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10 Movie Plot Holes That Aren’t What They Seem

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Have you ever found a plot hole in your favourite movie that ended up totally ruining it? For some people, once they see a problem in the plot – it completely breaks their immersion and they’re no longer convinced by the world of the film. But sometimes, plot holes that can seem so film-breaking are actually not quite what they seem. Maybe there is an explanation somewhere in the film that you just didn’t think about, or maybe the film is just setting up an unanswered question to be answered by a later sequel or prequel? Whatever the reasoning behind them, this video is going to be looking at ten examples of plot holes that were pointed out by fans only to be later disproven by others.

We’ll look at a wide range of films, from animated Disney/Pixar and family-friendly classics like Toy Story, Home Alone, and Harry Potter, to big budget blockbusters like Avatar, Titanic, and The Lord of the Rings. And for Star Wars fans, we’ll be touching on multiple entries in the franchise, old and new; The Force Awakens, The Empire Strikes Back, and A New Hope. A lot of the Star Wars plot holes were either brought up or explained away by the prequel Rogue One, a film that sought to answer a lot of the unexplained questions from the original trilogy.

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  1. Shiba Fett says

    Notification Sqaud!

  2. Elias Kausland says

    I have a plot hole. How can Darth Vader be Luke’s father when Padme is Luke’s mother?

    1. Nic Angstadt says

      vader is Anakin. Anakin and Padme didn’t use protection.

    2. None of your Business says

      Dude, have you even _watched_ the prequels??

    3. prof shad says

      he thinks hes being funny

  3. Henry AL says

    Welcome to the comments

    1. Vulture 74 says

      The phenomenal none I present to you the internet

  4. Brennan Hearn says

    Also, narrator pronounces the y in Shyamalamadingdong way too heavily.

    1. Daniel Essen says

      Brennan Hearn He always mispronounces last names

  5. Martin Baena says

    Grown ups?!

    1. Harrison Ells says

      Martin Baena there’s a plot hole in grown ups

    2. Lysergic SmokesDoobies says

      Harrison Ells The plot hole is in reality, because the movie grown ups exists.

  6. Daniel Essen says

    Yet another mispronounced last name lol

  7. Joel Brown says

    The scene in Titanic could have worked they tested this on Mythbusters, Jack and Rose could have used the life jackets to keep the piece floating and this would have saved both of them.

    1. Jason Clough says

      Joel Brown but that requires either person to be knowledgable of bouyancy. Not to mention they were sorta on edge with the whole “sinking of the titanic” they would be forgiven for not thinking logically.

    2. Electro-Cute says

      Wasn’t that based on what really happened?

  8. ClassicSpace-Shirt-Guy says

    “M Night Shai-am-alon”

    1. Vincent Adultman says

      ClassicSpace-Shirt-Guy yeah…racism is fun. For you.

    2. Because Coffee says

      M. Night shama llama ding dong

    3. zCrunch says

      Vincent Adultman what

    4. Robert Hall says

      M Night Shamalabumbums name kinda reminds me of that nfl players name
      Troy pajilamila

  9. D1ttoDud3 says

    Ray has no connection to Obi-Wan and she’s not a Jedi so she should’t be able to use the force.

  10. Alejandra Garcia says

    i see star wars i click

  11. PCMasterRace says

    Your “fix” for the Titanic was debunked. So, the plot hole still stands.

    1. kradrol says

      except that it wasn’t….

    2. PCMasterRace says

      kradrol except that it was.

    3. Yasmine Jones says

      kradrol No it was. Mythbusters proved that they both coulda made it WITH THE DAMN LIFEJACKETS!!!

  12. SkintSNIPER262 says

    There’s not a single thing that makes sense in The Farce Awakens

    1. Liam Bianco says

      Darren Lyle Yeah I agree

    2. kradrol says

      nothing makes sense in the force awakens. except for everything. everything makes perfect sense.

    3. SkintSNIPER262 says

      No, nothing makes sense at all. It’s contradiction after plot hole after lazy writing. I can’t believe there are so many degenerates that actually think this film is good in the slightest.

    4. Liam Bianco says

      SkintSNIPER262 u still haven’t given any examples

  13. Mr. Plinkett says

    way to sneak in that advertisement

  14. Luluko says

    that last one is so wrong Sith use torture all the time to draw Jedis to the dark side Vader could have easiely done that

    and that Rey is that powerful is just because of bad writing from Jar Jar Abrahams and every writer after him has to fix his plot holes

    1. kradrol says

      how the hell is the daughter of luke skywalker being powerful in the force a plot hole?

  15. Mike Welsby says

    Pulling that ad bullshit in the middle just lost you a subscriber. Videos have been on a downward spiral for a while now anyway.

  16. JDSpeterS says

    Rey herself is a plot hole … lol
    I’m rooting for Finn to be force sensitive.

    1. 2 Pump Meme Dump says

      finn would be awesome, but they destroyed that in the comics of even being remotely true.

  17. Craig Nickelson says

    I’m unsubscribing SR is getting worse and worse

  18. Brennan Scarcello says

    Wow just started watching you guys, I was going to subscribe but then I realized you play adds halfway through your videos. NOPE!

  19. Piotr Suda says

    Funny thing about Home Alone is that in Poland it became de facto an unofficial tradition to be aired on one of the TV stations (Polsat) every year around Christmas. Once when they decided to not air it there was huge (but rather ironic) campaign to bring back Kevin on screen. And “tradition” was secured and Kevin is still aired on Christmas :).

  20. Levios Draekion says

    in rogue one theres proof that the deathstar cant blow up a planet the size of yavin? last i checked if you are talking about jedda the reason why the entire planet didnt blow up is because they didnt do a full power shot. seriously pay attention

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