire Club! says

    Number 11 – Miles Morales is seen in the MCU!

    1. Isaac Ezac says

      The Hellfire Club! “seen” doesn’t make any sense though

    2. The Hellfire Club! says

      Isaac Ezac Why? Actually seeing Miles in person would be amazing. Yes, I know that he is referenced but he’s not seen. I and many more fans can’t wait to see him onscreen.

    3. LOA says

      The Hellfire Club! i wonder if they would kill of spiderman like they did in the comics to introduce miles morales

  5. Mr. Marvel says

    Your Spidey news is outdated. They made a new deal for a trilogy and even more appearances

    1. harvey bunce says

      is this true

    2. spuder-man spider-nan says


    3. Stark Industries says

      yeah! spidey could lead the new avengers

    4. harvey bunce says

      exactly watch avengers emh season 2 the new avengers episode the leader is spiderman and he does a great job

  6. Joy Sinha says

    I like Star Wars

    (Edit) I LOVE Star Wars

    1. ᏔᎪᎠᎬ FᏌᏟᏦᎥᏁᏩ Ꮃ ᎥᏞᎦ Ꮎ Ꮑ says

      Force awakens is trash

    2. Joshpmat 1234 says

      ᏔᎪᎠᎬ FᏌᏟᏦᎥᏁᏩ Ꮃ ᎥᏞᎦ Ꮎ Ꮑ it is good what is so bad about it?

    3. Derek Schwartz says

      Star knife gun bomb?

  7. Octavio Cuautle says

    wow… spoiler warning? i’m unsubscribing

    1. Ahmed Abdin says


    2. Auli says

      Yup, I read it waaay to fasat, and now I’m guessing a huge moment in Guardians 2 is spoilers :/

  8. Thisguy777 Hehe says

    Not only did Spiderman debut in Civil War, Captain America also let his shield go which means he is just Steve Rogers now

    1. Thisguy777 Hehe says

      Spider man will also have a trilogy

    2. Alex Stark says

      I mean technically Steve is Nomad but that’s really splitting hairs

    3. YounGamer says

      But in Spider-Man: Homecoming Happy mentions that in the plane delivering the Avengers gear in it is a prototype for Cap’s new shield. Although it crashed it doesn’t mean their not gonna try again

  9. Dwight Schrute says

    Why are there so many repetitive MCU videos….

    1. Caticorn Gamer says

      Dr. Manhattan what do you expect them to make videos about the dceu?

    2. Salar Fazle Rabbi says

      Dr. Manhattan u shud know.U created everything.

  10. Tissue Faucet says

    Anyone else ticked off about the pronunciation of thanos?

    1. BlueJay-Studios says


    2. Erik S. says

      Tissue Faucet it is (Th-An-Os) Correct?

    3. Tissue Faucet says


    4. Erik S. says

      Tissue Faucet Cool just checking 😛 I really want a Nova movie ;-;

  11. Brat rat 101 says

    long live the mcu

    1. ramdelure says


  12. Josie S says

    they should make a Black Widow movie

  13. Jacob Mayes says

    Tony never forgave Steve, even the Russo brothers said the Civil War hasn’t ended

  14. amit jatolia says

    I wish x men was there too in avengers: infinity stone ?

    1. SilverPelt says

      amit jatolia *War

  15. Halfgun Nil says

    nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary Poppins was my favorite marvel character

    1. Audra.L.P says

      Halfgun Nil I know right! I bawled like a baby when Mary Poppins died! ? ?

  16. Captain Kiko says

    Spider-Man is gonna be in 3 standalone movies you filthy liars!!!! Do your fricking research next time.

    1. Captain Kiko says

      And Loki will be in infinity war and willl live past ragnarok

    2. Trent Browne says

      Captain Kiko he’s also in infinity war you do your research

  17. ThunderGun2 says

    I wish Sony would just give the rights back to Marvel.

  18. The One Eyed King says

    Loki wont die in Thor Ragnarok he is in the cast of Infinity War

  19. Tommy Boi says

    Brother not how you say thanos

  20. Raymo' Limami. says

    Number 1: “He damn near gave his life to save everyone else on Earth.”
    Wrong. They were going to close the portal anyways. He was only trying to save the people in New York.

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