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10 Improvised Moments That Movies Were Forced To Keep!

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Which superheroes appear in this list? 10 Improvised Moments That Movies Were Forced To Keep! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Cast and crew love to have fun on set and improvise during takes. Usually, these behind-the-scenes jokes end up on the cutting room floor – or at best, they make it into the blooper reel. But sometimes, someone improvises something so good that the filmmakers decide to keep it in the film; and those are the moments we’re going to be taking a look at in this video. Whether it’s a particularly painful scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), an important piece of character information in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), or just a hilarious one-liner like in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), all of these improvised moments changed the final film in a significant way!
We’ll look at a wide range of films, classics like The Godfather, comedies like Zoolander, and superhero blockbusters from the DC and Marvel cinematic universes. So you’re sure to find at least one of your favourite scenes on this list! Some of these improvised moments were kept because they fit so nicely into the script, other times, actors took things to another level and the script actually had to be changed in order to accommodate the improvised changes. Talk about making a character your own! As always, if you enjoy the video be sure to hit the like button and leave us a comment letting us know what you think. Be sure the subscribe to Screen Rant and join the notification squad to stay up to date with all of our uploads!

Script by: Ben Harris
Voice Over by: Ben Harris

Edited by: Martin Baena


The 40-Year-Old Virgin | 0:48Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory | 1:57The Amazing Spider-Man | 2:58Zoolander | 4:04Midnight Cowboy | 5:07
The Dark Knight | 6:16
Dr. Strangelove | 7:16
The Godfather | 8:20
Guardians of the Galaxy | 9:29
The Avengers | 10:35

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  1. John Wilbur says

    the emojis are Moana

    1. John Wilbur says

      Moana has a boat and a chicken and a lot of water

    2. ABQSentinel says

      Ah, I gotcha. Thanks.

    3. Another Crafty Day says

      ABQSentinel ??

  2. TalkToTheCupcake SHOW says

    This is Ollie the octopus: ?

    He has no friends!

    1 like=1 friend for Ollie.

    1. Queen MILL-its-uh says

      TalkToTheCupcake SHOW damn this got a lot a likes in 3 hours
      I was like your 7th liked lol

    2. TheBigHurt says

      Who has two thumbs and likes Calamari? THIS GUY.

  3. peyton galson says

    it’s moana

    1. Naeliz Cordero says

      Bearded Cain there’s a chicken bc hei hei

    2. sota says

      +Samystone Effervescent oh god…

    3. Yahya says

      Samystone Effervescent I thought it was only me

    4. peyton galson says


  4. Aphmau Fan at heart says

    I will bet you 27475839587267 dollars that you did not read the whole number. And you did not realize that there was a letter on it.
    You just went back to check and realized you just got tricked

    Please post this comment on other vids!

    1. Stormy Kopa says

      Well, you lost that bet. Probably because you copied this comment off someone else.

    2. Elyse says

      Actually I was too lazy to go back and read if there was a letter.

  5. Groot says

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      What r u like 4 years old??

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      I am a gtx 1080

  6. Jack Bugden says

    You forgot to mention (re:Joker and hospital) that that was a REAL hospital GENUINELY being demolished (at which they had precisely one shot) and there was an ACTUAL unscripted problem with the detonation giving rise the desperate improvisation.

    1. Wakaran says

      Jack Bugden yeah it wouldn’t detonate so that’s why he fiddled with it and was so shocked when it won’t off because he didn’t think it would at that point

    2. Llyd ap Dicter says

      not unscripted. There is a cg pre-viz showing him hesitate before the delayed explosion

    3. Chris Randall says

      Jack Bugden it was also not actually improvised. It was delayed intentionally to allow ledger time to move away from the building. It was shown in the BTS

    4. HayBea says

      What I heard was that Ledger didn’t know about the last explosion (right before he smacks the remote) or thought it was coming sooner, which is why he reacts as he does to the final explosion. Dunno if that’s true, tho – corrections welcomed…

  7. Pat Lane says

    The Joker scene is commonly identified as improvised. It actually wasn’t.

    1. _ Xtinct _ says

      It was a REAL hospital that was supposed to be demolished. There was a problem with the actual demolition crew which caused Ledger to improvise

    2. Savanna Wilson says

      the slow clapping in the jail cell was improvision.

