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10 MARVEL Scenes That Make Kids Feel Awkward Around Parents

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What scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool made the list? 10 Adults Jokes You Never Caught In Marvel Movies! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Who doesn’t love a good grown up joke? And we’re not necessarily talking about rude jokes here. We’re talking about any sort of gag that is inappropriate for children. It happens all the time in family friendly movies, and despite being based on fairly dark source material, most Marvel movies are aimed at kids. So whether it’s risqué or just plain dark – we’ve compiled a list of 10 Adult Jokes That You Never Caught in Marvel Movies.
Why Marvel movies? Because comic books are pretty dark, and often aren’t intended for kids. So it stands to reason that though far more light hearted, the Marvel movies keep some of this attitude. Joss Whedon, writer of both comics and movies, has made sure to include lots of old, and sometimes inappropriate references in both the Avengers and it’s sequel Age of Ultron. Guillermo Del Toro satirises An Interview with A Vampire in Blade II, and some other directors just want to go for cheap gags like in Spider-Man and Ant-Man.
Fox’s X-Men franchise are even more prone to it, because Deadpool even goes as far as to reference a particularly dark Monty Python sketch.
So whether it’s Iron Man proving that Captain America is a better role model than him, or Peter Quillin making sure that we know how gross he is, or even a joke in Howard the Duck so awful that it makes us want a reboot to forget about it– we want to talk about it today in this video.

Script by: Andrew Bryan
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Veronika Zelenne

Guardians of the Galaxy | 0:32
Ant-Man | 1:38
Spidey-Man | 2:36
X-Men 2 | 3:41
Iron Man 3 | 4:51
Deadpool | 5:57
Blade II | 7:07
The Avengers | 8:16
Howard Duck | 9:29
Avengers: Age of Ultron | 10:30

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  1. Intro/Thumbnail-Maker says

    I eat poop ?

    1. Earth 199999 says

      Well then…

    2. Clorax Bleach says

      So 15 people and counting eat poop too um very interesting

    3. LegoTurtle Brickfilms says

      That’s funny.

    4. Dietrich Jost says


  2. Relaxing Dead 752 says

    I need Taco Bell

    1. tristan yazzie says


    2. Taffi Rose says

      your mean

    3. tristan yazzie says


  3. Xander Flores says

    did he say that the ant man in the antman movie was hank bruh hank was the old guy

    1. Xander Flores says

      also ryan Reynolds was not in blade 2 he was in blade triniy

  4. Eduardo Alonso says

    did anyone notice he called Ant Man Hank instead of Scott at 1:51

    1. Justin Sanchez says

      Eduardo Alonso I did

    2. Star Lord says

      Eduardo Alonso yeah.. it made me uncomfortable

    3. JakTm says

      he must not have watched it?

    4. Azazreal says

      Yup instant pause to see if the comment had been made

    5. Joseph Delaney says

      Eh, I just read the scripts

  5. Simi R says

    Did anyone else die when gamora and Peter quill didn’t end up kissing in gotg 2?

    1. Fray Bay says

      Omg yes

    2. The_Eternal_Darkness _ says

      Simi R omg yes! I wanted to kys

    3. hello sweetie says

      At least it’s getting a good build up. Not like Staron and Brutasha

    4. Azlot says

      do you mean kms?

    5. Adam Smith says

      Simi R yup. Ow. My brain

  6. yasser Ali says

    What about Ant-Man saying “I have something very big but I can’t hold it for long” in Civil War??

    1. Hawkeye says

      Yeah his ability…

  7. Donovan Johnson says

    In Ant-man, the mouse would’ve lived through that. Mousetraps are designed to slam down on the mouse, not catch and slam it.

    1. Donovan Johnson says

      What made no sense?

  8. XxFr4gXxK1ng says

    When I seen the movie before my mom and I know there about to have sex

    Me- I got to go to the bathroom now
    Mom- hurry back

    1. XxFr4gXxK1ng says

      EnderIce lol

    2. Future Knight08 says

      ME TOO

  9. Theonewhois990 says

    Ryan Reynolds was not in Blade II like they say he was in Blade: Trinity

    1. Ewoks ForEva says

      Caught that too. They should have just mentioned Blade and not which one.

  10. Kemba Walker says

    In today’s world
    Calling someone a girl or a boy as there gender is awkward around your parents

    1. Shena K says


    2. LegoTurtle Brickfilms says


    3. Bradley McDaniel says

      only in canada

  11. Esteboiii says

    An adult joke, in deadpool? Never would have guessed.

    1. Shadow Destroyer says

      EnderIce you said irk:
      I right know

    2. A Person says

      Esteban A who would’ve thought?

    3. senioritaporpredor says

      Esteban A
      when a quick line in an old sign supposidly makes a kid awkward…. ….riiiight

    4. paschmidt499 says

      Esteban A yes it is only rated R…it can’t be that bad

  12. Izzy X says

    in the UK U means universal which means everyone can watch it

    1. Our Savior says

      Izzy X even aliens

  13. Raed Felmban says


    1. TaiyZeon says

      Raed Felmban I am Groot
      I am Groot I am Grooot

    2. ameise 912 says

      Raed Felmban we are groot

    3. Solid Snake says

      Raed Felmban I’m Batman

  14. bumblebee8400 says

    Adam West just died. Rest In Peace

    1. Frisk Dreemurr says

      And yet, Stan Lee lives on :T

    2. that1guy says

      Holy Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors and
      Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods he is dead

    3. Dominic Abbs says

      yeah i heard this last night he was one of the actors that played Batman and i think he voiced the Adam West on Family guy as well R-I-P Adam West

    4. Solid Snake says

      bumblebee8400 RIP Adam West

  15. Airielle McDeavitt says

    what kid would watch Deadpool my parents wouldn’t let me watch it it’s a rated R movie

    1. Fangirl Central says

      I went to see Logan with my mom ? I’m 13

    2. LiAm boi hesso says

      That’s not psoossible its 18+

    3. Richard Beline says

      It’s rated R, not NC-17. R says that anybody 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. NC-17 means No Children 17 and under whether a parent is with them or not, thus the name.

  16. Doskocil says

    Deadpool had tons of adult humor because it was never a movie for children

  17. Fashionable Changeling says

    oh yes my favourite family films blade 2 and deadpool I didn’t know they had adult jokes in them (they’re rated r you pinheads no kid can see them

  18. Irfan Hameed says

    Who the actual fk would watch Deadpool with their parents?

    1. Alistair MacIsaac says

      Dr. Savitar me

  19. Daniel Forshaw says

    deadpools a 15+ why would children see it. plus it has sex scenes,

  20. R Truth says

    most of these movies aren’t even kid movies

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