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10 Movie Scenes That REFUSED To Use Digital Effects

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How much of Spiderman Homecoming was actually real? 10 Movie Scenes That REFUSED To Use Digital Effects! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD

Every now and again, films come out and surprise audiences by having some amazing practical effects that challenge the need for digital effects. All of the shots in this video could have been done with CGI, but the filmmakers decided the only way to get the scene just right was to do it for real, without any help from the digital domain. So they went out and did it for real! Christopher Nolan truly is the champion of practical effects, delivering three films on this list that have inspired and awed audiences. Whether it’s the Dark Knight flipping a truck, Cooper being trapped in the fifth dimension in Interstellar or Nolan buying a $5 million vintage plane and crashing it, he’s ensuring all his shots are the real deal. Other filmmakers are doing similar stuff with their work. From Mad Max: Fury Road’s start to finish chase scene, Fate of the Furious’ falling cars to Tom Cruise doing some insane stunts all on his own. Either he’s hanging off the side of a plane in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, or he’s being tossed around in one with zero gravity in the 2017 remake of the Mummy. Even Spider Man looks like he’s getting in on the action, hanging off the side of a helicopter for the anticipated Homecoming film from Marvel. It looks like that despite the amazing wonders digital effects can do, many filmmakers want to do their work for real and limiting their dependance on digital effects. For this, we commend them and honor those films with our awesome list!


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  1. miki says


    1. Pmon pom Pom says

      miki is that noodle as your profile pic??

  2. Gaming Cinema says

    at this point i think the fast and furious franchise is just beating a dead horse with a even more dead horse.

    1. xBigManCharliex Games and more says


    2. winterwolf211 says

      Beating a dead horse with a dead horse on a pile of dead horses.

    3. Supersonicstella says

      With sadly, a dead Paul Walker

  3. Daniel112222 says

    But the spider man sence isn’t in the final movie

    1. qwert qwert says

      Daniel112222 i

    2. FreakZ says

      Daniel112222 He doesn’t need spider sense, he already has all these high tech gadgets installed into the suit and the A.I. will just tell him that he has company in whichever corner.

    3. Rose_ Last name says

      Daniel112222 the helicopter scene is in the movie but the helicopter isnt seen because it’s used to dunk the stunt double in the lake

    4. diego acevedo says

      Daniel112222 he did have spidey sense Sony and marvel confirmed it

  4. Blaze says

    i came here to watch the spiderman non digital effects but its a disappointment come on I wasted 10 mins wtf

    1. Jennadance 11 says


    2. Victor Delgado says

      Jennadance 11 10:52 minutes

    3. LEGO Aaroncy says

      Blaze 9:43

    4. Jeffy Fan says

      Blaze ikr they use Spider-Man in almost all there superhero thumbnails now, and then shows spider at the end

  5. Bluffernaut09 says

    Spider man homecoming is beyond amazing. I liked how they introduced new spidey abilities like taser web, killer spidey mode, spidey wings and much more which are things we haven’t seen in the previous Spider-Man movies. Plus, to me it is unpredictable, emotional and enjoyable. 10/10!

    1. Nixon336 says

      10/10= 1

    2. QBert Fan says

      Spiderman Homecoming was such a good movie. I loved it

    3. Jeffy Fan says

      Bluffernaut09 spiderman homecoming was the best movie I had EVER seen, and I’ve seen some pretty good movie

    4. Andries Emmink says

      Volcana2008 it was a awesome movie

  6. O o says


    The helicopter is not in the movie

    1. jaco juice says

      Frank Aldaco ikr, cant wait dir bluray

    2. Matt Dav says

      yes it is

    3. Savag3Root says

      O o it’s simulating when the vulture picks him up

    4. abbyT says

      O o there are multiple helicopters in and the movie

  7. Derr Rtee says

    I watched spiderman homecoming yesterday, it is as awesome as everyone says it is. (SPOILER

    the behind the scenes part(at number 1 ) is not in the movie.)

    1. Rizka Suzanna Devi says

      It is believed that scene was for Infinity War not Homecoming. but idk.

    2. Ryan knight says

      Rizka Suzanna Devi certain movies include scenes in trailers that are not in the movie
      in the Spiderman trailer there are scenes that are not in the movie

  8. Daniel Turner says

    10:48 answer to emoji question is LOGAN

    1. Pauleen Garcia says

      Daniel Turner Logan Paul?

  9. Wolf Does Gaming says

    Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Best Spider-Man movie yet.

    1. BTDUBZ TV says

      Wolf Does Gaming you keep telling yourself that

    2. NationalPjVillain says

      BTDUBZ TV he will since he’s right

    3. Alex Miramontes says

      Yup I definitely think it’s one of the best movies yet I still love the original and spider man 2 but homecoming was phenomenal

  10. TheOfficial JenaRamzy says

    I like movies with Tom Holland in them

    1. Rayshawn Ramnauth says

      TheOfficial JenaRamzy s

  11. sweetgeorgie3 says

    Am I the only one who can never see the fricking emoji movie answer because whoever edits the videos covers up the answer with links to other videos, and finds it annoying af?

    1. Kcuf Uoy says

      what IS the answer tho?

    2. Hannah Adams says

      Kcuf Uoy Logan. And I see u in every single section

    3. Kcuf Uoy says

      Hannah Adams lol? tnx for noticing?

    4. Mel. says

      sweetgeorgie3 It doesn’t seem to bother anibody. I thought there was something to put that off, but I never found it.

  12. brianartillery says

    On the ‘Dunkirk’ entry, why did you use footage from Michael Bay’s godawful ‘Pearl Harbor’? Showing Mitsubishi Zero fighters, Aichi D3-A1 ‘Val’ dive bombers and Curtiss P-40 fighters, instead of Messerschmitt Me-109E fighters, Junkers 87 ‘Stuka’ dive bombers, and Hawker Hurricane I, and Supermarine Spitfire 1a fighters is inexcusable. The trailer for Dunkirk has plenty of material you could have used. People do notice when the wrong hardware is used.

    1. idelta says

      brianartillery um

  13. TwentyoneCrybabiesAndMoreFandoms !! says

    9:43 is spiderman homecoming.
    there you go

    1. Christina Lamas says

      TwentyoneCrybabiesAndMoreFandoms !! Thank you

    2. PhysKids says


    3. Epitome Lock says

      you the real mvp

  14. Nikita Mehta says

    I see tom holland…. I CLICK FAST!!! ?

  15. Barry Allen Zimmerman YT diamond minecart says

    I’ve subscribed

  16. Harold Welty says

    Wow the spider man home comeing is really cool

  17. Jorge Naranjo says

    “fate of the furious is an amazing movie” yeah no. its just like the transformers movies. generic repited story with explosions. im a fan of the fast movies but they arent great movies

  18. Chris Burrow says

    I think films look so much better when they do the physical stunts. I love Christopher Nolan films for that reason.

  19. tibo c. says

    Dunkurk isn’t at a french beach but a belgium beach

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