    3. Christine Ryan says

      so it’s kind of both. The timing of the scheduled demo was a little bit off for the scene, so he decided to do SOMETHING until it went off. Hence his “where’s my boom” response and the fiddling with the remote, as well as his genuine startled reaction when it finally did.

  8. Kamino Groove says

    What about Han Solo’s “I know” from Empire Strikes Back

    1. Nathan Russell-Raby says

      No “improvised moments” are pure improv. They are mostly improvised whilst blocking the scene, the director likes it and tells them to do it again whilst shooting the actual take.

    2. Scott Johnson says

      my thoughts exactly

    3. Suzette Henderson says

      Also – Indiana Jones – the gun instead of the whip.

    4. Esther FilmuziekFan says

      my words earlier… #lazyreader

  9. Daniel Stowe says

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    1. Katalystic says

      How original and funny

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      Jim is a square.

    3. Tessa Jalloh says

      Damn it Jim i’m a doctor not an upvote!

  10. EugeneChon TheBun says

    3:03 best voice crack

    1. ChiefCFL says


  11. Balls says

    It’s clearly the critically acclaimed movie, Boat Chicken Wave. Obviously.

    1. Hannah Sweens says

      i thought it was baywatch for some reason lol

    2. Can't Think of a Name says

      I guessed Life of Pie

    3. ~EmeraldDiscordian3 says

      surfs up was my guess haven’t watched it all uet

    4. Juan Inchauspe says

      You sir are a true scholar

  12. Jonathan Gallup says

    I like Indiana Jones shooting the sword wielding bad guy in Raiders

    1. ndb17915 says

      From what I’ve heard (I may be incorrect), the improvisation was on-the-spot, there was a big fight scene planned, but Harrison Ford wasn’t feeling very well, so he just shot the sword guy.

    2. MAXLD says

      He was quite sick that day and they were tight on schedule so Harrison and the director ended up agreeing to just shoot the guy, instead of the elaborated fight choreography initially planned. It wasn’t actually “improv”, was just something they agreed to change before hand, to get it done faster and give Harrison some needed rest.

    3. Christine Ryan says

      Yup, he had a bad case of food poisoning that day.

    4. Nima Kabir says

      He was s#^ting good lines that day..

  13. Tyler Verboom says

    Best improv = Jonny Depp!! Pirates of Caribbean.. the jar

    1. dreamboy189 says

      and also they didn’t put some scene in some if the actors scripts and got their actual reaction

    2. larisa gorgevska-sharpe says

      Tyler Verboom and after a stunt he was like “I hope you all saw that because I won’t be doing it again” he’s great

    3. Tyler Verboom says

      larisa gorgevska-sharpe ikr! he is something else!!

    4. Will Turner says

      I know the Jar of dirt didn’t make it onto the list

  14. Lilly white says

    anyone else click this vid to have an excuse for seeing Chris prats chest again. ; p

    1. Equalized says

      marry me Chris Pratt!

    2. Abby Xx says

      Lilly white heheh me ???

    3. Some One says

      Hah, no….

    4. BellaTRN says


  15. catluvr2 says

    Greatest improvisationalist ever?

    The man, the myth, THE LEGEND…
    …Accept no substitutions, exchanges, or refunds ( wooden duck falls from the ceiling )…

    1. catluvr2 says

      …I am so glad the Read more link ended up where it did. NAILED IT!

    2. rjeso says

      easily the best improviser of all time. There really is no competition.

      RIP, Robin Williams. The world misses you.

  16. Sir Joey of The White says

    I can’t wait for Iron man to meet Star lord

    1. QueenofSnarks says

      I can’t wait for them all to meet Drax.

  17. Kaushihan Kanapathipillai says

    “Reading? I didn’t know you could read.”

    1. Athena Blogger says

      I love that part

    2. Gryffindor 713 says


    3. rjeso says

      such a fantastic improvised line, especially from an actor that young

  18. Northflower OwO says

    What about Hermione punching Draco in Prisoner of Azkaban? I thought that was pretty hilarious

    1. Cracker 2525 says

      While that scene is great, i’m pretty sure it wasn’t improv since it was in the book.

      EDIT: I looked it up, apparently the punch was improv because the script said slap.

  19. Starvoice762 says

    ?”I’ve got a jar of di-irt! I’ve got a jar of di-irt!” ?

    1. Ani Made It says


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