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10 Paused Movie Moments That Reveal Hidden Secrets

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What was hidden in Deadpool? What was Donald Trump doing in this movie? 10 Paused Movie Moments That Reveal Hidden Secrets! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6


Movies are always filled with secrets. There is not one that doesn’t have some little gem or egg. Prepare yourself as we take you on journey through time by bringing back some favorite classics and reinvigorate you to watch some classics. Don’t worry there’s some fresh stuff in there too. Like the new Star Wars film.
Deadpool references Ryan Reynolds failed attempt as the Green Lantern. Will Ferrell has us asking if we want spit with our meal. Daniel Craig from the Bond franchise makes a cameo appearance and we don’t even know about it. The Watchmen are obsessed with the Bat with their opening scene homage to the cape crusader. We go back in time to see the connection between time travelers of a cartoon series and the Back to the Future Franchise.
We keep it old school with a Silence of the Lambs moment not even the most dedicated fan knows about. Potterheads around the world flip their lids when you saw these two making out. Thanks to Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill fans around the world went crazy when they had no idea what even their favorite character from the series was named.
Even the most dedicated Fast and Furious fans have never seen these behind the scenes footage and it was right under their noses. And most audience goers have no clue the President of United States of America, Donald Trump, made a cameo in the beloved Home Alone films. Make sure to share this video and to subscribe to our channel.

Script by: Marco Valdez
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Jamie Lightfoot


Superhero Wallet | 0:33
Can I get An Order of Spit? | 1:40
Guess Who | 2:57
Bat Obsessed | 4:11
Peabody | 5:24
Skull Women | 6:36
Frisky Wizards | 7:57
Airline Ticket | 9:15
Cameras Killed | 10:23
Donald Trump | 11:39

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  1. Scooby Doo says

    Wow of all the times I’ve watched Home Alone 2 I never noticed Donald Trump was in the movie probably because I didn’t knew who he was until he became President

    1. Denis Daily says

      Scooby Doo I did

    2. Guy Sanders says

      i didn’t know who trump was to tell recent

  2. YangBalanceYin says

    Ok. This person who is speaking should not do commentaries. Period.

    1. Ramzy Husen says

      he’s not even that bad. why are you so salty.

    2. Rocket Lime says


    3. Des Panjab says


  3. Erin Animation says

    I’ve never seen any fast and furious films

    You lied you patronising youtuber

    1. plushie Studios says

      Erin Animation q

    2. Trejon Dunbar says

      Erin Animation then you haven’t lived

  4. Adam Antium says

    And of course trumpy couldn’t just keep walking. He had to turn and face the camera.

    1. I love Michael Jackson says


    2. DC. Plays says

      Adam Antium your dam RIGHT, unlike our last celebrity president. Hahaha love you President TRUMP. common sense rules!

  5. Rasputin says

    12:22 President TRUMP!

    1. Juan Espinoza says

      no mames güey

    2. Fredd Kara says

      Kostek thx

    3. spidermandimples says

      Kostek King Trump

  6. HeroOfMy Town.86 says

    Donald Trump @12:22 thank me later.

    1. FNAF Character says


    2. Vinz Ceazar says


    3. cringy says

      we need to build a wall

  7. Augustus Bush says

    Trump is in the little rascals

    1. ChaosEvans says

      *Thats Not Little Rascals Its. HOME ALONE*

    2. WhippyMortal Coco says

      ChaosEvans he/she means in a different movie!!!!!

  8. Wyvernblue says

    Batman’s not an anti hero.

    1. kenzy smith says

      Wyvernblue exactly

  9. Tommy Grønvold says

    F&F is not a paused moment, it’s an easter egg

    1. Adeline Spiers says

      Tommy Grønvold true dat

    2. Alan Fraser says

      Tommy Grønvold shut up know one cares

    3. Lorma Llacuna says

      Alan Fraser beep you!

    4. Tommy Grønvold says

      Alan Fraser Well now, looks like 87 people cares so far…

    5. Trisalty says

      Tommy Grønvold eighty eight

  10. Sarah Jacobs says

    When Fred and George close the map, for a few seconds you can see Newt Scamander on the map. Bottom right corner. Ur welcome

    1. Gizem Nur Horuz says

      Sarah Jacobs What minute?

    2. Social TV says


  11. Óliver Nói Ingólfsson says

    guys in the harry potter secret you can actuly see newt scamander who was in fantastic beasts but that happend many years ago in the school he got
    expelled. So how is he there is the question.

    1. Gizem Nur Horuz says

      Óliver Nói Ingólfsson What minute?

  12. Static R.B says

    Am i the only one who came here for Donald Trump?
    Subs to my channel! :3

    1. yves mary dorcy says

      No , you are not

    2. Artemey Moon says

      Ikr, no.

  13. McKenna Brutlag says

    You forgot the little rascals donald trump ruined that movie too

    1. Gaming with Dilan says

      McKenna Brutlag ikr

  14. Glenn Montealegre says

    12:19 thats the dobald trump scene

    1. Andre Whyne says


  15. Migsy Moomoo says

    1:46 I thought they were going to do a backflip for some reason

    1. Sandra's Vlog's Gaming's And More!! says

      Migsy Moomoo Hahahaha???

  16. Mineturtlesgaming says

    Did you guys notice he said Sherman and Peabody instead of Peabody and Sherman

  17. Jaxon_MC says

    Knew about the Trump one

    1. Edgar Ramirez says


  18. Emily Martinez says



  19. JudePlaysGames says

    My friend told me about the Donald trump one

  20. Ryan Corcoran says

    7:38 pause and then look on the skull and there is a micro face on it on the for head

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