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10 Superhero Movie Moments That Can’t Be Explained

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With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 out and many fun superhero movies coming out this summer, SR looks at 10 Superhero Movie Moments That Cant Be Explained! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6


Movie making is hard. It’s a huge task undertaken by often thousands of people all working on tiny little aspects of the movie in order to make everything right. From script writers to carpenters, everyone is needed to get a movie just perfect. Yet despite all of that painstaking hard work, there are still tons of little details in most movies that just don’t make sense.
It doesn’t matter whether you love Guardians of the Galaxy (or Vol.2) or Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the fact of the matter is that nearly every movie ever made has a plot hole. Sometimes they’re just small logical inconsistencies like in Deadpool, other times they are massive lore bending problems like those provided by X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which succeeding in causing tons of continuity problems for the X-Men franchise all the way up to Logan.
Poorly received movies like Daredevil and The Amazing Spider-Man has its conveniently dumb main characters, yet in the critically acclaimed Superman, Christopher Reeve randomly sits on the ability to turn back time. That’s not forgetting movies like The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World, which even managed to forget how its own bad guys worked. Hell, not even The Dark Knight is immune to them.
That doesn’t mean we don’t love the films – after all, what else would we talk about on ScreenRant – but we do want to talk about 10 Superhero Movie Moments That Just Can’t Be Explained.

Script by: Andrew Bryan
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Simon Gilberg


Deadpool | 0:40
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice | 1:39
Daredevil | 2:34
The Dark Knight | 3:34
Superman | 4:31
Thor: The Dark World | 5:36
The Avengers | 6:31
The Amazing Spider-Man | 7:22
X-Men Origins: Wolverine | 8:24
Guardians of the Galaxy | 9:25

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  1. The Solar Gamer says

    I came as soon as it said Uploaded 5 seconds ago???

    1. DynamicGaming HD says

      Project Minecraft Gaming AHAHAHA THAT IS SO FUNNY

    2. kavin mario says


    3. TheOfficialPSI says

      Which might explain why you can’t get a date.

  2. LȺǏĮƘȄŊ Graphics&Drawing says

    early squad where you at

    1. Sweg yo Sweg says

      LȺǏĮƘȄŊ Graphics&Drawing ??

    2. DuckIs Playing says


    3. Galladeiator says

      LȺǏĮƘȄŊ Graphics&Drawing fwirst

  3. Asiyah Arrasheed says


    whoops wrong channel ?

  4. Groot says

    I am Groot

    1. Leslie Nivelo says

      Groot ಠ_ಠ never mind.

    2. Leslie Nivelo says

      Ur still cute tho….(。・ω・。)

    3. baby groot says

      Leslie Nivelo i am groot

    4. Leslie Nivelo says

      baby groot OMG SO ADORABLE.

    5. elvis jones says

      I know right

  5. Sweg yo Sweg says

    Daredevil isn’t marvels darkest character he can be a bit dark sometimes but he can be a little light hearted if he read mark waids run

    1. Zach the zombie slayer says

      Sweg yo Sweg dare devil is marvel you idot just watch the beginning of the movir

    2. Sweg yo Sweg says

      Luis Castellon I can think of more than one there is probably more than I can think of. For example the punisher,moon knight,the watched,Hyperion,Electra and maybe many many more

    3. youthful Alpaca says

      Sweg yo Sweg thanks for the knowledge bros

  6. William Phillips says

    haha they tried to make sense of the joker
    that’s amazing

    1. Crutch & Wheels Gaming says

      I am surprised no one has mentioned when the Joker comes up to Harvey in the hospital dressed up as a nurse. Harvey totally doesnt recognize him lol. How could you not????

    2. White Lantern says

      William Phillips some people am I right

    3. JorgeFabrizio says

      honestly I always saw that ‘do I look like I have a plan’ line as a lie.

    4. enlightendbel says

      And Deadpool …

  7. Michael Medcalf says

    I think that the reason the Chuitari die is because their armour was used to adapt them to our atmosphere and controlled in the mothership. When it was destroyed all armour functions probably ceased and they died due to suffocation. Do you agree?

