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10 Movies That Are Famous For Being BAD

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Is The Room so bad it's good, or just BAD? 10 Movies That Are Famous For Being BAD! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

You’ve probably seen a few bad movies in your day. Some are now famous for being so. The Room created in 2003 by Tommy Wiseau has been deemed as one of the worst movies ever made. James Franco among others will be in a movie called The Disaster Artist that goes behind the scenes for the making of The Room. Unfortunately Halle Berry got cast as Catwoman in 2004 and her career hasn’t been very spectacular since then. The Wayans brothers wrote White Chicks and it was released in 2004. It did not do very well in the box office and was not very funny. Johnny Depp donned a very poor British Accent in Mortdecai, an art-dealer turned rogue on the side. Another movie that was idiotic and was criticized heavily. Francis Ford Coppola really dropped the ball when he wrote and directed Twixt in 2011. Not even in the same realm as some of his other movies. Dana Carvey’s career never blossomed very much after his time on SNL and starred in Master of Disguise which was a big disappointment. Peter Jackson, well known for his films set in Middle Earth adapted the best-selling novel, The Lovely Bones, but did not do the book justice on the big screen. Fans of The Last Airbender cartoon were very excited to hear it was coming to the big screen. Unfortunately thriller, drama, director M. Night Shyamalan and cast could not make it into something as good as the cartoon and left a lot disappointed. Clint Eastwood is a big-time director but couldn’t make a big-time movie out of Hereafter starring Matt Damon. Terry Gilliam has always been known for his visually striking and out-there type movies. The Brothers Grimm fell short of compared to his other movies.
Although these movies are deemed as bad, some are still enjoyed. Did you like any of these movies?


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  1. Mr.MonkeyMan says

    who’s watching in bed

    1. Angels Amnesia says

      Mike Testani well, I’m not one to judge…?

    2. Kawabelle says

      watching in a shopping cart

    3. blaqkhavok35 says

      I am

    4. John Ventura says


  2. Kevin Serna says

    Emojis spider man home coming

    1. grammar Nazi says

      Kevin Serna that was my guess I was right

    2. Johan Lee says

      Knew it!

    3. James Cook says

      This would’ve been better


  3. Yoho ahoy24 says

    Kill me

    1. Miguel Ivan Mantua says

      Yoho ahoy24 ok

  4. Ken Admiral says

    I bet no one will like this comment

    1. Andrew Kyrky says

      Ken Admiral you were wrong

    2. Irmarinen says

      Here, grab a dislike.

  5. Matty Keza says

    i am a person

    1. psychodeadpool 65 says

      no you are not

  6. DramaticDoodleVlog says

    You are tearing me apart LISAAAA….

    1. Elite Baller says

      DramaticDoodleVlog Oh hi mark!

    2. Elite Baller says

      DramaticDoodleVlog Anyway how’s your sex life?

    3. Victoria Eats Children says

      Oh hi Mark

    4. Elite Baller says

      Victoria Eats Children Hahahahahaha! You must be kidding!

  7. SANELE ZULU says

    it’s spiderman homecoming..

    1. Amber Wood says

      SANELE ZULU you are right

    2. IAaron Young says

      SANELE ZULU wym

  8. Liam Sanchez says

    The hell you mean White Chicks, that movie was amazing

    1. Grabeth Nuñez says

      Liam Sanchez exactly I love the movie it’s my family’s and my favorite comedy

    2. Evan Dangel says


    3. James Healy says

      Twiggymaster666 damn your lucky

  9. Screen Rant says

    I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did noooot!

    1. The Groose Is Loose says


    2. christa Nugget says

      Screen Rant oh hi doggy

    3. christa Nugget says

      This is Pewdiepies favourite film ??

  10. Hizzy HI says

    Hey Cat woman, lovely bones and white chicks are not that bad

    1. Tommy says

      Hizzy HI Catwoman and The Lovely Bones are pretty terrible.

    2. Cmoney says

      Hizzy HI cat woman is horrible wtf r u talking about

    3. Forever Youngblood says

      Hizzy HI I agree! I loved those two

    4. Jaydia Simmons says

      Hizzy HI: Right?! I loved all three of these! Especially “Lovely Bones”. I thought “The Last Airbender” was great, too. Gaaaaah critics! What do they know?! lol

    5. Gillian Meek says

      What? Come on now catwoman was awful lol love white chicks terry crews is awesome

  11. daisy dippy says

    I actually like white chicks still makes me laugh now ???

    1. Baethoven2x says

      It’s hilarious in the most outlandish way lol

    2. Rebecca Emmerson says

      I’ve seen it so many time still think it’s funny

  12. Han Jae leong says

    Spiderman house

    1. Im stuck in ground Help me says

      Han Jae leong homecoming

    2. Cant Think Of Name says

      Han Jae leong house man spider?

  13. Tony Hernandez says

    White Chicks is a cult classic… I will not tolerate any slander! I will nooooot

    1. TheMike5125 says

      Tony Hernandez oh hai mark!

  14. Nyl Calvario says

    WHITE CHICKS!? That movie was hilarious, they weren’t suppose to look like the girls, IT’S PART OF THE JOKE :V

    1. Marcus Wortman says

      Nyl Calvario, you got it dude, right on the mark!!!!!

  15. AmirIP says

    Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul

  16. Katsuma Kat says

    I would love to see the last airbender done again

  17. Chappy Rao says

    Are you for real man? White chicks is an amazing movie.

  18. Steven Nguyen says

    White Chicks was a great a movie for shame screen rant for shame.

  19. Victoria Eats Children says


    OH HI MARK!!!!

  20. Rafael Gabriel Jaymalin says

    Why is Dragon Ball not on this list?

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