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10 Messed Up Moments In Disney Movies That No One Noticed

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What did Disney hide from us? 10 Messed Up Moments In Disney Movies That No One Noticed! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Disney movies are made for kids, right? Well, sure. But they also have to take into account the parents that are bringing their kids to the theatre. While an adult joke here and there is nothing to get too worked up over, sometimes Disney takes things a little too far and crosses the line into weird or just messed up territory! In recent years, films like Frozen, Toy Story 3, and The Incredibles have included some pretty messed up moments or jokes that make you want to stop and rewind, just to make sure the characters actually said what you thought you just heard. But this practice isn’t anything new. We have examples from all throughout Disney’s history. Including their Renaissance era with films like Aladdin and The Lion King, as well as true classics like Pinocchio and even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It seems messed up Disney moments are as old as Disney itself.

Sometimes these moments go unnoticed or shrugged off for a long time. Other times, they become the stuff of legends – rumours that spread for as long as the movie has been released! We’ve collected 10 moments that exemplify the different types of messed up moments Disney likes to create. Some of them are pretty harmless, but some of them have led Disney to retract or even re-release films because of how scandalous they are! So enjoy this video and be sure to like it and subscribe to Screen Rant so you can stay up to date with all of our list videos!


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  1. Chloe C says

    When they do the Emoji Movie for the Emoji Challenge it’s just going to be every emoji there is as the challenge.

    1. Slash L. says

      ? this emoji xD

    2. Lindsay Rioux says

      Lollll was I the only one who thought it was smiling shoes…. I’m not the brightest lightbulb

  2. Harmony Canfield says

    i like my own comments for a boost

    1. Blue lantern says

      wow you’re desperate

    2. Tristan Howard says

      Harmony Canfield in

    3. TheDerpySuicune says

      Harmony Canfield we all do it

  3. Harmony Canfield says

    the movie was happy feet

    1. toxictomb83546795 0 says

      obviase they should make it harder

    2. Prinregan123 says

      toxictomb83546795 0 yeah

    3. Oscar Velazquez says

      no, Happy Sneakers

    4. Jay-R Weber says

      smiley shoes

  4. Chris McFlyy SSJ says

    About To Un-Sub, Everything Is Reused

    1. Raichugirl gaming says

      Chris McFlyy SSJ I saw your Channel lier!

    2. Imshotzzhigh says

      Chris McFlyy SSJ deadass

  5. Caleb Dearing says


    1. Justaburgscuzzin says

      Caleb Dearing let it go…

  6. Nathan Lee says

    this is like the third time youve made this list

    1. Emma Connors says

      I know the only reason I even watched this is to see if they put anything new in here. But of course they did not.

    2. Ghost5379 says

      Third???? Ahahaha trust me, I was here before they hit 1 mil. I left a year ago because they always reuse their videos about adult jokes in disney films. They’ve done it at least 30 times.

    3. Slayer DV says

      Nathan Lee That’s what happen when you post everyday.. they need to chilll

    4. Sculf says

      Emma Connors _a q

  7. Felix Hasal says

    I swear to god, at this point they’re just renaming previous videos…

    1. Naima Ahmed says


    2. Sophia Stevens says

      Felix Hasal i

    3. Dan Knight says

      Felix Hasal i

  8. ACEY BUX says

    Lol, incest between animals ain’t exactly something new

    1. Dylan Perry says

      We started dating when I was 21, and she was 26. When we broke up I was 23. Nowadays I am 26.

  9. GiGiWinther says

    They just can’t let go of the foot size one. Also, the movie is happy feet

    1. Internet Editor says

      You could say.. let it go

      i’m so sorry.

  10. Irken Salt says

    Who framed Rodger rabbit is dirty the whole movie is

  11. Spotastic says

    The biggest mistake is not putting fidget spinners in

    1. wormy2005 says

      thats messed up we should attack them XD

  12. Danni Andersen says

    you forgot the hokker in toy story

    1. GreenJumpingFrogs says

      Danni Andersen *hooker

  13. Oliver Torres says

    i beliece this is the 5th timne they did the frozen one

    1. Ghost5379 says

      try 20th, I left a year ago, when they started to do these lists, they used to have quality lists before they hit 1 mil.

  14. Dear Soap says

    Stop repeating your videos! We’re are getting sick of it!


    1. cutie pumpchickns says

      Dear Soap oooo someone’s triggered

    2. Dear Soap says

      cutie pumpchickns Takes one to know one.

    3. cutie pumpchickns says

      Dear Soap lmfao that doest make any sense and I’m not even triggered

  15. Ocarinaot 4 says

    I’m pretty sure EVERYONE noticed the furnace scene in toy story 3

    1. Sour Mango says

      Ocarinaot 4 No, really?

  16. David Plays says

    We all know the movie is smiley sneaker

    1. Shodz // Gaming says

      David Plays pls be joking

    2. TheDerpySuicune says

      Shodz // Gaming he is

    3. Cianna the dancer says

      Nooo its sad foot?

  17. smallscullproductions says

    Bro calm down you sound like you’re being held at gunpoint

  18. Blade Runner says

    I swear if the frozen foot size joke or the naked girl in the window is on this…

    1. TheDerpySuicune says


    2. Ghost5379 says

      3 times???? duuude they’ve done it 100000000 times

    3. iero 31 says

      +Isaiah Bracamonte ok u know u could have said that without being so rude af.

  19. EvilGamers says

    what, Frozen is 4 years old??? I swear to god it release like a year ago.

  20. Possum Boy says

    Okay but here’s the thing: Sid is only ‘evil’ to us because we know the toys are alive. He’s just a normal kid who plays by making frankentoys. Not that bad.

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