    1. B says

      They were never Shape Shifters btw. They had existed in the comics before the movie and Skrulls are still up for grabs in the MCU. What would’ve been better is why Hulk all of a sudden had a change of heart at the last minute for the fight other than to make the movie work

    2. TIM Stickland says

      B dunno if u watched ultimate avengers cartoon movies but chitari r shape shifters in that and look way different than they do in movies…….just saying…..

    3. Park Jaehwan says

      well they could survive in outer space so their armour should have no problem adapting to our atmosphere

    4. Decapitationtrain says

      “They’re living sentient beings” Well they obviously aren’t. Guy claims they weren’t drones, but everything points to them being drones.

  8. Marc Espinoza says

    With Superman my problem isn’t with the time travel. It’s presented that there isn’t enough time for Supes to save Lois and stop the missile but with the speed he was traveling around the Earth, he could have easily done both in like 10-20 seconds.

    1. VibeZ Da Zod says

      Marc Espinoza how could spinning the earth around turn back time??‍♂️??‍♂️ that would just make night come faster or take longer depending on the time and it would stop the gravitational pull plus it would affect the atmosphere and global warming not time travel

    2. rayalix says

      He doesn’t spin the Earth backwards to go back in time, he travels faster than light (yes I know..). The Earth spinning in the wrong direction represents time moving backwards, but it’s the result not the cause.

  9. Ethan Szilagy says

    I’m sure the lizard infected people only recovered because Spider-Man placed an antidote into the atmospherical launcher.

    1. Sean Sorhouet says

      That is exactly what happened!

  10. Muhammad Yousaf says

    People recovered from the lizard gas because Spider-Man released the antidote city wide with the ganali device

    1. Christian Knickerbocker says

      Yeah but they show Connors reverting on his own and never say that he modified it to be permanent so we have no reason to suppose that the antidote did anything but speed up the process.

  11. Eddie says

    It’s not logic or anything but an excuse so DEADPOOL can kill them he doesn’t actually give a damn if they know where he is or not he knows where he is and he’s killing to piss Francis off and show him that he messed with the wrong merc

    1. VibeZ Da Zod says

      Eddie thank god u exist to tell these idiots

    2. The Matous Geeks says

      Eddie Thanks!

  12. George Marionerd says

    The aliens Quill were fighting weren’t native to the planrt, they were sent by Ronan.

    1. VibeZ Da Zod says

      George Marionerd thank you and I lik ur profile pick

    2. The Collector says

      George Marionerd too go retrieve orb

    3. Ryan DeGrave says

      I believe he was talking about the small native creatures Peter was kicking and using as a microphone in the opening scene. Clearly they are land creatures, yet also native to the area.

    4. Connie Faye says

      Those are supposed to be space rats, they seem to be everywhere.

  13. Doug DaPug says

    Another older Superman question….if Lois was crushed by rocks and then saved…why did the rocks not fall again?

    1. VibeZ Da Zod says

      Doug DaPug fax

    2. av says

      Doug DaPug the rocks were so impressed with superman that they froze

    3. Doug DaPug says

      av lol

  14. Itsjust Dalva says

    1. I woke up
    2. I kissed my crush
    3. I won the lottery
    4. I got a mansion
    Sadly this happened in the order 2341

    1. av says

      Dalvetix 17 clearly you were bored of the video?

  15. Daniel Liddicoat says

    Deadpool makes more sense if you realise he is the writer and director of his own film

    1. Icylily Vines says

      Daniel Liddicoat lol yes

  16. LegitDrzzlAlpha says

    The playground fight is a Matrix Reloaded reference

  17. Jalen Howard says

    And Clark has X-ray vision can’t he see through batmans suit.

  18. TheOfficialPSI says

    The reason the Chitauri die is because Sons Of the Patriots and nanomachines, son.

  19. Dodgy NotDodgy says

    1. Francis probably only used the name ‘Ajax’ around his patients
    2. Deadpool wasnt really looking for Francis, but was only looking for an excuse to kill those he asked
    3. Because he’s Deadpool

  20. Alan Shortt says

    Sabertooth died in a comic thats set between x2 and 3 he dies to save logan do u ur homework

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